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Beginning a Melton-Marshall Tree in central Virginia
The Walter Marshall Family

Walter Lacy Marshall, b 4-28-1912 Albemarle Co, VA, d 9-1-1977 Charlottesville, VA
    Buried - Monticello Memorial Gardens, Albemarle Co, VA
    Spouse – Dennett B Wright - 1908
    Children – 1 Doris Marie Marshall Smith, 4 children, 2 grandchildren, 1 ggdau
                    2 Walter Ambrose Marshall, 4 children, 1 stepson, 5 grandchildren, 1 stepgrandson, 1
                    Robert Francis Marshall, 2 sons, 1 granddaughter, 1 ggdau
  Occupation – Rock layer
  Medical Note – Addison’s Disease, arthritis
  Cause of Death - pneumonia
  Mother – Rosa Belle Melton, b Mar 16,1876
  Father – James Thomas Marshall. b Jun 26, 1876
  Nickname-"Snake Eye" (a permanent broken vein in his eye earned this name from his

Dennett Boxwood Wright, b 10-24-1908, d 10-9-1980 Charlottesville, VA
  Buried - Monticello Memorial Gardens, Albemarle Co, VA
  Spouse – Walter Lacy Marshall - 1912
  Children – Doris Marie Marshall Smith (Harry J Smith, Jr)
                  Walter Ambrose Marshall
                  Robert Francis Marshall
  Occupation – homemaker, factory seamstress (men’s shirts and pajamas)
  Once said that she married Walter because she thought he was the handsomest man she ever saw.
  Medical notes – diabetes
  Cause of death - heart attack (coronary insufficiency/astherosclerosis)
  Mother – Ollie Prentiss Bragg, b 10-11-1885
  Father – Orlanda Ambrose Wright
**Separate Paper on Wright branch

James Thomas Marshall (Jim), b June 26,  1876, d Apr.28, 1942
    Buried - Maplewood Cemetery, Maple St, Charlottesville, VA
    Cause of death - cancer, colon, had surgery. Knew when he was dying and said good-bye to wife.
    Spouse – Rosa Belle Melton
    Marriage - 3-20-1898 Albemarle, VA
    Occupation – rock layer, contractor
    Note – very strong, undefeated boxer
    Children – 1 Broaddus Marshall b 3-20-1905, d 12-29-1979, sp Peachy/Rebecca M
                        b 2-14-1906 - d 4-17-1982, buried Riverview Cemetery, Charlottesville
                        (Jimmy 1933-2013, Vee {Virgie Lee}1936, Tiny Mae 1928, Clarice1929/30, Mary Bell,Franklin,
                    2 Lawrence  C Marshall- b 1918 d 1-24-2010, mar Myrtle Marrs, d Nov 1. 2009 
                      (Bonnie, Lonnie)  buried Maplewood Cemetery, Cville  4 gchildren
note: son Lawrence was an Army medic in WWII. Sgt. It took 5 days to cross the Atlantic, first landed in Scotland. Learned to make stitches and give shots. Besides Scotland, went to Wales, Turkey, Italy, France.
                    3 Clyde A. Marshall b 1909 d 1996 sp Sadie b 1911 d 1996 (Gloria) bur Monticello
                      Memory Gardens, Cville
                    4 Frank McCue Marshall - never married b 2-24-1915, d 9-13-1961, PVT US
                      Army WWII buried Maplewood Cemetery, Cville
                    5 Walter L Marshall & Dennett (Doris Marie 1931-2007, Walter A 1935-2017, Robert F
                      1941-2013) bur Monticello Memory Gardens
                    6 Virgin Mary Marshall Blakely (Virgie) b 4-26-1916 & Paul Herbert Blakely
                      (10-25-1912--2-20-1981 MM3  US  Navy WWII), (Georgia, Paul 1942-2014,  Ann,
                    7 Edna-d bef age 5
                    8 Pearl-d bef age 5
                    9 Jesse J - b 5-30-1898, & Ruth b abt 1892 (Helen b abt 1912)
    Mother - Molly or Mary E Pritchett
    Father - George W T Marshall
    Brother - Robert Lee Marshall (sons, George, Harry, Willie, Virgil, Tom, Fulton Marshall) see
                separate listing
    Sister – Bessie Marshall Hopkins b Sep 1894 sp Samuel Edward Hopkins
                (Edna, Betty, Albert, Warren, Thomas, Samuel)
    Other Siblings:
                John S b Jul 1885
                Henry R b Oct 1886 sp Liza Cornell mar 11-8-1908
                Charles Samuel b Dec 1891
                Roy T Oct 1889
                Ruby Maxine b abt 1911 sp George M Bryant (Brown) mar 11-27-1928

Rosa Belle Melton, b Mar 16,1876 Fluvanna VA, d  Sep 13, 1961 Charlottesville, VA
    Buried - Maplewood Cemetery, Maple St, Charlottesville, VA
    Spouse – James Thomas Marshall
    Marriage - 2-20-1898 Albemarle, VA
    Religion – Southern Baptist, very devout
    Father – Lucius Melton 1854. worked in flour mill
    Mother - Frances F Melton  1860
    Brothers - George W 2-23-1875--7-7-1950, buried Riverview, sp Fannie Hall 1879-1917,
                  dau Bertha Melton Payne 1905-1991, sp Harold Payne buried Riverview
                    James F 1889
                    Charlie H 1883
    Sister -    Mary Jane 1878
Robert Lee Marshall b- 3-7-1882, Albemarle Co, VA USA, d 12-23-1966
    Spouse – Cecil Armand Phillips
    Buried – Riverview Cemetery, Charlottesville, VA
    Child –  1 Blanche Minerva Cook b 8-30-1917(Dan H Cook, Sr, ch: Dan Jr, John F d, 3 gchild,
                  3ggch),d 3-28-2008 buried at Alberene Cemetery
                  2 George W -10-30-1906--8-14-1968, TEC5 228STA Hospital, WWII, buried Riverview
                  3 Virgil L, b abt 1909 sp Mabel, (dau Virginia Pearl b 5-28-1928, d 5-6-1959)
                  4 Tom b abt 1915(son:Bobby, served Vietnam)                 
          5 Fulton
                  6 Harry W (Sr)6-29-1912--6-25-1977, sp Margaret C 4-18-1919-4-28-1988, Riverview
          7 Viola b abt 1905 (not with family in 1930 census, probably married)
                  8 Eve b abt 1911 or 1912
                  9 Willie b abt 1914
                  10 Louise  F M North b 6-8-1915, d 9-18-2010, mar Aubrey Floyd North, Charlottesville
                      buried Monticello Memory Garden, Charlottesville 2 sons
           11 Lottie V M Buck,  b abt 1919 (lives w/ dau) Bill Buck d 4-20-2010Virginia Beach,
                      VA, buried Holly Memorial Garden, Charlottesville, 4 daughters
                  12 Lenton 1920-1922 buried at Riverview, Charlottesville
Cecil Armand Phillips b 5-18-1884, d - 7-10-1953
  Buried – Riverview Cemetery
  Spouse – Robert Lee Marshall
  Child – see spouse

Monty Ray. b 10-19-1932, d 4-15,2010, mar 3-3-1956, sp Jane Lushbaugh
  Sp #2-Nona Marshall
  Father- Harry L Marshall {in one census Harry is listed as son of R Lee Marshall, but no other 
  Mother - Louise Newton Marshall
  Stepmother- Margaret Marshall Siebert
  Stepfather- Blondie Siebert
  Brothers - Robert Marshall, d bef 2010; Harry Marshall Jr; Fulton Marshall, Wayne Marshall,
      Wendall Marshall
  Half-brother-Butch Sibert
  Children: Brice Edward Marshall, sp Pat; Pam Marshall Eaton, sp Thomas
  Buried Riverview Cemetery with Robert Lee Marshall's family   
  Occupation-Brick mason
  Religion-Church of Christ
  Military-US Navy in Korean War, Air Traffic Controller
  Member Masons, Master of Widow's Sons Lodge No 60
  Member of Elks               
George W T Marshall, Albemarle Co, VA, b 9-12- 1858, d before 1930
    Spouse - Molly Pritchett
    Marriage - 8-17-1877, Albemarle, VA
    Children: James Thomas Marshall, Robert Lee Marshall, Bessie Marshall (Samuel Hopkins),
                    John S, Henry R (mar Liza Cornlell 11-8-1908), Roy T, Charles or Samuel,
                    Ruby Maxine (mar George Bryant 11-28-928)
    Mother - John William Marshall
    Father -  Angelina (Angeline) Noel Marshall
    Occupation - Farmer, Day Labor
    Cause of Death - Internal injuries from dynamiting tree stumps on Patterson's Mtn.
    Brother- Butler Marshall per Uncle Lawrence but no proof has been found
    Other Siblings: Ella Francis b 1856 or 1857
                            Laura b 1860 (aft July)
                            Lorene b 1866
                            Bella b  Dec 1869

Molly or Mary E Pritchett, Albemarle Co., VA b about 1856 d before 1930
    Spouse - George Marshall
    Marriage - 8-17-1877, Albemarle, VA
    Children - James Thomas Marshall, Robert Lee Marshall, Bessie Marshall, Ruby M, Roy T,
      Henry R, John S, Charles/Samuel 
    Mother –  Pamelia Wood Pritchett
    Father -- James Pritchett
    note:  Mother Molly was very tall, strong, she'd push plow with two sons in the harness pulling it; she also slaughtered hogs with the men. Allegedly smoked corn cob pipe

Lucius F. Melton b 1845/6 Vluvanna Co, VA
  Spouse- Francis F. ?
  Children- Mary Jane
                Charlie H
                George W
                Rosa (Rosabelle)
                James F
  Mother- Nancy Bashaw
  Father- Joshua Melton
  Occupation-worked in flour mill

Francis F. Melton b abt 1850
  Spouse - Lucius F Melton
  Children (see Lucius)
  Parents ?

James Pritchett b abt 1832 (have not proven this is correct James Pritchett)
  Spouse - Pamelia Wood, b abt 1831
    Married Oct 30, 1853 Albemarle Co, VA
    Children -  Benjamin F b abt 1854
                      Mary E b abt 1856
                      Martha b abt 1857
                      William b abt 1859
                      Samuel b abt 1862
                      Elijah b abt 1863
                      Eliza b abt 1866
                      Stratton or Strother b abt 1857
                    Lee b abt 1870
                    Maggie b abt1871
                    Simon b abt 1873
                    Ephraim b abt 1875

Pamelia Wood Pritchett b abt 1831 Albemarle, VA
    Spouse - James Pritchett, married Oct 30,1853 Albemarle
    Child - Mary E Pritchett, rest listed under spouse
    Father - Ephraim Wood
    Mother - Martha ?

John W Marshall b abt 1829-1831 Albemarle VA
    d after 1870
    spouse Angelina Winston Noel
    occupation - farming
    father -
    mother -
    Note: 1870 census shows 21 yr old James after listing of children, farm worker - do not
        know relationship to John

Angelina Winston Noel, b abt 1838 Louisa VA  *
        d after 1870
        spouse John William Marshall mar Dec 13 or 14, 1852 Albemarle VA
        Ch: Ella F, George W T, Laura, Lorene, Bella
        father Thomas G Noel*
        mother Caroline Noel*

Joshua Melton b 1805, VA, d probably before 1860
  Spouse Nancy Beshaw Melton, married Aug 19, 1824
  Children Pearce W 1827 farmer
                John S      1829 farm laborer
                Ann          1832
                Lewis        1835
                Garner      1837
                Mary        1840
                Henry D    1842
                Lucius F    1845
  Occupation - carpenter
  Father - William Melton
  Mother - unknown

Nancy Beshaw Melton b 1804. VA, d 9-3-1854
    Spouse Joshua Melton, married Aug 19, 1824
    Children (see Joshua)

William Melton b abt 1766 Albemarle Co, VA d abt 1816 Fluvanna Co VA
    sp- unknown
    ch Joshua Melton 1803
        Pierce Wade Melton 1827 Fluvanna

Ephraim Wood, b abt 1790 (If this James Pritchett is not correct, then this father-in-law
      is not correct)
    d Albemarle VA USA
    sp Martha b abt 1805
    ch: A J b abt 1827
          Elvira abt 1829
          Pamelia abt 1831
          William abt 1840
          James abt 1842
          Ephraim abt 1850
Thomas G Noel b abt 1783 Louisa VA* (probably an error)
          d aft 1850
          spouse Caroline ?
          children: Mary 1825
                        Warner W 1833
                        William T  1836
                        Catherine  1837
                        Ella M      1839
    Noel is of French origin, from a town Noaille, meaning they were from that town.
* Angeline or Angelina Marshall was a very popular name in Virginia in the 1800's. I have not found absolute proof that this Angelina Marshall was Angelina Noel. It looks that way, but it cannot be proven yet. It appears that there was another John and Angelina Marshall living in Albemarle County at the same time, but one of them moved to Fluvanna. I believe George Marshall's family stayed in Albemarle. Angelina Noel married John A or John R Marshall in yet another county, same time period, 1850's, and they had a different set of children, appearing in same census as the Fluvanna John and Angelina. So the parents of John W Marshall and Angelina Marshall are still unknown. 

MARSHALL FAMILY REUNION  was held May 29, 2010, Charlottesville, VA. The next reunion is yet to be scheduled. To participate in planning the event, contact pepperbluebooks@yahoo.com -- use "Marshall Reunion" as subject line.

Meltons of Central Va, and ancestors of James Thomas Marshall:

From census info:

1880 Fluvanna VA census shows 4 year old Rosa and brother George with this family:

Cunningham District of Fluvanna County, VA
    Lucius F.    W M 36 flour mill worker
    Francis F    W F 30  wife
    Mary Jane  W F 12  daughter
    Charlie H    W M 7  son
    George W  W M  6  son
    Rosa Y      W F  4  daughter
    James F    W M  11 mos son

1850 Census Fluvanna VA: 
                                                          {I added birth year}
    Lucius Melton      6                           
    Henry D              8                           
    Mary                  10                           
    Garner                13                           
    Lewis                  15  laborer               
    Ann                    18                           
    Pearce W            23 laborer               
    John S                21 farmer                 
    Nancy                46                           
    Joshua                45 carpenter             

Lucius F Melton -- Civil War Capt. Snead's Co, VA Light Artillery, Fluvanna Artillery

1860 census-Nancy and Joshua were not to be found. Lucius and Henry were listed with two different Melton's, born 1833 and 1838 (years of birth, not ages listed), and one unrelated male person born 1836, William J. Canthom. Henry D was listed for 1842, Lucius for 1844. All 5 would be from 16- 27.

1900 Census Albemarle Co, Courthouse District
    James Marshall 27
    Rosa B Marshall 23
    Jessie J Marshall 1

1930 Census Dist SE Albemarle                  1920 census Albemarle, Chvil Dist   
Jessie J Marshall  31, 17 at first marriage            Jessie J  22
    Ruth Marshall      38, 21 at first marriage        Ruth        26
    Helen J Marshall  18    ?

Myrtle Marie Marrs Marshall, 89, of Charlottesville passed away Sunday, November 1, 2009 at a local hospital.
Born on March 1, 1920 in Albemarle County, she was the daughter of the late Russell and Mary Gardner Marrs. She was also preceded in death by three sisters, Mamie Davis, Virgie Bishop, and Mary Corbin; and two brothers, Russell Marrs, Jr. and Curtis Marrs.

Myrtle was a member of Belmont Baptist Church for all of her adult life.

She is survived by her husband of 68 years, Lawrence Clay Marshall; a daughter, Bonnie Gail Spradlin and her husband Lindsay of Fluvanna; a son, Lonnie Marshall and his wife Donna of Albemarle; four grandchildren, Sherry Botkin and her husband Berlie of Fluvanna, Shannon Spradlin of Fluvanna, Luke Marshall of Richmond, and Sam Marshall of Albemarle; four great grandchildren, Ellee, Karsyn, Talan and Rigginz Botkin; a sister, Bertha Burgess of Fredericksburg; two brothers, Franklin Marrs and Billy Marrs both of Fredericksburg; and many beloved nieces and nephews.

A funeral service will be held on Wednesday November 4, 2009 at 2:00 pm in the Belmont Baptist Church with the Rev. Greg Anderson officiating. Interment will follow in the Maplewood Cemetery.

The family will receive friends from 6:30 until 8:00 pm on Tuesday November 3, 2009 evening at Hill and Wood Funeral Home.

Friends may send flowers or make memorial contributions to Belmont Baptist Church, 830 Monticello Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Lawrence Clay Marshall, 91, of Charlottesville passed away Sunday, January 24, 2010 at his residence.
Born on August 17, 1918 in Charlottesville, he was the son of the late James T. and Rosa Bell Melton Marshall. He was also preceded in death by his wife of 68 years, Myrtle Marie Marrs Marshall; two sisters, Pearl Marshall and Edna Marshall; and five brothers, Jesse, Clyde, Broadus, McCue, and Walter Marshall.

He served with the United States Army during WWII and was involved with the D-Day invasion. He was a stonemason by trade, working in and around Charlottesville, and his legacy is the work he completed that is still in use today.

He is survived by a daughter, Bonnie Gail Spradlin and her husband Lindsay of Fluvanna; a son, Lonnie Marshall and his wife Donna of Albemarle; four grandchildren, Sherry Botkin and her husband Berlie of Fluvanna, Shannon Spradlin of Fluvanna, Luke Marshall of Richmond, and Sam Marshall of Albemarle; four great grandchildren, Ellee, Karsyn, Talan and Rigginz Botkin; a sister, Virgie Blakely of Charlottesville; a special nephew, Sonny Marshall of Lynchburg; and his best friend and hunting buddy, Dean Clary of Richmond.

The family expresses a heartfelt thank you to Dr. William Hammond and his staff for all the special care given to Mr. Marshall.

A funeral service will be held on Wednesday January 27, 2010 at 2:00 pm in the Chapel of Hill and Wood. Interment will follow in the Maplewood Cemetery.

The family will receive friends from 6:30 until 8:30 pm on Tuesday January 26, 2010 at Hill and Wood Funeral Home.

Friends may send flowers or make memorial contributions to a charity of choice.

Both obits from The Daily Progress

The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA, Sun, Mar. 20, 2008
Blanche Marshall Cook, 90, passed away peacefully Friday, March 28, 2008. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 30, 1917, she was the daughter of the late Cecil Phillips Marshall and Robert Lee Marshall. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dan H. Cook Sr.; and son, John F. Cook; six brothers; George, Virgil, Tom, Willie, Lynton and Fulton; and two sisters, Viola and Eva. Blanche is survived by her son, Dan H. Cook Jr. and his wife, Sandra; her daughter-in-law, Darlene K. Cook; three grandchildren, Forrest Ray Cook, Karen Sue Cook and Dan H. Cook III; and three great-grandchildren, Johnathan, Heather and Bryan. She is also survived by her two sisters, Louise M. North and Lottie M. Buck; along with numerous nieces and nephews. She was retired from the Charlottesville City School System. The family will receive friends from 7 until 8 p.m. Sunday, March 30, 2008, at Hill and Wood Funeral Home. The funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. Monday, March 31, 2008, at Hill and Wood Chapel, with Dr. Rick Sadler officiating. Burial will follow at Alberene Cemetery. The family would like to extend its appreciation to the staff of The Laurels for their support and care during a very trying time. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.hillandwood.com

Eugene "Franklin" Marshall

Eugene "Franklin" Marshall, 69, of Charlottesville, passed away July 16, 2011, at his residence.

He was born on January 6, 1942, to the late Broadus and Rebecca Morris Marshall. Also preceding him in death are his siblings, Clarice Arnold, Charles Marshall, Bruce Marshall, William "Billy" Marshall, and Mary Belle Marshall.

He is survived by his sons, Eugene Marshall Jr., Fulton "Wayne" Marshall, Tim Marshall, Steve Marshall, and Kevin Marshall. He is also survived by his siblings, Tiny M. Johnson, Virgie "Vee" Marshall and James Marshall; special nieces, Cathy Fry and Pamela Powell; a special nephew, Chuckie Marshall along with eleven grandchildren and numerous other nieces, nephews, cousins and great-grandchildren.

Paul Eugene Blakely

Paul Eugene Blakely, 71, of Lynchburg, passed away Saturday, April 5, 2014, at Lynchburg General Hospital. He was the devoted and loving husband of Jane McCracken Blakely. Born September 12, 1942, in Charlottesville, he was the son of Virgie Marshall Blakely and the late Paul Herbert Blakely. Paul was a retired certified welder for Wexco Company and a member of Community Fellowship Baptist Church. Paul was preceded in death by his father, Paul Herbert Blakely; and his niece, Robin Clary Basinger. In addition to his wife and mother, Paul is survived by his loving daughter, Paula Blakely Moore and her husband, Chris, of Lynchburg; one special and loving granddaughter, Danielle Massie of Lynchburg; three siblings, Georgia Clary and her husband, Bobby, of Chesterfield, Ricky Blakely of Carrsville and Tamara Ann Blakely of Charlottesville; one niece, Joy Harris of Chesterfield; and one very special nephew, Joseph Brochu of Charlottesville.

Robert Francis Marshall, 71, of Lynchburg, passed away Saturday, June 22, 2013 at Lynchburg General Hospital. He was the husband of Nancy Sabin Marshall.
Born December 13, 1941 in Charlottesville, he was the son of the late Walter Lacy and Dennett Wright Marshall and was also preceded in death by two sons, Kevin B. Marshall and Cameron B. Marshall and a sister, Doris M. Smith. He was a retired Field Engineer with Limitorque Corp., a U.S. Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, and was of Christian faith.
In addition to his wife, Mr. Marshall is survived by a granddaughter, Amanda Harbin; a great-granddaughter, Severa DeHart; a stepson, Anthony Haasz and his fiancée Sharon Patton of Lynchburg; one brother, Walter A. Marshall and wife Evelyn, also of Lynchburg and a step-grandson, P.F.C. Jordan Ayers of Lynchburg, now serving in Afghanistan.
A funeral service will be conducted at 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at Whitten Timberlake Chapel with the Rev. Robert Mooty officiating. Interment will follow at Virginia Memorial Park in Forest.
The family will receive friends from 7-8:30 p.m., Monday, June 24, 2013 at the funeral home and other times at the residence.
Those wishing to make memorial contributions are asked to consider The Wounded Warrior Project, 4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL 32256 or Gleaning for the World, 7539 Stage Road, Concord, VA 24538.

Walter A. "Sonny" Marshall, 81, of Lynchburg, went to be with the Lord on Monday, July 17, 2017. He was a U.S. Navy veteran, a retired manager with Food Lion and a member of First Christian Church of Charlottesville. He is survived by his wife, Evelyn Crain Marshall; children, James H. (Candice) Marshall of Madison Heights, Debra M. (Melvin) Wright of Madison Heights, and Susan L. Tyree of Amherst; eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his beloved brother-in-law, Harry Smith; a sister-in-law, Nancy Marshall; his precious aunt, Virgie Blakely, numerous nieces and nephews and other relatives. He was preceded in death by his parents, Walter L.and Dennett W. Marshall; his first wife, Thelma Joyce Marshall; sons, David W. Marshall and Michael L. Marshall;brother, Robert F. "Bob" Marshall; and sister, Doris M. Smith. Services will be held at Tharp Funeral Home, Lynchburg at 11 a.m. Friday, July 21, 2017. Interment with military honors will follow at Spring Hill Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 6 until 8 p.m., Thursday, July 20, 2017, at Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory, 220 Breezewood Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24502. Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory, Lynchburg, is assisting the family. To send condolences please visit tharpfuneralhome.com.

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