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by ToddF
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Early morning 5am, not in the best condition
Cries drops of salted pain. Won't let the river flow but for a trickled stream where rainbow trout can't swim. Chokes and coughs to breath easy again. Fresh air is almost pure. Hides from even thoughts which burst tissue with red blood. Denying life all its pleasure in the box of cold steel Distractions saves him from insanity or is it living life he doesn't know.

When will the rage leave. Control, please cover the mirror. A short stare to realize the fight.

Don't show so they won't tell. Bars, needles and white. So many before must there be history to scar? Is it fear for you, no, it touches everyone and hearts burst with pain.

Duck, cover, run before your caught, slow friends will leave you or do they run faster? Catch up with the past, don't let it pass you by.

Purple Hearts are for warriors forced to fight. They choke on rope and vomit, no other way to live but to the illusion of peaceful death.

Sanity returns to those protected, scarred by ghosts and hero's.

What is your favorite color?

Time is my best friend, can you give me yours...cya pal, I'm back to my schedule.

5 minute friends can't finish their match, get off your back you little fish!

Fight to win and everyone will cheer, even behind bars of steel, concrete floors and steel boxes.

Fuck the badges! I'm anonymous. Will the syncronicity ever stop, Quarks me up, it's time to go to the ball and I have nothing to wear....

Mom, Dad...your gone and my wife is too slow, who the hell is gonna iron my clothes for me...I don't wanna grow up if it means I have to do my own...wait, can you take care of yourself - that's all the bluebirds want.

Looking for a bluebird. This detox sucks. Will a friend be there at 5:50am good thing the cell needs charging. Focus on yourself and keep purifying, protect yourself with voicemail. It's a good thing you don't have caller I.D.
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