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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Drama · #1587765
In the Pacific Northwest, Rookie Agent Lynn Kwan discovers a dark secret.
Lynn was pissed off. She was driving too fast and she knew it. She slowed to 5 over. The Washington State Trooper was kind when he saw her probationary FBI badge and gave her a warning. They “never do that”, he said. Whatever!!

She supposed this is what her academy adviser meant when he said she was easily thrown into a rage. She stopped the car. “OK, Kwan, breath. Slowly”, she tried several techniques to calm her nerves. She had an assignment. Yes, it was a BS assignment but an assignment nonetheless. Jack made it clear that she needed a clean investigation before they would re evaluate her judgment and temperament scores. She had scored top female of her graduating class at Quantico and top five overall. That meant only 4 men scored higher in Procedure, Law, Firearms Proficiency, and Physical Fitness. It was her Psych evaluations that prevented her from a choice assignment and possible admission to the Behavioral Science Division. Lynn wanted to be a Profiler. Only 3 other women had done that successfully before. She would be the next. But today she had to drive to, what was it called? She checked her nav computer, “Poulsbo” it was called. She was to investigate the mysterious die off of an entire batch of hatchery salmon. This was the second complete die off, while still in pens, of fish dying for no apparent reason.

Her temper started to rise again. “FISH?!!”

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