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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Drama · #1587774
In the Pacific Northwest, Rookie Agent Lynn Kwan uncovers a dark secret.
William. He liked to be called William. But no one called him that. It was “Billy this” and “Billy that.” He hated the name Billy. Billy was a little boys name. But he couldn’t tell anyone about his preference. Something always prevented him from saying anything. So he remained silent. In fact he never spoke at all. About anything. Sure, there was plenty to talk about, but he just never did. His parents used to be overly concerned about it. In fact his mother used to cry all the time. His father is a Pastor at a local Presbyterian church and of course there was a lot of prayer going on about William’s silence. He wanted to protest about all the unwanted attention, but instead, chose to remain silent. Maybe, someday, he would tell them all that he prefered to be called William.

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