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Some statistics about crime in America.
14,831 people were murdered in the year 2007. If you were to take the average weight of a human brain (2% of your body weight, or three pounds) this would add up to 44,493 pounds of human brain matter. Added to that, the average body also has 1.5 gallons of blood in it, leading to 22,246.5 gallons of blood. Put it all together and, taking the average weight of a human (assuming all of the victims were adult) which is 150 pounds, that comes out to a grand total of 2,224,650 pounds of dead, rotting human flesh, bone, veins, and various other matter.

It might also be noted that 1,770 of those murders were committed by the victim’s family members, in comparison to the 1,924 by strangers. Also, 4,289 were killed by: acquaintances (3,061), friends (485), boyfriends (150), girlfriends (471), neighbors (110), employees (5), and employers (9). This means you had a 40.85% chance of knowing your killer in 2007, possibly quite intimately. This doesn’t even include the 6,848 unknown relationships with victims. This also doesn’t include other violent crimes that resulted in hospitalization, and severe mental scarring.

Fortunately, there are many more where that came from.


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