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Only if what I see around me springs from design, do my senses then deserve me. If my limitations are by chance the illusion of patterns is the greatest hoax unknown to man.

To be a philosopher is to make apparent the truth in everything and everyone without restraint.

It takes courage and a high regard for personal development to remove biases that have been instilled since early age.

More people would actually live if people could write about death like they do of life.

To isolate oneself is to give up the company of people for the company of self and if done right the self becomes the better part of the company of people.

The one who has self reliance is the one who can live immediately without immediate means to live.

He who eagerly try to be friends with everyone, needs to be wanted, for he does not want himself.

One who owns one’s values can act with a sense of duty, those who mindlessly follow another’s values act without common sense and betray their own sense of duty.

It’s unfortunate that most of my teachers who are dead continue to have more life than the ones that continue to live.

Laughter maintains nature’s perspective of itself.

Eat only when you need to eat, not when it’s a time to eat; those who don’t worry about their time to act, know that it’s innate desire that calls them to act.

Pain lasts as long as the attention you give it.

Without passion and desire one begins to forget how to think with precision.

Own your mind and you’ll no longer be enslaved by someone else.

The song of Silence provides the best music for the thinking mind.

With every observation, my mind races with possibilities that only the creative can see then ponder.

Friends exist to get to know yourself better.

No friend exists that refers to himself as ‘friend’ to another friend, rather he calls the other friend ‘friend’ as he has only one reference, which is from the self.

Many do not see the simple fact that we are made up of parts of the universe and therefore are the manifestation of it on a smaller scale.

The common mind busies himself with earthly things, while a true thinker busies himself with universal ones.

To what extent do our senses and their acuity define our reality?

The self is life in the now which is conscious, while it’s opposite, death is unconscious. When my unconscious speaks to me I listen because it has undergone many lives and deaths.

When something bothers me it is for a reason, so to say “let it go,” is to say “let reason go.”

To view things as positive or negative is to give reality a fabricated lens.

The majority who make a habit of lying, display hate to those who speak the truth, yet behind this lie they secretly wish to be truthful.

Those who observe reality see reality, those who think they know reality need to learn to observe it first.

Dark quietness is required for thought to birth ideas, no wonder the modern world is full of light and sound.

The black hole resembles the woman’s genitalia in that it sucks the life out of that which comes near it, but more importantly it maintains its power in it’s mystery.

Sex is nature’s way of pleasing herself whether she’s aware of it or not.

The greatest rebellion against any and all religion is to act virtuous without confining oneself to be religious.

All one has to do is listen at how vacant the topic of Genius is when around Women to know how little they are interested in becoming one.

I remember so much about the beginning of my life because I spoke so little and observed so much.
Whenever I read or hear a genius quote instantly I feel relief from the world at large and then temporary satisfaction for it has provided me brief consolation for existence.

Nothing belongs to me, not even myself.

I choose my illusion of reality very carefully.

When I turned one year old, my parents held a party for me in which my family and friends were invited; I reached for my mother out of disgust.

When I am asked “what are you doing?” I never know what to say because what I am doing is not what they’re doing and it would be rude to tell them “I’m interested in the idea of pursuing the universality in everything I perceive and my actions are in direct reflection of this state.”

Take offense to those who experience but only tell you what they experienced without any commentary to make it their own. These people are without thought and only want your reaction to make them feel accomplished.

The technical part of an experience never interests the thinking man, it only annoys him, as he can do this experience himself and actually have something to say about it afterwards.

As I look at my limbs there is no entity called “I” only the illusion that “I” exist and this entity takes the appearance of separate parts, but is in fact one with everything and nothing.

Humanity is just a wave of activity that never seems to lead anywhere, like a comet that crosses the horizon never to be seen again.

My certainty is not often certain, my uncertainty grows with every breath, this mode of thinking cannot be good for my well being.

I know I came from a long line of births, the question is who was the first?

My vision of humanity is one of uniformity with slight variation, this slight variation has the ability to transform uniformity to freedom of itself.

How can one take life seriously when all that separates the living from the dead is brain tissue?

When I think of how life came to be I let out a laugh, for the absurdity of it all overwhelms me.

If one were to explain to me what life is objectively outside of being alive, I would tell him his idea of life is an insane one. This leaves me with the thought that life is without reason, thought, and instead represents the highest form of nonsense.

There is no duality only illusion of duality and teachings of duality to divide man from himself, to seperate consciousness from itself.

Attachment can only bring about pain as one cannot fuse consciousness with another being or object to make the combination of two beings completely one being whole.

There is no good and evil, only objects and beings without sufficient reason and or meaning for their existence.

Words are designed to distance the self from himself and distinguish that which has no true distinction.

All beings attempt to achieve a state of statelessness and fail, until at the end of life, when they become successful.

Energy of life is the energy of death, however we only see the energy of life because of our being alive, this does not make one energy superior to another, although it may appear that way due to the senses.

Emotions are merely responses to the environment and or ourselves, which in the true state, the state of statlessness, which is neutral, tells us more about our preconceived notions of the world than it does about how the world is as itself.

Whoever gave us the concepts of good and bad, right and wrong, attempted to divide being into dual sections, feeding the masses lies, to further confuse and control.

Without the concepts of good and or evil, man would live honestly and for himself and all others.

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