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Great advice for those suffering from overeating.
You gain weight when you eat more than your body needs. However, you only eat more than you need because you hold some limiting beliefs about weight loss. 

The good news is, you have the power to change your beliefs. By changing them, you will change how your body reacts to food. This in turn will make you thin.

By identifying and removing negative beliefs from your mind, you will be able replace them with positive beliefs that will make you thin. Once these positive beliefs are firmly impressed on your mind, you will voluntarily stop eating as soon as you are full. Therefore it will be impossible for you to gain weight. 

You might be thinking how this whole process works. Here is the way to change your beliefs.

Firstly, you need to spend some quiet time with yourself trying to remember your childhood. Try to recall what kind of beliefs your parents used to hold about food. You should also remember the habits and opinions of those people who made the biggest impact on you as a child. Write down the description of all these habits, opinions and attitudes about food and health in general.

Once that is done, cross out all the positive opinions, attitudes and habits. When you have only negatives left, read them aloud to check how they make you feel. If you read out some statement and get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach or just above it, that means you have just uncovered a negative belief. Circle it and go through the same process with the rest of the list.

To change these beliefs, you have to start questioning them. Take one negative belief from your list and ask yourself if it is useful to hold such belief. Then ask yourself if you willingly release such belief from your life. When you say 'yes', immediately replace this belief with some positive affirmation. For example, if you held a negative belief that sounded like 'I will always stay fat', replace it with 'It is easy for me to lose weight'.

This way you will gradually reprogram your mind and you will be able to eat whatever you want and still remain thin. Try to remove as many of such negative beliefs as possible, and that will enable you to rapidly lose weight.

If, at some point, you feel unable to get thinner, it means that some limiting belief is still holding you back. Do the same process again of identifying limiting beliefs and keep using this method until you have achieved your perfect weight.

Do not be surprised if your taste changes as a result of removing negative beliefs. You will probably notice other big changes in your life too. Such changes will take place because you have successfully reprogrammed your mind into that of a thin person. Once you achieve this stage, you will be so glad you took time to learn this method.

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