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by Karina
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My life and how it realtes to Twilight.
As you sit and read that first book of the epic series you picture the characters in your mind. Maybe you create new people to fit the descirptions but maybe, just maybe, you relate the characters to people you know like I do. I had set people in my head. Kelsey, my best friend, reminded me of Rosalie. They both looked and acted the same. Reanna was my Alice with her pixie styled hair. Clay was how I pictured Emmett. They both had the same burly build, and they both had the same curly brown hair. My dad when he was younger reminded me of Jasper. They both were tintive and shy. Every character had one of the people I knew that reminded me of them. Edward was the one person who I wasn't sure about. I didn't know anyone who could fill that spot until the day I met Edward the second.

Eddie was how all my friends knew him. He filled the open spot in the Cullen family. I then startled picturing myself as Bella. I was dating Edward so I needed a place in the Twilight world. In the second book Jacob becomes a big nuisance to Bella. I had no idea of who Jake reminded me of until I found out about my best friends feeling about me. My best friend, Aaron, became my Jake. It amazed me, and still amazes me, about how similiar they are.They both are oversized and have almost the exact same personalities. They both loved to have fun and they both were my best friend. Both in the twilight world and in the real world. When Aaron told me that he liked me my Twilight world started getting more and more real.

I then knew exactly how Bella felt. How can you be irrevicably in love with someone but also in love with your best friend? How can life sit there and plot against you? My heart was with one but longed for the other. My Edward was controlling and clingy. I had to end it one dreadful night. In New Moon Edward leaves Bella, but in my New Moon Bella (I) leaves Edward. Heart break burns forever. I moped and cried every night. Then like Jake did for Bella, Aaron was there to comfort me.

When someone helps you through a hard time your going to end up loving them. As all Twilighter's know Bella lives forever with Edward. In my Twilight though Bella leaves with Jake. That is how it was supposed to be and that's how it is. Bella and Jake not Bella and Edward
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