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Having your cake..
God knows I love cake.
Rich chocolate cake
with chocolate frosting.

I am by nature a generous man.
I would share my last dime
or give the shirt off my back
to a man in need.

The thing I do not like
to share is cake.
I have been called greedy
when it comes to having my cake.

"Let them eat cake?"
No, not on your life.
Not if I haven't had mine.

Last night at midnight
by the light of a summer moon
I sneaked into the kitchen
to finish a birthday cake.

I expected big slices
of chocolate frosted heaven
in the near darkness.

When my knife penetrated
the moist dark perfection,
up the handle and across my fingers
march dirty nasty vermin.

To my arm, across my shoulders,
toward my face scurried roaches,
1000 or more dirty beasts.

Their legs scrabbled for purchase
and pulled my chin hair,
making my body tickle and itch.

My skin crawled.
As I opened my mouth to scream,
they began to rush into the opening.
I was about to have my cake and eat it too.

God knows I love cake.
Rich chocolate cake
with chocolate frosting.

The devil's delight
is in man's giving into
greed and gluttony.
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