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"...A stranger can’t help but notice the...hooting...symbolic of the...desolation"
A haunting, familiar, and impressive neighbor,
The scruffily-feathered, brown and black owl,
With its bushy brow and scowling gaze.
This solitary, vocal creature
Calls the shady, densely-covered woods
His rugged and natural home. 
The wise, intellectual, and friendly bird
Cavorting with the other nearby owls,
Audibly and distinctively giving
A hooting call and receiving the other owls’
Daily and nightly sounds and echoes.
A stranger can’t help but notice
The eerie, bothersome hooting,
Strangely symbolic of the woody desolation
And lonely airiness
Of the majestic owl’s home.
Impressed by the forest’s infinite and potential danger,
A man or woman longs for the safety and security
Of civilization, free from the echoing
Wants and desires of the remarkable, solitary birds.
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