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This is the story and mission details that you will see before playing the mission.
Mission 1: To Steal Or Starve


On the distant planet of Galvamech, war engulfed the world like a wild fire. Every nation depended on their machines to fight their battles. Eventually this global war became so brutal that the humanoid race that inhabited Galvamech became extinct. The only thing left of their civilization were the machines to which were still programmed to win the war, so they continued to fight even after a hundred years.
In present times the natural resources became scarce and the machines became weaker. So in order to preserve their own mechanical species, a faction called Jalra discovered the art of making an energy efficient crystal. When word got out about these crystals,every machine on the planet started looking for a way to get their clamps on them.

Your Mission

As a lone robot with out any interest in the war, you are seeking food in a large forest. After a long period of searching, you have picked up a strong energy signal at a nearby, hidden compound. This is possibly an energy crystal signal! If this is true then this power source should keep you fed for at least a week. Therefore you must infiltrate this compound and take this food for yourself.

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