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A woman gets caught in a blood feud between two vampires.

          Dana walks in, looking tired as she drops her coat on the floor
          and She walked through the living room, staring down. A
          knock on her door startles her and she turns towards the
          door. She blinks and moves over to the door.

          She opens the door and sees George standing there. Dana
          opens the door fully and looks around.

                    Dana, we need to talk.


          George sits at her table as Dana makes coffee. Then turns
          and pours a cup for him and sits down. She stares at him as
          he takes a sip.

                    What is this about?

                    David was found dead.

          Dana looks down uncomfortable as George puts the cup down.

                    It's confusing, his body was found
                    in a subway tunnel, lots of wounds.
                    Someone called 911 on a subway,
                    said he was thrown through a

          Dana remains quiet, just taking a sip of her coffee as
          George watches her.

                    Where were you last night around

                    I was walking home from college.

                    Someone matching your description
                    was seen leaving the tunnels on

                    Why would I be on foot? There is
                    security cameras, what do they say?

                    Nothing, The tapes mysteriously

                    I wasn't there.

          George lifts his drink and takes a sip and he then looked right
          into her eyes.

                    You don't seem upset about this.
                    Your best friend, whom you have
                    known since childhood, dead in a

                    Right now with my sister already
                    gone, I dunno why, I just..feel

                    Well I took up some of your time,
                    if you hear anything, then let me

                    I will.


          Lex stands there and as Kaylee and Connor worked, watching them
          closely as Connor took notes.

                    I swear I really don't remember how
                    I got to this house and I don't
                    know where it is.

                    It is locked in your mind. What do
                    you remember? Any landmarks or

                        (Pausing to think)
                    No...nothing...I am sorry

          Ethan moves out of his room and walks over to them. Lex
          pulls him aside and looks at him.

                    This is a lost cause. There is no
                    way she is going to remember and we
                    are now on a time table. Where is

                    She went home to sleep for the
                    day...what do you mean time table.

                    That new one...Matt seemed to know
                    her and if he does, she is a
                    target, he would know where she
                    lives. And if they don't get to her
                    first, she is going to go after
                    them next.

          Ethan nods and he turns to look at Kaylee and Connor.

                    Connor, keep working with her, I
                    will be back, if you don't hear
                    from me within three hours, get as
                    much info and scout around. But if something
                    comes up within that time, do not
                    move without me. I am going to secure


          Dana begins preparing herself, putting on her pants and then a
          t-shirt. She walks over to her end table and picks up her
          gun and looks at it.

                              ETHAN (O.C)
                    Do you even know how to use that?

          Dana turns and looked over to see Ethan standing there. He looked
          over to her gun as she moves to him, standing close to him.

                    I was taught by my father.

          Ethan looked at her gun and he then took it and he looked it over
          and he handed it back.

                    My father was a cop, funny cause he
                    died in a car accident and not in
                    the line of duty...

          Ethan looked to her and he then placed a hand on her

                    So, what are we doing tonight?


                    Yes, we.

                    We are doing nothing.

          Dana rolled her eyes and then turned to the door as she felt his
          hand grip on her shoulder. She turned to him as he then
          pushed her down as the doors burst open. She looked up as he
          glared at Mary, Adam, and Matt.

          Mary reaches her hand out to Ethan and he flies into her grasp
          by an unseen force. She holds him up and then looks right at

                    Pathetic...and predictable.

          Dana looks up from her position to see Adam and Matt moving towards
          her. She pulls her gun and fires. Hitting Matt in the head as Adam stops.
          Dana stands up and points the gun at Mary.

                    Let him go.


          Mary turns her attention to the gun pointed at her and
          smiles a little at her.

                    You realize I can easily take your
                    gun away don't you child?

                    That ma be but you think you can do
                    it before I pull the trigger.

                    You think you can stop both of us
                    after pulling that trigger?


                    Ethan shut up!

          Dana glared at Adam, moving the gun between the two. Glaring with

                    This is my life. Not yours.

                    You have courage, I commend that.
                    But think child, you are outnumbered,
                    and both of you are going to die.

          Dana looks at them and then glares more.

                    Then take me, let him live and just
                    take me.


                    Shut up dear brother.

                    If I give myself to you, will you
                    let him go and leave without
                    harming him?


                    Perhaps...depends on what you would
                    have to offer me.

          Dana puts the gun down and looks at Mary. Then brushes her hair
          away from her neck. Showing it to Mary.

                    I have never been bitten. My body
                    and blood is yours.

          Mary smirks more and throws Ethan away. Then moves up to

                    Really? You would let me take you?
                    For him?


          Ethan coughs and holds his throat as he closes his eyes.
          Mary moves up to Dana and slowly takes in her scent.


          Mary grabs a hold of Dana and begins to walk her out as Adam picks
          up her gun and fires at Ethan, hitting him in the neck. Dana
          hearing the shot, tries to get out of Mary's grasp.

                    You promised!

                    I lied.

          Ethan lays there with his eyes closed as if he was dead.


          The Silence was deafening, only the humming of the heater
          and lights was the only sound heard. Besides the sounds of
          Lex's feet pacing back and forth. In his hands was his gun
          and he was twirling it as he paced.

          Connor looks at him as he sits there, drumming his thumbs on a
          table as Kaylee stares off into space. Lost in her own

                    He's late...

                    Give him more time.

                    We have given him an hour.

          Lex stops and looks around a bit before he turned and looked at
          Kaylee as she stood up and looked down. Connor walks over
          and placed his hand on her arm as she blinks a little and
          turns to them.

                    What is it?

                    I remember...


          The house was quiet as George knocks, when he didn't get an answer,
          he entered the house with his gun drawn and his flashlight
          on. He looked around before he sees the body of Ethan laying
          there lifeless.

          He backs up and turns, grabbing his phone as he sees Ethan's eyes
          open and he drops the phone as Ethan sits up and grabs
          George by the throat. Before he can scream, Ethan sinks his
          fangs into his throat and begins to feed.

          He drops the body as he hears laughter, he turns to the door and
          sees Matt still there. Holding a gun as Ethan glares right
          at him.

                    She said you might not be dead,
                    told me to stay to finish you off.

          Ethan rushes forward and grabs Matt's hand with the gun and then
          his throat. Ethan breaks Matt's wrist and Matt screamed.
          Ethan growls angrily.

                    Where is she?

                    Fuck you.

          Ethan threw Matt through a wall and picked up the gun. As Matt
          laid there, Ethan fired three shots, one in Matt's knee, one
          in Matt's shoulder and one in the stomach. Matt groaned and
          began laughing.

                    You might as well kill me I am not
                    telling you shit.

          Ethan grabs him and picks him up and carries him outside and he
          threw him against the cop car, glaring at him.

                    Like I am afraid of you

          Ethan smirked and fired a shot into Matt's crotch and Matt falls
          over in pain.

                    You should be, cause I am not going
                    to kill you, I am just going to
                    keep torturing you, and torturing
                    you, till you beg me to kill you. And
                    then I will say, "no."

          Matt looked up at him and glared a little and he sighed.


          Ethan threw him in the car and he got in and took off.


          The home was a townhouse outside the city and away from prying
          eyes. The neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. A good place
          for Mary to hide. The house was large, almost mansion size,
          and made of brick.

          Dana sat on a bed looking down as she shivered, being
          chained to the bed and a collar put on her like a dog. She
          turned towards the window. Staring out of it. Staring out at
          the lawn below.

          Mary walks in, holding a goblet as she smiled right at Dana. Dana
          looked away.

                    It's almost time for my nightly
                    feeding...tis a lovely night.

          Dana said nothing, just stared out the window with no words.

                    It is okay, I admire you, turning
                    your back on the man who saved you,
                    selling yourself for his salvation.
                    I am sure he has found it by now in
                    the afterlife.

                    I didn't turn my back on him.

                    Sure you did, you chose to come
                    with me instead of let him try in
                    vein to fight for you.

                    I need to ask something.

          Mary looks at her as she sets the goblet down.

                    Have you always been such a bitch?

          Mary smiled and then turned and looked out the window.

                    I was once naive like you. Had many
                    men who wanted me. But my father
                    was a drunk who would beat my
                    little brother mercilessly. Seeing
                    this hurt me so I decided to make
                    money to move to America from
                    London. The only way I could was to
                    become a whore. So I did. Then he
                    came, he took me, he fed off of me
                    for several days and left me for
                    dead, but one of his followers
                    changed me and I became a monster.
                    I turned on the man who took me and
                    killed him, took his blood and
                    became stronger. You see if you
                    take the blood of an elder after you
                    have been sired, you gain thier
                    strength. Then I returned home and
                    murdered my father.

                    So you have always been a
                    cocksucking bitch.

          Mary turned and grabbed her by the throat and held her tightly.
          Glaring down at her.

                    You would be wise to watch your
                    mouth. Your nothing but food to me,
                    I can end your life I can keep you.
                    If you value your life you will
                    shut your mouth.

                    And you should know something.


                    Ethan's gonna kill you when he gets

          Mary pushed her down, and laughed a little as she turned and walked

                    Ethan is dead.

                    So you think?


          Ethan pulled over and glared a little as he then pushed Matt out
          of the car and glared as he then looked at the home with a
          determined glaze. He kept his foot on Matt so Matt could not
          get up.

          The home was set back with a large front lawn, trees lining the
          walkway and a gate kept him out. He reached in and grabbed a
          shotgun as Matt laughed.

                    This is suicide man, your gonna get

                    How many?

                    Three guards, Adam, Mary, and six


          Ethan smirked and picked him up and threw him onto the hood of
          the car. Getting in the car fast as he then started the car.
          Matt looked at him and blinked as he realized what he was


          Ethan floored it and Matt screamed as the car slammed into the
          gate. Burying Matt in the wreckage.


          Mary looked at Dana as she pulled the collar off and let her fangs
          extend. Dana glared at her as Mary positioned Dana's head
          and leaned down to bite. Inches from biting Dana when the
          crash made her look up.

          Mary pushed Dana away as she looked down as the dogs and the security
          began to rush towards the gate. She glared and unlocked Dana
          and began to drag her away.



          The guards surrounded the vehicle with guns drawn. Looking down
          at the wreckage. One moved up to the drivers side and looked
          in to see no one is there.

          Ethan stood behind them with the shotgun and aimed the gun
          at them. He fired at them. The one fell as the others turned
          only to fall to the shots from Ethan's shotgun. He then
          turned and he walked up towards the doors.

          He kicked them off the hinges.


          As Ethan walked in, he would only see darkness. Holding the shotgun,
          he stared around. Glaring as he looked over to the living
          room as he saw Mary standing there holding Dana by the

          Ethan walked in as Adam snuck up behind him and pointed a
          gun at the back of his head. Ethan looked back at Adam. Adam
          smiled as Mary looked over to Ethan.

          Dana stared at Ethan with hope in her eyes.

                    So you didn't die, your stronger
                    than I thought.

                    Yet you left a newbie to make sure
                    I was dead. Very smart.

                    Your still going to die, unless I
                    can get you to come back to me and
                    stay. Edward.


                    Remember the story I told you
                    earlier Miss Ryder, about killing
                    my father? How I did everything for
                    my brother. You see child, I even gave
                    him immortality, and what did he do
                    with it? He turned on me. Isn't
                    that right...brother?

                    Edward died a long time ago.

                    Pity...I wished I could have him

          Adam smirks and prepares to pull his trigger. But then he sees
          headlights and he blinks as a car slams into the wall. Ethan
          rushed and grabbed Dana and dived for cover. Adam and Mary
          moved to get cover as well.

          The car comes to a stop as Adam gets up, seeing the rubble
          as Mary also turns and glares. Ethan stands and looks at
          Dana. Dana stares up at him as if something was wrong. Ethan
          looks down and blinks as he sees a peice of the house's
          frame in his side.

          Ethan pulled the piece out and held his side, turning as
          Adam pulled his gun and aimed as Lex walked in firing at
          Adam. Lex's hit him in the hand knocking the gun out.

                    I would try to think of something
                    funny and quarky but there is
                    nothing I can think of right now.
                    So how is this, Adam, go fuck

          Ethan fell to his knees as Dana looked at him Adam and Mary started
          off as Dana placed her hand on him. Looking down at him. Lex
          moved over to Ethan and looks at him.

                    It pierced his kidney.


                    He's hurt bad

          Ethan groans and tries to stand as she moves her hair out of the
          way of her neck and pushes his face against her throat.
          Ethan closes his eyes and sinks his fangs into her neck. She
          gasps and holds onto him as her blood trickles down her

          Ethan holds her as she closes her eyes. Giving herself to
          him as he stops and looks down at her. He then stood up and
          glared as he then looked down at her as she sits there
          watching him.

          Ethan, fully healed, turns and looks at Lex and nods as Lex turns
          and walks off after Adam as Ethan rushes after Mary.


          Ethan walks into the ballroom and looks around. Like a predator
          his eyes scanned the room looking for Mary. His footsteps
          echo as the candles become alight. He stopped and looked
          right at Mary as she walked towards him.

          Ethan stood there, watching her as she smirked at him. Holding
          a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other.

                    No words? Dear Brother.

                    Only how tonight one of us or both
                    of us are gonna die.

          Mary smirks as Ethan rushes swiftly towards her, but to her he
          is moving slow. Mary raises her hand and Ethan stops. He
          falls to his knees as she smirks more. She lifts her hand up
          and he floats up.

                    Are you seriously thinking that you
                    can destroy me when I can control
                    everything you do?


          Lex pulls his guns as he walks out onto the lawn. He is in pursuit
          of Adam and instead, the dogs walk up and growl at him. He
          stops and looks at them.


          The dogs rush at him and he takes off running, firing at
          them as he moves. Killing some but the more he fires the
          closer they get. Just as he turns a corner, he gets hit with
          the butt of a rifle.

          The dogs stop their pursuit and run away. Lex groans as he looks
          up at Adam who levels the Rifle at him. Lex stares up as
          Adam smirks.

                    Hey that is so unfair, your
                    cheating. I demand a Muligan.

                    Shut up.

          Lex shrugs and kicks the gun out of his hand, grabbing the other
          gun from his jacket and nips up. Adam grabs the other
          handgun and aims it as Lex aims his.

                    Why do we have to fight? I mean
                    with technology nowadays we could
                    just play DDR or Guitar hero.

                    I just prefer to kill you so I
                    don't have to hear your voice.

          Lex smirks and then moves out of the path of the gun and moves
          around the corner. Lex starts firing and Adam fires back and
          heads for cover. Lex thinks as the dogs begin to walk back
          up, growling.

                    Nice puppies...This doesn't concern

          Lex watches them as they began to stalk him and he then sighed
          and fired at them and he then rushed away from them, running
          from dogs and bullets from Adam.

          INT. MARY'S HOME

          Dana stood up, blood trickling down her throat as she uses the
          the wall for leverage to walk. She moved out into the
          hallway and began to stumble a little.

          Matt rushed up and grabbed her by the throat. He was wounded and
          covered in blood. His arm dangled to his side. He glared as
          he held her against the wall with a snarl.

          Dana struggled and gasped for air as he laughed a little. He then
          threw her across the room and into a wall. Slamming against
          the wall, she gasped and slumped there as Matt walked up.

          EXT. MARY'S HOME

          Lex kicked a dog off of him and turned as Adam slammed the butt
          of the gun into Lex's face. Lex blinked as Adam stood there
          as another dog attacked Lex's leg. Lex screamed as Adam
          picked him up and threw him, with the dog still attached.

          Lex fell against a tree and fell to the ground with a thud, looking
          down as the dog laid there injured. Lex groaned and began to
          stand up.

                    Okay...this fucking sucks.

          Lex turned and pulled his gun up and shot at another dog as Adam
          fired at him. Lex ducked behind a tree and looked down as he
          dropped the clip out of his gun and reloaded.

                    Is there a way we can just settle
                    this in a game of chess?

                    Is there a way that you will shut
                    the fuck up?

          Lex shrugged and picked up the injured dog and threw it at Adam
          and he rolled and fired. Adam grabbed the dog in mid-air and
          snapped it's neck.

                    You really thought that would work?

          INT. MARY'S HOME

          Dana kicks Matt away and tries to move away as he grabs her foot
          and begins to drag her. He jumped on her and held her down
          as he smirks a little, licking the blood from her neck. She
          struggles more and he smiles.

                    The more you struggle the more it
                    turns me on.

                    Fuck you.

          Dana lifts her foot and kicks him in the crotch and pushes him
          off of her and stands up, moving against the wall. Matt
          growls and holds his genitals as he slowly begins to stand

          Dana glares a little as she stumbles into the living room.


          The living room was well furnishes with weapons and books
          and everything possible to show Mary's stature. Dana turned
          to look over to Matt as he rushed her and knocked her into a
          sword display. the swords fell off and landed at the side of

          Matt again held her down and showed his fangs, preparing to strike.
          Dana looked over at the sword and picked it up and swung.
          Hitting Matt in the shoulder. He moved and howled in pain.

          Dana picked up the other sword and looked at him as she muscled
          up all the energy she had left and charged, shoving the
          blade into his chest and pushing him into the wall, nailing
          him there with the sword.

          Matt looked down at the sword and then at her as she backed up
          and stumbled and fell. He then began to decay into nothing

          EXT. MARY'S HOME

          Lex rushed down the lawn as Adam followed, shooting as he turned
          and he pulled a Phosphorus grenade and looked at it. Turning
          and stopping, he looked at Adam and showed him the grenade.
          Adam stopped and blinked.

          Lex pulled the pin out and held the lever down and looked right
          at Adam. Adam tilted his head and looked right into his

                    I was hoping to use this on Mary.
                    But seeing as you are kicking my
                    ass, I guess I have to use it now.

                    Do you have guts to throw that,
                    your 10 feet from me, you would be
                    killed too. I don't think you want
                    to die.

                    Never underestimate the act of a
                    really insane jackass.

          Lex threw it and then stood there as the lever flew off.
          Adam watched it as Lex aimed his gun and began unloading the
          clip on Adam, hitting Adam in a spread in his chest and then
          put the gun away and grabbed the other from Adam.

          Adam looked at the grenade as smoke came out of it. Lex smirked
          as he looked at Adam. Adam looked up.

                    You really think I would use a real
                    grenade when your that close? Come
                    on, I am not stupid.

          Adam glares as Lex fired a shot into his head and walked


          Mary threw Ethan through a wall and Ethan lays there, bleeding
          from a wound on his head. His eyes closed as he tries to
          move. But Mary's influence over him is apparently keeping
          him down.

          Ethan is slid across the floor and up to the wall and Mary stares
          right at him.

                    Give up! You are not strong enough
                    to kill me. I created you, I have
                    power over you.

          Ethan snarls and begins to move slowly towards her. Mary pushes
          him to the side and then snarls. Slamming him into a wall.
          Ethan looked down at the floor.

                    Then why don't you fucking kill me
                    already and get it done with.

                    Why? Why would I want to kill you
                    when it is more fun killing everyone
                    you care about and making you
                    suffer. You can never kill me, you
                    don't have my power.

          Lex wandered in and fired a shot, missing as Mary looses focus
          and Ethan falls to the floor. Lex pulls the actual grenade
          out and holds it up. With his thumb on the pin.

                    No, but he has allies.

          Dana stumbles in from behind with a dagger in her hand as
          she looks at Mary with a glare. She rushes up and slams the
          dagger in Mary's shoulder. Mary screams and bats Dana away.

          Dana slides across the floor as Ethan glares and lunges, sinking
          his fangs into Mary's throat. Mary growls and pushes him
          off. Mary pulls the dagger out and holds her neck as Ethan
          slowly stands up.

          Mary holds her hand out to push Ethan away. Ethan just turns and
          she blinks as she sees her own blood on his lips and he
          glared more.

          Lex rushes to Dana and looks at her and he pulls her to safety
          as Mary begins to back up.

                    He just took the blood of his
                    master, you two are equal now, ain't
                    it a bitch?

          Mary turned and rushed at him with the dagger. Ethan rushed at
          her and grabbed her arm and her throat. She stared at him in
          shock as he took her own arm and shoved the dagger through
          her chest and heart. She gasped and looked at him.

          He let her go as she began to back up. turning, he kicked
          her out the window and stared as the sun began to rise.
          Ethan backed up.

          EXT. MARY'S HOME

          Mary laid there pulling the dagger out as she groaned. More looking
          down at the wound. She then saw the light coming and she
          looked over to the sun as she screamed. She burst into


          Ethan watches the flames from the shadows and Lex walks over holding
          Dana as he then looked down at her then turned to Ethan.
          Ethan looked at Lex.

                    She's alive, just knocked out.

                    Good...at least she isn't dead.


          The room is quiet as Dana opens her eyes and looks around. She
          seemed confused on how she got there and everything going
          on. She stands up and moves to the mirror, seeing the wounds
          on the side of her neck, she knows it wasn't a dream and she
          turns and walks out.


          Dana moves down to see a spot of blood on her floor and nothing
          more, everything seems normal except for what was broken.
          She looks around and finds a note on the end table. She
          picks it up and reads it.


          The note only has one sentence and that is it. It reads: Vengeance
          is served, your sister got justice.

          BACK TO SCENE

          Dana puts the note down and sits down, thinking a little on what
          was going on. She places her fingers against her neck and
          she closes her eyes while thinking.


          The sun falls, Connor, Ethan, Lex, and Kaylee all begin to pack
          things up. They are about to leave the city. Kaylee turns as
          she hears the door open. Dana walks in, looking at them.

          Lex and Ethan both look up as Connor just seems to work. Not even
          bothering to pay attention.

                    I told you she would show up.

          Dana looks at them and then turns as Ethan walks up to her. Dana
          holds the note in her hand as she stares up at him.

                    Aww she wanted to say goodbye...

                    I highly doubt that.

          Dana looks at Ethan and then down.

                    So what do we do now?


                    Yeah, We. You think your gonna
                    leave me alone after all the shit
                    you did, there is a blood stain in
                    my apartment, that wasn't there
                    when I was taken so you killed
                    someone. You owe me.

          Ethan looked at Connor and then to Lex.

                    If you want my opinion, we did have
                    to remove a body while you and Lex
                    killed everyone so, they will
                    assume she killed the man since he was
                    a cop.

                    She will be wanted for murder. And
                    you know you like her.

          Ethan rolls his eyes and he looked back at Dana.

                    So where are we going?

                    Why is it always We?

                    Just get used to the fact your not
                    getting rid of me and accept it.
                    You bit me, I am in you. I saved
                    your life. I helped.

                    We are heading to Los Angeles.

                    Cool, never been there.

          Dana smirks and kisses him on the cheek and then turns and helps

                    So was it worth it to you?

          Ethan doesn't answer her, just looks in her eyes and then goes
          back to work.

          FADE OUT.
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