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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Comedy · #1588612
A Parody of what I think will happen in Ghost Hunter. The fifth wolf brother book.
This is a story I thought up a while ago. The description sums it up.

Torak was very happy when he woke up. He felt like
going to see Wolf. "Hey Renn,"

Ren: What is it now Torak?

Torak: Want to go visit Wolf?

Renn shrugs indifferently. "

Renn: I've got nothing better to do. Just don't embarrass me.

So they went to find Wolf.

Torak: Hey Renn, where do you think he is anyway?

Renn: Umm, Torak... I think he and his mate set up a den on the other side of the river."

Torak: What makes you think that?

Renn: Umm... Torak they're right over there. Look, he's been barking at you for the past half-hour."

Torak: Aye, Raven Clan is known for being clever.


Torak: Hey Wolf were are the cubs?

Wolf: Oh hi Torak, yeah, I dropped them in the deep river, they needed to learn how to swim.

Wolf's Mate: You idiot, there only cubs!!! They'll drown!!!

Wolf: Oops. Well I guess we need more cubs.

Wolf's Mate: Oh no you don't find the ones you lost.

Wolf: Ah you never let me have any new stuff.


Cub 1: What the hell did dad do!?! Now we're lost, cold wet and we survived because dad stupid enough to drop us on a freaking rock!!!

Cub 4: Why is the author skipping to cub four? I mean it's not like we have names of anything, he could just have called me cub two, who would have known. Another thing why didn't our parents name us.

Cub 2: They did. They called us cub one cub two cub three and cub four. At least that's what dad called us.

Cub 3: Shut back there I hear cubs.

Cub 1: Of course you hear cubs, there are four cubs right here.

Cub 3: No idiot, I mean other cubs.

Cub 26: Hey there. How did you get here.
We were dumped here by our idiot dad who said we had to lean how to swim.

Cub 3: Wait, was your dad named Wolf by some human who didn't realize how awkward it would be talking to other wolves?

Cub 26: Yes.

Cub 3: And did your father, named Wolf, follow a human named Torak on his pointless and stupid adventures that nobody gained anything from?

Cub 26: Yes...

Cub 3: I think... we're siblings.

Cub 26: I know.

Cub 2: So ummm, how many cubs did dad have exactly?

Cub 26: As far as I know, only four hundred.

Cub 2: Four hun- and he dropped them all in the deep river?

Cub 26: Nooo... he threw a couple over a cliff saying they had to learn how to fly.

Cub 1: He really was and idiot wasn't he?

Every other cub: Yes.


Wolf: Torak I need you to find my cubs.

Torak: No way do it yourself.

Wolf: Torak remember the time I was trapped in that cave, and you saved me and nearly your own life to help me? Well you owe me for that.

Torak: Ummmmm. Wolf not really. I think you owe me for that. But I'll do it anyway.

From now on I'll be posting on Fanfiction.net. So if you really like this story for some dumb reason, I'll have some new chapters up there soon.
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