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You can find yourself in a magical adventure as Camille

                                                                                        “Dream Tales”

                                                                                  By Lizelle Tabaquero                                                       

                  “To feel being left alone while crying is the saddest thing a life can give, but still dreams support you an endless true happiness.”

    Haven’t you wondered why he prays together with you and makes a wish in front of God, but then he wished for his own and you wished for your own. As he walks away, he gently said to you that one day someone will again search for your heart. During that time, all you want to do is to cry; however, you strongly believed him, that’s why you replied a great smile while feeling things incorrectly.

    You know that you are like other people in this world. You study hard for your grades, help people who need you, and pray for all your worries and thanks. The only thing that makes you mad is that you lost your dream. It is to be with that man who talks to you in the church. He once loved you but when he loses hope for your love, he finds another and grabbed the right chance to be loved without waiting.

    It was your fault. You never showed appreciation for his hard work and now you felt very unlucky. So when you are given a chance to go away from the crowd who makes fun during your acquaintance party, you went to an opened room with full of ancient and different old sculptures and slept soundly. You know that it was peaceful here and you can hear the soul of the surrounding singing by the blowing winds from the window.

    It’s no longer your world when you wake up in your own strange dream in the place with full of mirrors. It also scares you to see yourself in a 7 years old girl. You thought that it’s not true, so you went outside in this room and the only thing you saw was an endless circling shape of stairways. You heard sounds from one closed room but you know that you can’t go there. So the only thing you can do is to cry like lost child.


  However, God still loves you because a white fairy with a sad face appeared and said that you are in a mission while sleeping. It is to find her half heart inside the unknown philosopher’s stone. She even added that if you did that she’ll return you in your world and wake you early.


  In your search for her heart you met many incredible people, like Zig, the soldier who looks for princess but the only thing he saw in the strange castle was you when you are at the age of 7 ( He was very disappointed about that.) , Madame, the one who took cared for all the children in the orphanage and she knows your secret, Steve, he was as same as you because he was real and also dreaming for the search of the fairy’s heart, Lear, she’s the most beautiful girl in the Kingdom of Mornon, ladies of orphanage  who love to dress you in nice gown, Wizard Doreto, he is the master of Zig before he become a soldier and past lover of the white witch, and lastly, the soldiers which are  friend s of Zig, who are also commanded to save princesses from other castles by King Mornon.


  The white fairy gives you special powers to use… You can jump more than 20 feet high and can make everyone sleep by means of blowing their nose and of course you are not alone in searching. She gave you a Tinkerbelle fairy as a guide and her name was Fling and you became good friends. You are totally different in this world. It’s not because of your powers but it was because when you sleep and wake, you turned to seven years old kid and when you sleep for the next night, you returned to you real age, which was 18 years old.


  There are hundreds of philosopher’s stone out there, so it’s not easy to find which one contains the lost heart of the white fairy. You really felt sad in your first wrong attempt. You got a philosopher’s stone from the 300 feet high rainbow and returned it back. The second one was another waste of effort, this time in the cold ice and you marathon with the soldiers to get it, but then it gave a reward to Steve.


    Many secrets were unlocked. You were surprised after knowing the Steve was transforming into a dove without sleeping and he can run very fast, just like a tiger. He even can make his hands into a big sword and armor. He was powerful like you and genius.


    Finally, after many days of staying in your dream, you now know where to get the heart, but then you can’t get it. Because it holds the life of Zig, the person you now love. Doreto resurrected him by the use of the philosopher’s stone with the half heart of the white fairy because he saved the wizard during the fight. He was very important to you, even you hate him for many things, especially when he acted like a childish guy and liked Lear so much.


    You are scared to get his life for your reality, though you know that Steve will do anything just to get the stone from him that supports his life right now. What will you do if he takes the life of Zig? You know he’ll probably die and you and Steve will wake from your magical dreams if you didn't do anything.

    As I already stated, Zig was a soldier from the Castle of Mormon. He can make his hands so big while punching anything. It looks very exaggerated but that was totally true. It was as big as him and as strong as a giant’s hand that can break a strong bricks in one punch.

      However, you still worried about Zig’s life because Steve can kill him anytime and anywhere. From the past days, you tried to convince Steve but the only thing he said was, “dreams are only dreams and reality is the true futuristic destination of our life, so let us go home and wake.” It means that he was determined to get the stone in Zig’s body, even he pitied you.

    One night in your own age appearance, you saw Zig walking in the street. You talked to him pleasantly and brought him to your favorite place in the Kingdom of Mormon and he was surprised because it was the highest town tower that almost reached the sky. You make the people inside sleep because you know that you two have no permission to go at the top. It was you’re first time to do that because most of the time you jumped high to top of the castle.


  There in that place, you asked him who he thinks in the red color…He replied that it’s you and it makes you cry  little bit because you know that it means that he loves you for choosing you as a color red. For the first time you hugged him tightly and warned him to stay away from doves because it was too dangerous.


  He doubts about what you said, because he can’t understand you and even you’re origin and true identities, but he knows many things – you have many similarities with the young Tracy. He still does not know that it was also you  at the age of seven and you are just alternately changing ages when you sleep.


During that time, you thrown the bracelet that was given by Dexter for you. While it was falling down, you can feel that you now can let him go away from your heart because right now Zig was the most important person for you.

  Your secrets came to him unexpectedly…Zig’s finally knew the whole story about you, after the attacked of Steve. He truly cares for you, so he voluntary gives the stone for you. He died for you and even worst, it makes you mourn sadly.


    The white fairy finally got her heart and you can see her sad face becomes happy and pretty while standing at the center of altar of her white palace with fogs. You saw the philosopher stone besides your feet, you know that it has no heart anymore but you remember your  love for Zig that’s why you get it and put in your small pocket.


    When you saw that your surroundings are turning to a colorful water, you tried to run but Steve stopped you and grabbed  and held your right hand tightly. His eyes behind his mirrors bravely comforts your soul and he bravely said an inspiring words for you.

“ It’s no longer a dream when you fell in love with Zig but face youtr true life to see reality as magical like this one.” He said seriously.


    Finally, you returned back and wake after a long sleep. From far away you can hear the noisy stereo of the party. You are now in your world but you felt so sad. Steve might be also awake right now in his own place. Yes, he was true, it’s no longer a dream when you experienced things like that, especially when it touches your heart deeply.


    You know that all things are now ending fast but one thing reminds you about Zig, it was the red philosopher’s stone that you put in your pocket and the bracelet was truly gone in your pocket. It might not only a dream because it was so strange because you are really surprised to see that it was inside when you wake up.


  How does it happened? You are dreaming during that moments and your soul was the only thing that makes a mission and experiences those fantastic adventures. The another surprising thing was again happened when you and Steve saw each other from far away in the National Marathon Competition. You smiled at him happily and he too replied a wonderful smile. Though there are crowded of people inside, your eyes are centered to him because he was really true and you believed that it’s no longer a dream.

The End…

(It has a continuation but a new separate story… The Philosopher stone that  Camille got will be hunt by the true witch owner.The people in the earth  fell asleep and it brought danger to every places. Steve and Camille(you) have no choice, they must return to the world of dreams to move away the spirit of powerful witch, named Lunica ( a vengeful and strict past Queen of Apezi). Different things will happen in the love story of Camille. Steve will love her and they both still have their special powers. The white fairy won’t help them but will give them the permission to see the soul of Zig for three times. The life of Camille was always in danger even she was sleeping because many wants to avenge the death of Zig. Lear was one of those who wants her to die but in the end she’ll be her good friend. During this another story, the wizard master of Zig will guide them and urged them to not return the stone back because everyone will be in great danger. ” Camille and Steve’s personalities and friends will also be cited here frequently. Zig will still be involved in the story and a new inspiring words will be given.You are no longer  using the name young Tracy because everyone  knows about the truth and your mission. “This new continuation exciting story will be soon to write..”)

-          Original imagination of Lizelle T. Tabaquero

-          Original imagination of Lizelle T. Tabaquero

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