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Relationships come with conflicts, to be sure. Sometimes they come out of left field.
"OK, I admit it, I did it, what now?"

(starting off misty eyed and petulant, gradually growing more and more hysterically upset over the course of the scene)  "What now Sam?"....  What now?.... You mean there's a choice, you think that I have some sort of decision to make?  Really?  WOW!!  (drums his fingers on the fridge as he looks Sam up and down)  Well, now that you mention it, I suppose there is the option of stabbing you in your sleep.  Is that one of the what nows you were referring to?  Or, or are you somehow so full of yourself that you somehow entertain the notion of my putting aside your 'little indisgression'?...  That's it, isn't it?  I'm just supposed to convince myself that this was a one time thing, that it will never happen again!  Is that about the size of it?  This, despite the fact that you have yet to show any remorse.  At least when a dog has a piddle on the rug, it has the good sense to look ashamed of itself!"

(looking at Danny as if he has suddenly grown three heads)  Dude, what the...?  Are you out of your mind right now?  Ya gotta be!  I mean, I don't even know where to begin....  I guess the only thing I can think to say in my defense is that if I were to ever, like, uhhhh, you know, take a leak on your floor, I would totally apologize.  I'd be mad embarrased for like days even!  But, what we're talking about, what I did,..... pssshhhhh, I mean everybody does it.  It's like a given, especially when two people have been in a relationship for what, like five years now.  If you have this idea in your head that I'm the 'Bad Guy', that I'm this forever untrustworthy douchebag, well,... I gotta tell ya, you're crazy if you think that!"

(picks up a glass and chucks it against the wall)  "Oh, you got that right!  I am crazy!  Crazy for thinking that I could trust you, crazy for thinking that five years actually meant something to you. What makes this all the more galling is the fact that my friends tried to warn me about you.  'Donny,' they said, 'this guy doesn't have the same values you do, he only cares about number one.'  They said, 'He doesn't play by the same rules, he's the type of guy that if he sees something he wants, he'll just take it, and to hell with the consequences to you or anybody else.'  'No, Noooooo,' I said, 'you don't know him like I do, he's good, he's kind, he would never cross that line.'  (takes up a plate this time and hurls it againt the wall)  And then, one day, one August 17th at 7:30 in the morning, you just drop this bomb on me, you just toss it out there like it was nothing, as if I'm supposed to go, 'Oh sweetie, that's alright, I understand, you were just caught up in the moment.  Just don't do it again, O.K.'  Well, I got news for you mister, I can't do that!  There's no going back.  There's no way that I can put this aside, or go on as if this 'little incident' never happened!  There's no way!  There's no..."

"Donny, Stop!  Just stop.  I just don't know how to respond to this, to you.  I mean I get it, i shouldn't have eaten one of your yogurts, clearly that's a big no-no for you, My Bad!...  Anyway, I'm gonna go for a walk right now, and hopefully by the time I get back, you'll be back on your meds, and we can find a way to get past this"  (opens front door and walks away)

(walks to doorway and proceeds to yell down the apartment hallway at the top of his lungs)  "Oh sure, walk away, that always fixes things.  Oh and by the way, for the record, you did not eat 'one of my yogurts', you ate my Last Yogurt, leaving me with nothing, NOTHING!!  So why don't you keep on walking mister, because thanks to you, there's nothing for me here

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