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by Jennyj
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My senior cat brought his ring-tailed buddy home with him, right into the living rooom!!

New Prompt!

Write a poem or story about raccoon/s.

THE UNINVITED GUEST! (a true story)/b}

We had an uninvited guest; that vision let me get no rest!
Returning from his outdoor quest, my strip'd cat put me to the test
by bringing home a fat raccoon; he brought him through the LIVING ROOM
instead of playing 'neath the moon--I had to have them out, and soon!

Their tails nearly made them twins: my cat was orange, the coon was brown.
each had bold stripes all around; I can't believe we lived in town!
Ring'd tailed Tutors, that's for sure; they passed me, left me with no voice!
I swept them out without a sound--they left me with no other choice!
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