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by Brem
Rated: 18+ · Novella · Sci-fi · #1590052
A man who lost is all chose to become a vampire to end his misery.
Chapter 3
         Before I could hit the dance floor, Annabel tugged at me to follow her. I could only guess she wanted me to go with her to the office, though I couldn’t think why. We wormed our way around the tables and groups of people to a ‘STAFF ONLY’ door and into another hallway. The volume of the music dropped down dramatically once the door closed, allowing people to hear one another.
         The hallway, only about 10 feet long, white walled, and bear concrete floor, held only 3 doors, one to the floor, a storage room, and a door to the offices and more storage. We kept moving through the next door, which opened up to a large conference type room. The left side gave way to 3 small offices, and another hallway to the right leading to more storage and a emergency exit.
         ”It’s your first night so one knows yet that you have been hired. I need to give you some passes, a staff one for yourself, and some V.I.P. for who you choose to take up to the lounge. Wait here.”
         She disappeared into the left office, and then reemerged with the passes that you hang around your neck. “Here, put this one on,” she said, putting the staff one around my neck. “Only bring two with you and wait for me to get back before you do anything.”
         “Alright,” I said. “Will you be long?”
         “Shouldn’t be more than ten or fifteen minutes, and that will fly by on the dance floor.”
         I nodded and headed back into the hallway. Getting some one up to the lounge shouldn’t be much of a problem, because I would have been all over it when I was younger. But things tend to change over time, and it has been years since I was last at a club. Probably going to be some sad fuck sitting alone at the bar, using corny pick up lines and getting rejected.
         As I made my way to the bar, trying to find someone became more and more daunting. The ideas I had in mind earlier aren’t doing me any good now. Trying to find only one or two here seems almost impossible with all the people that are now filling up the floor. I just hope that the bar will give me something to work with
         “New guy, eh?” said the bartender as I sat down.
         “Uh, yeah I guess so. Is it just me, or is being in a giant group the new big thing?” I asked.
         “I guess it is,” he laughed. “I didn’t catch your name, I’m Kalvin.”
         “Ross.” I replied, shaking his hand. “I’m trying to find two people to bring up to the lounge, think you could help me out any?”
         “Well, depends on what you’re looking for.”
         “I want a loser and a lonely woman.”
         “Loser as in a guy who can’t get lucky to save is life, or a dead beat?”
         “Can’t get lucky type of loser.”
         “Easy enough, he just went to take a piss, should be back any moment. Any for the lonely woman, look about three seats down to your left.”
         I took a glance at her, then back at Kalvin. I can’t understand how she could be lonely, she’s tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and a little bit on the heavy side. She’s gorgeous and should be able to have any guy in here with out much of a problem. Looks can be deceiving, her personality could be the problem.
         “The loser is almost back.” Kalvin said.
         “Quick question, that girl is gorgeous, how could she be lonely?”
         “Not sure, she comes in alone, usually leaves the same way. Not many actually talk to her either. I’m busy every time some one talks to her so I never hear what’s being said.”
         “Weird, but thanks for the help, these two should do fine. Playing match maker sometimes leads to some entertainment.”
         I walked up to the woman first, showing her the pass and waving her to come. The loser came walking by as we started to move, grabbing him, I handed him a pass and told him to follow. Annabel was already waiting at the stairs, and when she saw me with two in tow, she gave a smile. We continued up the stairs and into the lounge, the two in tow gasped in awe at the room and the view of the club.
         Annabel lipped ‘good work’ to me as the two walked to the glass, obviously pleased with what I brought. It crossed my mind to tell her I had help from the bartender, but I kept it to myself. The night seemed to be going really well, and I didn’t want to risk ruining it for either of us. We sat down on the couch as the catch ordered drinks from the bar, and leaned in close to Annabel.
         “So, your obviously happy about something.” I whispered.
         “Of course, you listened to me and picked two great targets. This is going to be fun, take her into the room you took Jason into and I’ll take the guy.”
         “We aren’t going to wait?” I asked.
         “No need, they have already been drinking. Plus, she looks like she could use some lovin’.”
         “It’s why I picked her. The guy is a loser, he uses the corniest pick up lines I’ve ever heard and as I figured, he’s too stoked by getting invited up here, he won’t think twice about anything.”
         “Smooth. Let’s go have some fun.” She said, getting up with a smile on her face.
         I watched her move to the guy, who was unsuccessfully trying to woo the girl that came with. Annabel came up next to him, slid her hand from his shoulder to his elbow and did that sexy hand thing to follow her. He obeyed like a puppet and followed her into one of the rooms, leaving me, the girl and bartender alone. Taking no chances, I moved in as soon as the door closed.
         “Hope you’re enjoying yourself so far,” I said.
         “I am, sitting alone at a bar in a night club, getting ignored isn’t much fun. It’s nice to be recognized for once.” She replied.
         “I’m glad your enjoying yourself, my name is Ross.” I said to her, putting my hand out.
         “I’m Dianna. If you don’t mind me saying, I wouldn’t taking you to a private room.” She said with a sexy smile, shaking my hand.
         “I don’t mind at all, you’re a gorgeous woman. Actually, I’m quite flattered. Follow me.”
         I took her into the room, and perfectly cleaned to my surprise. As soon as we were inside, she started to take off her clothes. She either hasn’t gotten laid in awhile or she likes to get straight to it. Not wanting to look like a jack ass and stare, I quickly started undressing. Her body made it hard for me to focus on undressing myself and lost balance, tumbling over my own tangled legs.
         “Are you okay?” she giggled.
         “Yeah, I’m good. Got a little distracted and lost balance.”
         “Hurry up, I want you inside me…” she smiled, lying down on the bed.
         Taking off my pants, I got up and lay down next to her. As I got in place, she rolled me on my back, mounted up, and started to passionately kiss me.  I pulled her in closer, and started kissing her neck. As she started to grind, I could hear and smell her blood pump through her body. I started to lose control again and the next thing I know, I flip her over, cover her mouth, and bit into her neck. She tried to fight me off, but I kept her pinned down, and continued to drink.
         As I drank, the wave of energy crashed over me again, feeling more and more revitalized.  Pulling back as she died, I feel as if I have become stronger and more in control of myself. I put my clothes back on, and took one more look at Dianna.  Deep down, I feel horrible for destroying something so beautiful, yet what had come out of it is quietly subduing it.
         I walk out of the room and notice people sitting down on the couch, quietly talking between themselves. Annabel, reminding me of Dianna, was sitting alone at the bar sipping on a fresh beer. Nodding at the bartender for another beer, I sat down next to her.
         “You’re looking sad all of a sudden, something happen?” I asked
         “Those two happened. One of them is my baby sister, Tiffany. And just found out she got turned into a vampire.”
         “You just found out?”
         “Yep, I thought she was killed by the vampire who turned me. It seems the one who turned me decided to take care of her and let me fend for myself. I should have known when I went back to find her body and wasn’t there. Just expected the worse, and never continued to find out.”
         “Harsh. If you don’t mind me asking, when were you turned?”
         “Thirty years ago in seventy-nine, I was twenty-two, my sister nineteen. According to others I met, he was in a foul mood and randomly attacked. It seems he found my sister after he started to turn me and chose to keep her with him.”
         “No sympathy, even for his own kind. Remind me not to cross his path,” I said, taking a hit from my beer.
         “It be hard to, the council of elders imprisoned him fifteen years ago.”
         “I see. So, why are you all depressed, you have your sister now?”
         “Not the way I wanted to find her. And she’s changed so much, she isn’t the same person.”
         “At least you can be with family and not have to hide the fact that you’re a vampire.”
         “Very true, we can be a family again. Just have to get used to her boyfriend, he’s chooses to feed off animals when he can.”
         “Every one is different and has their own reasons to why they do things. And let me ask you something…” I trailed as I took another hit from my beer.
         “Go ahead,” she said flatly, drinking her beer.
         “Every time I go to feed, something takes over me, and I have no control over it. It’s my body takes over and does every thing for me.”
         “It’s just your primal instincts. Same thing happened to me when I was new, it’s like something is trying to teach you how to do the actual dirty work. You start gaining control after the second or third victim.”
         “Did you ever feel stronger or anything after feeding?’
         “No, not after feeding, but I did after I turned and flipped over a car in rage. Why do you ask?”
         “After I fed on this second one, I felt stronger, and in more control over myself.” I said, checking out by left arm.
         “Every vampire gets super strength off the bat. Maybe your one of the special few that gains extra strength on top of it, and it is possible you get extra feats and they are just late bloomers. No one can say for sure what each vampire will get, or how many abilities they learn or will eventually learn.”
         “Well, we already know I can read minds as long as I’m looking into their eyes, and have telepathy. The extra super strength sounds like fun, at least to me.”
         “Be careful, superman, I don’t want you to go hurting yourself. Not like that matters, most injuries are healed within a twenty-four hour period.”
         “How long was I in that room? It didn’t feel long enough for you to beat me and your sister to randomly showing up.”
         “I was in my room for five minutes and you came out about ten minutes after that. And Tiffany came in while you were still with the woman. The rooms here are sound proof and I could still hear the bed banging against the wall. Was it as good for you during as it was for her?”
         “I guess so, it was the first time since I slept with my wife last. Is it possible for vampires to black out or anything like that?”
         “Not that I’m aware of, why?”
         “Because it didn’t feel like 15 minutes to me, felt like ten tops.”
         “Odd, but then again, I haven’t talked to too many vampires about the whole change thing. I changed, and I couldn’t change back into who I used to be, and eventually accepted my fate and took this life for what it was. Only thing I don’t understand and the only thing that’s bugging me is how my sister found me, and she won’t say much about it.”
         “Some things just take time to figure out. Maybe she had to do something she isn’t proud of to find you. It is possible the guy who turned you two slipped up and mentioned you and she did everything she could to be with you again. She could be the reason why the guy is locked up now.”
         “Shut up!” Tiffany yelled. “Do not speak of him anymore! I do not wish to remember that fowl man and what he did to my family.”
         “I think that answers that mystery,” I said to Annabel, silently.
         “I did what I had to do to find my sister, like you said. When I heard him talk about what he did to us, and that Annabel was asking about him, I betrayed him to her. Only my life is in danger now if he ever escapes.” She continued, starting to cry. “I couldn’t bring myself to kill another person after that, and feed off wildlife for years trying to keep up and catch up with her.”
         “Sorry, didn’t know this was a touchy subject. But I am happy you are with us now, you are not the only one who lost their family. I would do anything to see my wife and daughter again. Your sister here killed the man who killed them, so that option is gone.”
         “Was it a vampire who killed off your family and turned you and your sister? She asked, full of sorrow and rage.
         “I don’t know, your sister didn’t say anything more then that, and has yet to explain things to me.”
         “I’m getting to that, just had an unexpected turn of events tonight.” Annabel put in.
         “I think its best you talk with your sister here, instead of cuddling your boy toy. Or is the reason you two aren’t talking because there’s something to hide?”
         “Then how is it she randomly knew how to find us, where we are exactly and managed to get up in here? What the fuck is going on here? Just fucking tell me already!” I yelled.
         “There is a time and place for everything, and this is neither to tell you anything. You will know everything overtime. You just have to be patient and trust me, I wouldn’t have chosen you if I didn’t know what I was doing.” Annabel stated
         “Then why are you hiding shit from me if I’m so important?”
         “I’m not hiding anything from you. This is your first night out as a vampire, to much at once will only exacerbate things. You need to take shit slow, and in increments. Too much at once will any one mad, and its not pretty when it happens.” She said, looking deep into my eyes.
         As much as I wanted to know shit, I couldn’t get myself to read her mind. The last thing I want is to be alone again, and without Annabel, I don’t think I would last for very long. I don’t eve know why I blew up like I did. What was impossible Tuesday morning when I woke up is now possible and why can’t Tiffany find her way here?
         “You said before we left, that you’re going to teach me everything I need to know as fast as possible. How long does it usually take a vampire to learn the ropes?” I asked, looking at Annabel.
         “Usually years, since there are so many different things that can go wrong. Eventually, we are going to leave the suburbs and move into the city, and start from the beginning there. After the city, we may either move to a new community or even the country side.”
         “How fast are you planning on teaching me? And why fast as possible?”
         “It’s never safe for a vampire to stay in one spot for to long. Vampire hunters do exist, and they never quit.” Tiffany said.
         “And I’m hoping to have you fully trained as possible within the next month or so. I slipped up a few years ago, and one has been chasing me ever since. I managed to throw him off in England eight months ago, and I believe he’s trailing me again.”
         “You have a vampire hunter after you? That’s just….” I started to say, getting interrupted by footsteps coming up the stairs from the club floor. Silently I asked, “This part of your plan tonight?”
         “Not that I’m aware of. They must have won the raffle before the club opened, so just keep quiet and play your role.”
         A group of two couples made their way into the lounge lead by a staff member, a large man who looks like he belongs to the Hells Angels. Like the other four, the two couples are excited to be up here. Whether it’s random or not, I find it a bit ironic that there are four of us now and four people just found their way up here.
         “Door winners I take it?” Annabel asked.
         “Yep, this the new guy you hired as your personal bouncer?” he asked.
         “Yeah, Ross, this is Bruce, our head bouncer. Luckily for you, you answer straight to me, so you two shake and make nice.”
         “Nice to meet you, Bruce.” I said, shaking his hand.
         “Like wise. Take this, and if at anytime you need a hand up here, just say so.” Bruce said, handing me a walkie-talkie.
         “I was gonna ask about contacting you in case of emergency, this will work nicely.
         I sat back down at the bar, putting the walkie-talkie down in front of me. Annabel excused Bruce and walked with the group to the window. I could see Tiffany’s boyfriend getting a bit antsy as they walked by, followed by getting hit by her. It then occurred to me that just arrived here and they probably don’t have a place to stay.
         “So,” I said, sitting down next to them. “If you need a place to stay, you two can stay with me and Annabel at my house. Have a guest bedroom you guys can use, includes your own personal bathroom.”
         “Where is Annabel sleeping?” Tiffany asked.
         “With me I guess, she stayed by my side the entire time. And it would be nice if you two could pick up where you left off, but only slightly different.”
         “That’s very sweet of you to offer, Ross. It’ll nice to sleep in a bed again.” She said smiling.
         “Don’t freak out, I can communicate telepathically. I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry for blowing up like I did and for bringing up that guy, I didn’t know what you went through to get here.”
         “It’s ok, we all make mistakes. I’m just happy to know my sister is alive and I can be with her again.”
         “When you’re ready, take one of them into any of the rooms to feed.”
         “Thanks,” she said.
         I kept silent after that, watching Annabel talk to the guests. She made it clear to everyone in the lounge that the rooms in the hallway are open for them to use, letting us know that she set things up for us to feed again.

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