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what i was thinking
Hello stranger. Mind if i ask you to go to a show with me? oh trust me, stranger, it'll be a sight. A magical delight. Lights will be fluttering busily above us. The music will be dancing joyously around us. pounding drums, thumping trumpets, whirrling whistles. Oh my dear stranger, it'll make your heart stir with excitement. Our laughter will be the trigger of the main attraction. First, tinkering humming birds will swoop in from the unknown. Their bejewled bodies shinning as they twirl and glide on wings of gold. next, the fluffy frogs will come leaping and shuffeling. Their fur an ever changing sheen of cotton candy blue, bubble gum pink, shimmering silver, and mellow yellow. We'll 'ooh' and 'ah' as they become intertwined in a series of acrobatic moves. Then, all will be silenced, even the lights. A pair of fingerless gloved hands will be seen raving wildly to an inner beat. Like magic the limber man produces fire with a snap of his finger. My oh my, stranger, i can guarentee we'll be leaning forward in anxious excitement. The flame will dance into a ring of flames, each one a different color. Delectable smells will waft our way. Spicy cinnamon and the warming smell of crackeling wood. Dimming, the flames go back to the spark they once were, sudden cracks of light and then the fireworks begin. They spell our names and fizzle out, coating us with magical dust. All of it, forbidden to anyone but us. Stranger, come with me, follow my lead. Take my hand, become my friend, stranger, and i'll show you how life is really meant to live...
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