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A lost little duck gets scared.
There was once a little duck named Shyann, she was a sweet and innocent little duck. One day she was playing on the farm and a big rain storm came blowing in. The little duck was scared. She waddled to the barn, as fast as she could to get the umbrella.

As Shyann left the barn there was a strong gust of wind that picked her up and carried her to the other side of the farm. Shyann had never been to this side of the farm and she was even more scared. The wind blew again and made Shyann fall into a big water puddle. Well, she was too young to know how to swim yet, so she started quacking and yelling for help.

As Shyann was flapping her wings, she felt someone grab the tip of her wing and pull her out. As she turned to thank the kind stranger, she saw that it was a kitten twice her size! Shyann took off waddling as fast as she could, but the kitten was right on her tail. The only thing that she could think to do was duck into the storm drain. She only waddled a few steps and felt the kitten pawing at her.

Shyann was really scared but the more the kitten pawed at her the more gentle she got. Eventually the little duck realized that the kitten was trying to make friends. Shyann slowly crept out of the storm drain and the kitten started licking her.

Shyann told the kitten that she was from the other side of the farm and that she did not know how to get home. The kitten told her she would help her to find her way back to the other side. The kitten took off running across the field, ducking in and out from behind trees, playing peek a boo with the little duck. The kitten finally got Shyann back to the right side of the farm and Shyann was sad to see the kitten leave her. She had really started liking the kitten.

Shyann went to sleep that night with the thoughts of her adventurous day, and the thoughts of missing her new friend.

The next morning Shyann was awakened by gentle licks to her feathered face. Her friend had missed her too and had come to play.
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