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A story that has been in my head for a while
Part 1- Julie
"You look great, Claire," I sighed with exasperation. "He's going to fall in love with you all over again."
"You think so?" Claire asked, twirling. I looked her over. She was gorgeous, to say the least. She was wearing an outfit of mine, but I could never do it justice like she could. Red tank top, black mini skirt, knee high hooker boots. She looked up at me. Her hair was curly, dark brown, and absolutely perfect. Her big green eyes were sparkling with excitement. It was her 2 year anniversary with her boyfriend.
"Absolutely. You're gorgeous, like always." There was a knock on the door. I leaned out my window and saw Brian. "Come on up, Bri!" I yelled.

A moment later, the door opened, and he stepped inside.

Part 2- Brian

I opened Julies bedroom door, and that's when I saw her. The love of my life. She was sitting on the bed, reading a magazine. Even with her hair messy and in a ponytail, and even wearing sweats and an old t-shirt, she was still the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I smiled at her, and our eyes met. Just then, Clair ran over and threw her arms around me.

"So, love of mine, where are you taking me?"
"To that Italian place you like so much. Chuck is in the car."
"Ugh! Your cousin?! WHY?!"
I couldn't tell her that I brought him along as an excuse to invite Julie. That would be mean. So I lied.
"I don't know. He just decided to come with." She looked defeated, and turned to Julie.
"Julie, honey," she pleaded. "Come with us. It'll be fun."
After a couple minutes of back and forth, which I wasn't paying attention to, Julie agreed. She had apprehension filling her blue eyes.
"I'll meet you guys there. I gotta get ready first."
I walked Claire downstairs. She gave Julie a look telling her to hurry, and then we left.

Part 3- Julie

I hurried back upstairs to get dressed. I couldn't believe his nerve. I knew he wanted to be near me. He'd been telling me that he loved me for a couple of months. I loved him, too, but I couldn't hurt my best friend. So I never did anything with him. I loved from afar. After throwing on my favorite pair of jeans and some cute sandals, I found a blue shirt that matched my eyes, ran a brush through my hair, and ran out. I jumped into my car and took off, hating being the last to show up.

A couple of miles down the road, I came upon a curve... I saw Brian standing there, and broken glass. I pulled over, and then I saw her. Claire, lying in the road. I ran over, crying, and saw that she was still alive. Unconscious, but alive. I dialed 911 on my phone, and told them to hurry.
"Brian! What the hell happened?!" he looked like he was in shock. "Where's Chuck? Where's the car?!" he finally looked at me.
"Chuck... in the car... lost control... car down there... Claire was thrown out... told her to wear a seat belt." I looked where he pointed, and I saw the car wrapped around a tree. The paramedics arrived and put Claire on a stretcher. I showed them where the car was, and from the look on their faces, I could see that Chuck was dead. I couldn't believe this was happening to us.

A few hours later, I was standing next to her bed at the hospital. She was conscious. I couldn't bear to see her that way, so I went into the hall. Brian was there, pacing.
"Jules, I need to talk to you." I allowed him to pull me around the corner.
"What, Brian?"
"Julie, I can't bear to be away from you now. Not now. I could have died. I love Claire, but it's you that I want to be with. I can't pretend to be in love with her when I'm not. I know you love me, too. Please. Let's try this."
I sighed. I looked up at him, and noticed Claire's brother standing there. He saw me, and he ran.
"Oh no. No, no, no, no!" I said. "Brian, how could you be so stupid! In a public place! Jeremy just saw us! He heard everything! EVERYTHING!" I took off running down the hallway, back to Claire's room. I walked in, Brian right behind me, and I saw the look on her face.
"You guys are in love?" She was trying to stay calm. "My boyfriend, and my best friend? HOW DARE YOU! I want you both to leave. I don't ever want to see either of you again!" She continued to scream at us to get out, so with tears in my eyes, I left.

-4 months later-
"Brian," I said, sitting him down on the couch "We have to talk." I took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant. About 2 months, it looks like." I didn't know how he would take it, we had only been together for 3 months, and we were only 20 years old. But a smile came over his face.
"We're having a baby, Jules?" he jumped up and hugged me. "I can't believe it! I mean, I know we're young, but having a baby with you is.. it's like a dream. I love you so much!" He lifted me up to spin around, but stopped when we heard a scream. It was Claire. She ran towards her car and jumped in. I ran out the door right behind her, and I jumped in my car, following. I didn't hear Brian get into his car, but he was right behind us.

I saw her speeding towards that same curve. I was crying, honking, trying to will her to slow down. She wasn't wearing her seat belt, again. She lost control. My heart stopped as I saw her get ejected from the car. I dialed 911 on my cell phone, then ran over to her. She was on the ground, covered in blood. Brian ran up next to us. I pulled her into my arms, and crying, told her that I was sorry.

"No, Jules, you don't have to be sorry. I should be." She was bleeding everywhere. I didn't want her to see how scared I was.
"Claire, what do you have to be sorry for?"
"Jules, I came to tell you that I wasn't mad. That I want you to be happy. That I love you. If you want Brian, then I won't stand in the way. But when I heard you say you were pregnant, and I saw how happy he was... I just lost it." She started coughing.
"Claire, honey, we never meant to hurt you. We tried to fight our feelings."
"Shhh," she said, raising a shaky blood covered hand. "I forgive you both. Brian, treat her right, will you?" Brian nodded at her, tears in his eyes. I started to cry.
"Claire, honey, I love you. You're like a sister to me. Don't you dare leave me!" I could hear sirens in the distance.
"I'm so sorry, Jules. I should have forgiven you when it happened." And with that, she took her final breath. I held her closer, crying into her hair. I couldn't believe that my best friend was dead. Brian dropped to his knees, sobbing. The sirens weren't close enough.

Then I heard laughing. I looked down, and Claire was struggling to sit up, laughing hard. Then Brian started laughing. Then I started laughing. Claire stood up.
"I'm sorry, Gus," she said "I can't do this. I'll be in makeup"
I looked up at Gus. He opened his mouth, and yelled one word.


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