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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1590670
Celebrity melt down+

      "It is not easily attained, but virtue, can bring true happiness.
      How mean soever a person's station in life may be, the road
      to achievement can be rekindled in works of charity: a laudable
      ambition as valued as riches and power." Muzzy recited John Paul II.

      "You are so right. I have so much, but I'm never happy." Sandra
      Bullock stammered and ate some of Muzzy's chocolate chip cookies.
      "These cookies are really good!" she continued. Muzzy smiled
      as he bathed with the Celleb' Sandra. "I thought you'd like them."
      he answered and sponged off her breasts and belly. "I want an
      Academy Award!" Sandra shouted and stuffed two cookies in her

      "True art is not earned. It is embraced; like lovers." Muzzy whispered
      and gentlely slipped his hairy belly between Sandra's copper thighs.
      "I need some milf-milk. Cookies ... choking(gag!)" Sandra grabbed
      her glass of milk and filled it from the carton on the toilet. "by his
      ignorance hath instructed the ignorant and by his incredulity hath
      served the faith of all ages." Muzzy continued with his resortation.
      "Are you fucking me?!" Sandra tried to sit up, but the tub was too
      slippery. "In silence we hear the sweet melody of the heavens;
      the angels everlasting praise of bliss." his words bubbled as he
      suckled on Miss Bullock's secret key.

        She laughed and milk came out her nose. "I like Bugs Bunny! He's
        coooooooool! Ahhhhhhhhh!" she was climaxing. "Let us keep what
        is on our tongue sacred and within the reach of all, who care for
        the truth." Muzzy surfaced, snorted and thrust his himself inside
        Sandra's temple. "Our Saviour sanctified our flesh by taking it on
        himself and with his last breath he commanded us to the care of
        His Virgin Mother." he growled. "Jesus! I hope your wearing a condom!"
        Sandra gasped. "Gladly, do I pour myself into your vessell." Muzzy
        smiled. "Shit!" Sandra wiggled out their tub and tried to pee into
        the toilet. "I'm.... (fart)... going to ... (peee)... get an Academy Award!"
        she grimaced, then dressed and left.

        Muzzy slid down into the tub and squeezed his rubber ducky(squeek!).
        "I rejoice in the things that our of my house." he mumbled to his
        rubber ducky,  "Amen, Amon".+

        Reflections: In The Habit staring Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore.
                          A Sandra Bullock remake might garner her an Oscar.+

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