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Just some things that I have been looking at over the last few years. Comments appreciated
For centuries now humankind has searched for the answers to species old questions, regarding the origins of humanity, are we the complete accident of a primordial chemical brew? Alternatively, is there an almighty benevolent intelligence that shaped and formed our existence?

Other questions such as the nature of the universe, are we alone? Is there a predetermined procession or chronology of an inescapable fate, or perhaps every action is a random meaningless chemical synapse, from an accident of creation? Is there life after death? Should I worry about an ancient calendar whose creators are long since past and whose culture has faded to but a memory?

For those who wisely study the Bible, you may be keeping a watchful eye for particular sign’s or events that would signal the end of day’s prophecy as articulated by John in the book of revelations. Maybe you realize the synchronistic prophecy concerning the Beast and certain institutions. Everyone from the Hokey Indians, to Christians, Mayan astrology, virtually every religion and belief system has at their core, similar end time warnings.

My hope for this book is not to in any way freighting or alarm a confused soul or uncertain spirit. However, to catalog, clarify, and begin to lay some basic foundational knowledge of each of these subjects so as individuals we can approach these uncertain times through a position of informed enlightenment. Moreover, as a species we have become comfortable with, slumbering our way through the motions of our life trading our freedom for security, or simply happy in our ignorance, allowing the privilege of comfort to make us lax in our sociological responsibility to keep an intellectual vigilance in opposition of spiritual “pitfalls”. The wages of this being disconnection from the essence of our core “true” self.

So take a deep breath because we are going to cover everything from ancient history, biblical history, UFOs, monuments on Mars, structures on the moon, evolution, creationism, Mayan civilization, Giants, procession, Illuminate, God, Hell, pole shift, world war three, alien intervention, and more. There is at the core a pervasive thread that actually permeates and binds these scenarios together as they hurl us ever faster toward our future. We need to think outside the box on antiquated dogmas repetitiously ingrained from our first days of school until we exit the halls of academia. With as diverse and wide ranging a set of factors, I find it helpful to keep a center point or prism in which to filter and guide me through the maze. So keep in mind that my conclusions rely on research, years of study, physical evidence, and my personal spiritual intuition. No one person or institution has the answers to the puzzle of the human genus.

Struggling to determine a starting point, I have decided with adequate deliberation to begin where current scholars attribute to the rise of modern man and the world’s first civilization. Ancient samurai located in current day Iraq, is the launching pad of the rise of man from a simple cave dwelling hunter gatherer, to seemingly overnight, modern man capable of complex sociological organization, including school systems, daily “newspapers”, and in fact the Samarian culture is attributed with over one hundred firsts of human civilization.

This included a form of writing known, as Cuneiform which was similar in concept to hieroglyphics. It was a series of pictures to convey a given thought, story, law, etc... Today’s leading authority in interpreting these ancient historical documents is Dr. Zachariah Sitchin. Dr. Sitchin has attempted to bring mainstream academia along for the mind-bending ride of these most revealing texts, but has received nothing short of ridicule, disbelief, and denial. After years of controversy over Dr., Sitchin’s interpretations of these tablets, we find that fundamentally, he had it right. With only subtle differences in the text meanings. Therefore, for those of you reading or learning of these writings for the first time keep an open mind. Weather you choose to agree with these “stories” being fact or fiction, I think it is important that we not argue over what the definition of is- is. Most scholars now do agree that the tablets and their interpretations are widely agreed upon as to what the cuneiform writings say. However, the meaning or validity of the content is still being investigated and left to each of us interpret its reality.

I must agree that on a scale of one to ten, the Sumerian creation tablets leave most at around a twelve and a half pertaining to the “Holy crap” factor. But if I may paraphrase a Greek philosopher, Herapatus circa 540 BC. He said that “Sometimes the truth can at times, be so strange, so unthinkably bizarre……. That, it escapes becoming known”. Science should always follow the evidence and never a particular theology or paradigm simply because the alternative answers do not fit the accepted mainstream model or comfort level.

Clearly the evidence in the so-called seven tablets of creation, left buy this ancient culture show the Noah flood “story” in striking parallel. The exception is being of deity names and traditional Christian “God head” power structure beliefs. Moreover, in my opinion and hypothesis, it has the feel of being the same account of the same events told from varying sources 2500 years before Moses, (through divine enlightenment) ever set pen to pad as it were.

Let us take a brief, abridged glance at the “Cliff notes” version of these texts and hit some of the highlights. Being that throughout this book we will need to cover thousands of years, and in some cases tens of thousands (if not more) of complex civilizations, such a plethora of intricacies in an equally complex and varying categorical fabric, in- depth, exhaustive analysis will give way to a foundational overview of most topics.

Hopefully by the end of this book we will have gained an entry level insight into these very strange and at times freighting texts allowing us to prioritize a spiritual consciousness based upon information, facts, and our own personal belief system. Remember although science should stand alone upon evidence, and not esoteric belief structures, No one has all the answers or exclusivity to freedom of thought, and in the end, we will all stand alone for our judgment so choose wisely.

Remembering that there is no such thing as precognitive mimicry, these ancient people left us a tale of a race of giants that came from the heavens whom they called the Annunuki. Literally interpreted Annunuki means “those who from heaven came to Earth”. These celestial beings came down from the heavens via the use of chemical rockets in attempt to exploit Earths resources. With their home planet’s atmosphere or ozone severely depleted they for some reason-needed gold from our planet to repair the damage.

The planet Nibiru, according to the text, where these Annuinuki come from is a Saturn sized world that is actually part of our solar system but on a highly elliptical orbit that takes approximately three thousand six hundred years to complete its journey around the sun. This say the Sumerians, is responsible for great upheaval and destruction as it passes through our local celestial “neck of the woods”. In past encounters with this giant, earth and our solar system have dramatically been altered through planetary collision, and gravitational disruption.

Scientist now knows interestingly enough, that a planet does exist outside the orbits of Pluto and Neptune as evidenced by the perturbation of these bodies orbits. They also believe that this planet when found should have approximately the mass of a Saturn sized world. In addition, the planet Nibiru is said to orbit a dark star that is the binary partner to our own. As we know, most star systems are indeed binary systems where a solar singularity such as what our sun is supposed to be, is an anomaly in the cosmos. Recent research and observations however, reportedly believe that it is entirely possible that our sun indeed may have a failed star or dark sun that is on a elliptical orbit and simply hidden in the vast darkness of space.

One of the things that caught my attention and somewhat leaps out of this material when examined is that the Sumerians referred to this planet as the seventh planet. Indeed this is the seventh planet if you are traveling from outside the solar system in. The ancients describe how the human race was “modified” genetically in order to give these visitors laborers for the operation of mining gold. In other words, the human race was created or altered genetically to be slaves. Enki (the highest ranking of these visitors) was said to have perhaps given the human race too much intellect, and too much ability for the comfort of some of the lesser ranked visitors and there began a dissention among the Annunuki.

Never the less, overwhelmed by the beauty of the human females these giants took them as wives and created hybrid offspring. This caused a full-scale war to erupt and spurred Enki to flood the planet in order to rid the Earth of these evil giants. In parallel, Biblical text, refer to these giants in Genesis as the Nephalim. Born from “fallen angels”, breeding with the daughters of men. The God Jehovah then was compelled to flood the Earth to cleanse the D.N.A. pool through Noah and his family.

Interestingly, when the Babylonians conquered Sumar, these “gods” were still worshiped and feared. The Babylonians, devised a system of numbers worn around the neck and in certain alignment, they believed they could gain protection or even control over the corresponding deity. They said there were 35 lesser gods and one controlling deity. The number to control the leader was 666.

Also note, that the Babylonians were progressive culturally in that when they conquered a province, they would leave current religious leaders and politicians to remain and simply required tax be paid to the new crown. Later mirrored by the Persians as they in-turn conquered the Babylonians. Yet the Persians had no use for their religious leaders and sent them packing. Seeking a new home, these “priests” made the only logical decision and landed in Rome. Policy in Rome was much the same as with the Persians, assimilating and incorporating various conquered peoples cultures to more easily control the masses and expand the Empire. Still today, we see symbolism from ancient Sumar and Babylonia in much of the Roman Catholic rituals and symbols, carried to Rome, via priests, ousted by the Persians.

Enough of Sumerian civilization for now. Let’s try to blend a few other important scenarios into the fabric.

Chapter Two: Human Antiquity

I felt it important to cover this topic directly after the Sumerians since that is where we crawled our way out of the caves according to modern science. Moreover, I think it is imperative to establish a new mindset as to human origin early in our discussion.

I believe the best place to begin this argument is Egypt and the great pyramids. As seen from above the three great pyramids, perfectly match a celestial body known as Orion’s belt in the constellation of Orion. This constellation is prominent in the sky and celestially aligned with the pyramids in the year 10,500 B.C. Looking in the other direction we find the Sphinx (half man half lion) staring at the constellation Leo in perfect alignment in the year 10,500 B.C.

When the great Pyramids were constructed, the complex was designed, (and laid out), using the measurement of seventy-two. This number is important because seventy-two is the number of years it takes the Earth to travel one degree of precession through the zodiac. A concept we will go over in more detail in the next chapter. If we look at a globe, and position Egypt on top and move counter-clockwise around the Earth seventy-two degrees, we find ourselves in Anchor, Cambodia. An ancient complex / Palace lay out to exactly mimic the constellation Draku, and annunciate the number fifty-three. The constellation Draku being in alignment in the year 10,500 B.C. And the number fifty three? That is the amount of years required to complete three quarters of a degree of precession through the zodiac.

How about we look at our globe again and this time we go fifty-three degrees around the Earth and land at Tehatewakan, Machu pichu, and the Mayan ruins. These sites too, had significant celestial alignments circa, 10,500 b.c.. Now if we triangulate Egypt and the Mayan ruins, the degrees of precession equal two on each side or one hundred forty four years on each leg. Meeting in the middle and going straight down, we arrive at Easter Island. Yet another ancient site aligned to the heavens in a time long forgotten.

Few people know that when the Hoover Dam took its place of prominence, built inside was laid a gigantic slab of concrete depicting our position as it relates to the Earths precession through the zodiac.

Our ancestors knew as we do today, that this giant chronometer, or timepiece, stretches tens of Thousands of millennia and with it predicts “cycles” of evolution on this planet and in our local solar neighborhood. Now this date 10,500 B.C. is very near when archeologists suggest that the great flood occurred. This seems to make perfect sense considering the ancients would wish to leave record of the time and date of this cataclysm for future generations. In conjunction with evidence from John Anthony West in regards to weathering on the Sphinx that could only have occurred circa 10,500 B.C. or earlier, we can only conclude that what we thought we knew of human evolution simply does not hold water.

I may share ninety nine percent of my DNA with a chimp, but I also share ninety nine percent of my DNA with a coffee plant. This to me merely suggests a common creator using common materials in a myriad of different creations. We all may simply have to realize that our civilization may be only rediscovering what our ancestors had already mastered, and more.

Assuming these theories are correct, (and I believe they are) the foundation is set for a broader outlook on who we are and our place in the cosmos. Looking at the ancient writings in a more literal connotation, and with an open mind, allows us to appreciate the astronomical mastery by these ancient cultures, none surpassed by the Mayan civilization. They were able to predict years in advance, solar and lunar eclipses, and whose calendar is still more accurate than ours is today. Consider the technology and mathematics employed in the building of the great pyramids. These ancient ancestors placed overwhelming importance on the astronomical alignments and the Earths procession through the cosmos. Along with the flood was a period of “amnesia” for our species. Only now are we beginning to assemble the pieces of the greater puzzle of our origins.

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