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The beginning of an in depth look at alternative possibilities
What uncertain times we live. There is an uneasy feeling in the world that everyone senses yet no one can identify. Covid-19 has shut down the planet, even Mount Everest was swept clean from a human presence. And while I write this the world is under house arrest. Yet strangely,,, The virus is not the fear. Family members and friends alike all have their own theory of what the true threat may be. From the coming 5 G, to Nazi resurgence , or the illuminate perhaps, some say the Annunaki and Aliens, while others feel a much darker and more sinister plot is unfolding. Like all good comedy being rooted in the truth, I believe all good conspiracy's have a scent of truth as well. It's in this way that our minds except the otherwise unlikely, and at times, laughable postulations. This in the former case may be described as " No harm no foul "everyone has a laugh. But in the later, it becomes much more dangerous , adding credence to falsehoods and providing misdirection to uncertain souls. The internet has opened up the volumes of sacred knowledge that have been sealed until this appointed time. Normally reserved for the priestly class of self appointed kings who profess to be wise. Pick your poison. choose any of the fore mentioned scenarios and you will find the rabbit hole goes as deep as you care to travel.

I began writing this book circa 2009. I was ahead of the curve on the coming new religion calling themselves ancient astronaut theorists and the end of the world panic of the December 21st 2012 crowd. The reason is, I had just lost my best friend and Father, Ray. A diversely educated man he held a bachelors in Engineering , a masters in Theology and a PHD in Law. He hosted his own radio show, Pastured a church and taught me the meaning of honor, duty and family. When he passed I started asking myself some difficult questions. Would I truly see him again? Were all the hours and years I spent sitting in that old country church for naught? Or could I intellectually prove to myself that he was right. For centuries now humankind has searched for the answers to species old questions, regarding the origins of humanity. Are we the complete accident of a primordial chemical brew? Alternatively, is there an almighty benevolent intelligence that shaped and formed our existence? Other questions such as the nature of the universe, are we alone? Is there a predetermined procession? Or a chronology of events and an inescapable fate. Or perhaps every action is a random meaningless chemical synapse as we are flung through space on a piece of shrapnel from the Mother of all explosions? Is there life after death? I believe the search for these answers are being sought now more that ever. And as a generation finds themselves lost in an ocean of truth's and half truth's , lies and deception, a generation raised to believe they are all mistakes of natural selection acting on random mutation and told that man has scientifically proven God does not exist, we need to catalog, clarify, and begin to lay some basic foundational knowledge of each of these subjects so as individuals we can approach these uncertain times through a position of informed enlightenment. Moreover, as a species we have become comfortable with, slumbering our way through the motions of our life trading our freedom for security, or simply happy in our ignorance, allowing the privilege of comfort to make us lax in our sociological responsibility to keep an intellectual vigilance in opposition of spiritual “pitfalls”. The wages of this being disconnection from the essence of our core “true” self.

So take a deep breath because we are going to cover everything from ancient history, biblical history, UFOs, Cellular biology, structures on the moon, evolution, creationism, Scientific arguments like the Kalam Cosmological argument, Anthropic Teleological Argument, , Giants, Illuminate, God, Hell, world war three, alien intervention, and more. There is at the core a pervasive thread that actually permeates and binds these scenarios together as they hurl us ever faster toward our future. We need to think outside the box on antiquated dogmas ,repetitiously ingrained from our first days of school until we exit the halls of academia. With as diverse and wide ranging a set of factors, I find it helpful to keep a center point or prism in which to filter and guide me through the maze. So keep in mind that my conclusions rely on research, years of study, physical evidence, and my personal spiritual intuition. No one person or institution has the answers to the puzzle of the human genus.

I was fortunate a few years back to hear an intellectual, mathematician, philosopher Dr David Berlinski recount a story of Galileo having occasion to write a letter to his friend and benedictine munk Benedictine Benito Casseli. If I may paraphrase and surmise, David went on to describe Galileo writing what most scientists to this day consider one of the founding documents of the scientific era. The setting is early seventeen Century, circa 1615-1625 in the hart of the inquisition Galileo wrote that God's Word in inerrant, and cannot be wrong. However we should leave ourselves open to the possibility that man is fail able and can misinterpret. On the other other hand... There is another book. The book of God's works! The book of God's works being written in mathematics and can only adequately be interpreted by mathematicians that this draws a necessary corollary. Being the only class able to read the book of God's works, that this makes mathematicians and scientists somewhat of a priestly Class.

This thinking was adopted then and still held today by 96% of scientists. Any dissenting views must not be tolerated! If there is thought outside the box that they have created then it must be snuffed out! They find the rest of us simply inadequate to interpret the facts ourselves, we are but useless eaters. We have the same facts, right? They have never been wrong, right?

This is the same group who told your ancestors that the world was flat, that draining your blood would cure you of illness, or that every other day say that they have made a discovery that will " re-write history ". It is obvious that they don't have a clue beyond a few thousand years what exactly our history is. Yet they proc-lame themselves wise, God's of their own Universe. Just that word alone "Universe" Uni = Single or singular, and Verse = a spoken sentence. We live in a single spoken sentence : And God said, "Let there Be"!

How about we take a look at the facts we have, try to go in without pre-conceived assumptions , and let the evidence lead us. I personally believe the Earth was very different before what most scholars I believe agree on, that there was a world wide deluge. A catastrophic inundation that took our species down to 8 people. There are over 250 flood legends throughout the world , the majority of which have 1 family and the animals escaping on a boat, where a bird was used to find land, etc...

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