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A story for children, describing heaven the way they might want it to be. Just for fun
If Kids Ran Heaven

If children ran heaven, it would be a cool place,
With a planetarium to let you see space,
And a huge fish tank and large cages of birds.
Everyone would be friendly with only kind words.

If children ran heaven, you know what they’d do?
They'd give every child a new pair of shoes.
They’d drink chocolate milk, and cookies homemade,
Eat corn chips and pretzels with purple Kool-Aid.

The place would abound with games and toys
For even the naughty and poor girls and boys.
Monopoly, Scrabble, Parcheesi, and Twister,
You wouldn’t have to play with a brother or sister.

The cupboards would hold lots of Twinkies and Snowballs.
You’d sleep when you want and never get “time for bed” calls.
Nary a vegetable would be in sight.
They’d eat chocolates and moon pies—a heavenly delight!

If kids ran heaven, it’d be lots of fun
With hot dogs and sodas for everyone.
Cotton candy, and popcorn, and Reese’s Pieces.
Big screen TV’s showing cats "hating meeces”.

Merry go-rounds and roller coaster rides.
You could go swimming or take water slides.
There’d be wagons, tricycles, and plenty of bikes,
There’d even be sandboxes for smaller tykes.

If children ran heaven, you wouldn’t have to bathe,
Or brush your teeth or shower or shave.
You wouldn’t ever have to wash your hands or your hair.
There’s no dirt in heaven, so why would you care?

There’d be no homework, teachers or school
You’d only do things that kids thought were cool.
Cats wouldn’t scratch and dogs wouldn’t bite;
Every dark room would have a night light.

You wouldn’t have time-outs or even a spanking,
You wouldn’t be grounded or get a tongue-lashing.
No need to do chores or make up your bed.
You could play make-believe and daydream instead.

If kids ran heaven, everyone would be pleased.
No one would get sunburn, bug bites, or disease.
It would be a great place with no work and all play.
If kids ran heaven, we'd all want to stay.

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