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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Teen · #1591814
The sequel to Music, Heartbreak and Finn Taylor.

         Love’s a strange thing. In fact, it’s more than strange- it’s weird and freaky. How two can just fall in love with making little contact. It is true! I am in love with one of the most amazing people I know. Sonny (Jason) and we had our first date and that’s not the one where we’re going to see Finn Taylor live. We went to a fancy dress shop and dressed in random things and then we went to a church service and had a laugh while listening to the priest read from The Bible. Then, we went to the chippy near to the block of flats where Sonny lives and ate chips and a battered sausage each with lots of salt and vinegar all over them. And, after that, we sat and watched the sunset at the top of a hill just outside Middlegreen- it was beautiful!

Sonny and I bought a camera between us and a lot of tapes too. It wasn’t too expensive, in fact, he paid for most of it himself after a joke-argument about who was going to pay for it. We’re going to record whatever we can whenever we can, so we can keep the memories. I mean, we’ll have to destroy them if we break up, but I’m not really thinking about that at the moment.

Sara has asked me whether I’m going to hang with her or Jason because she’s not happy with me “ditching” them all for a “dick head” like Sonny. I just told her to grow up and I said, if she’s a real friend, she wouldn’t care about who I go out with.

I gained a new best friend, that new best friend being Henrietta Williamson (Hetty for short). She’s a great person and really sporty. I told her I’d go running with her, but, every time she asks, I say my legs aren’t working as an excuse and she just laughs. I’m a big failure with running and any exercise for that matter.

We’re on the school roof at the moment because that’s the only place where we can get some peace without being bugged by little kids or Lorenzo- us being Sonny, Hetty and me. It’s actually off limits, but no one watches the door at dinner, so we just go up like we have been doing for the past week.

I’m sat on Sonny’s knees as we sit on the flower bed wall in the middle of the roof top. Hetty is wandering around like a lost sheep as per usual.

‘You’re crazy!’ I shout to her and lean my head against Jason’s.

She grins. 'So?'

‘Just like you!’ Sonny smiles and kisses my cheek.

Sonny and I haven’t had our first kiss yet, but I’m not up for rushing my relationship and it’s not like I don’t love him! He hasn’t really given much signal he wants to kiss me, but the occasional kiss on my cheek or forehead doesn’t hurt.

‘Are you coming out tonight?’ He asks, ‘I think we should do our first bit of filming.’

I nod. ‘Got coursework first.’

‘I’ll help you.’

‘Danny’ll shout like last time,’ I tell him.

‘He didn’t shout, he just asked if I’d helped you that was all.’

‘Oi, you two love birds, stop flirting!’

I laugh. ‘You can’t talk!’

‘I’m not in love though, am I?’ She asks and stops in front of us both, ‘I just like someone.’

‘Who?’ Sonny asks.

‘No one,’ she grins.

Sonny puts his arms around my waist and hugs me against him tightly. I like sitting on his knees because it makes me a little bit taller than him.

‘When you two kiss, you’re never going to be apart from each other,’ Hetty says, ‘I’ll have to start being a computer geek at lunch.’

‘We’re not going to ditch you,’ I tell her, ‘you still can tag along.’

‘Tag along!’ She shouts, ‘you think I’m tagging along with you!’

‘I-I… I didn’t erm… y’know… erm…’ I stutter and then Hetty bursts out laughing.

‘Only joking.’

‘Biatch!’ I stick my tongue out at her.

She smiles, ‘I’m going to hand in some homework, ok? Have fun!’

‘Don’t go!’ I plea.

She’s already through the door, so there is no point her coming back. So, Sonny and I sit on the roof in an awkward silence, even though we hang with each other basically every night alone!

‘Shall we dance?’ he asks after a while.

I laugh. ‘No way!’

‘Why?’ he asks, ‘I think you’d like it.’

‘Maybe,’ I grin, ‘but, we’re in school and we don’t have the camera.’

I see his gaze move down to my lips and my heart races. I stand up and pull him to his feet, putting my arms around his neck. He grins and places his arms around my waist, pulling me closer.

‘Do you know how to dance?’ he asks me.

‘No,’ I say, ‘but, I do know how to do the Cha Cha Slide.’

He laughs. ‘Ballroom dancing is different.’

‘This is the worst ballroom I’ve ever seen!’

‘Will you go to the prom with me?’ he asks and I stand wondering where ballroom dancing links into the prom.

‘But, it's next year!’

‘Some guy could ask you before I do.’

‘Even if we’re still together?’ I say.

He smiles. ‘You’re a beautiful girl; I don’t know what guy wouldn’t fall for you.’

‘A normal one?’

He laughs. ‘Saying I’m not normal?’

‘Oh, I want to be a ballroom dancer,’ I mock in the worst Sonny voice ever.

No answer.

I look at him and I see he’s sad.

‘Sorry,’ I say, ‘I didn’t mean to say it like that.’

‘Do you mind? About the dancer thing?’

I look at him. ‘As long as you still like me, I’m good with it.’

He grins and kisses me, as in, kisses my lips! He’s kissing me, well, not a snog kiss just a mouth-on-mouth, no-moving kiss. And, when he realizes what he's done, he breaks off and looks at me, we’re both in shock.

‘Sorry,’ he whispers, blushing slightly, ‘it was an automatic erm… reaction, I guess.’
‘I-It’s ok,’ I stutter.

He smiles and then decides he'll go in for another kiss. I move my head away quickly and he stops.
‘Maybe, we should erm… y’know, forget about that last kiss and have a retake another time erm… maybe,’ I say, blushing hysterically.

A retake? On a kiss? Are you mad Veia?

‘Oh, ok,’ he says with disappointment in his voice. I feel horrible saying it, but a retake would be better after he apologized for doing it the first time.

‘Shall we go?’ I ask, breaking the bondage between us and I grab my bag from against the wall. He does the same and takes hold of my hand in the usual couple way. He’s not so happy, I can tell, but he’ll understand and it’s not like I’m never going to kiss him ever again... is it?

We go to French early and sit at our table, at the back of the room. We learn how to talk about our families and we all have to say random things such as Mon Pere, Ma mere and ma soeur. I didn’t particularly like the topic since Sara and Myleene were sniggering about me in the front row- how I could hear, I don’t know!

Then, we have P.E. at the pavillion (again!) and this time we’re doing running and, like I said, I can’t run at all! I end up tripping over twice on same lap and get laughed at by Hetty and the rest of the students.

I go home straight after school once I’ve agreed to meet up with Sonny at six o’clock at the park near my house. I do all my needed sections of my coursework in an hour (no breaks) and get chang into something more suitable than my school clothes; a pair of blue skinny jeans, a Dr Pepper t-shirt and the blue hoody Sonny gave me to keep when we were on our first date.

I love going to meet Sonny and I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about it. We get to use the camera for the first time today too, which is at his house because I said I’d probably lose it and he said it’d probably get nicked at his house, but agreed to look after it anyway.

Hetty’s not coming today because she’s got karate for two hours and she has to “prepare” for it. How you can prepare for karate, I don’t know!

‘Off somewhere?’ Danny asks as I grab a can of coke out of the fridge and open it.

‘Out with Jason, is that ok?’

‘Homework?’ he asks.

‘Courswork,' I correct, 'Done and dusted- well, maybe not dusted, but done.’

‘Going at six to meet him,’ I tell him, hoping Jake isn’t eavesdropping into the conversation to find out where I’m meeting Jason.

‘Eating in or out?’ he asks, 'we're having fish.'

'Out,' I answer after he tells me that we're having fish.

'With what money?' he asks.

'With Sonny's money,' I grin.

Danny pulls his wallet out of his back pocket and pulls out a fiver, 'don't spend it on crap.'

'I'm not going yet,' I say and take it off him, 'thank you.'

I pull my mobile out of my pocket and ring Sonny.

'Hello?' he answers after the fifth ring.

'What're you doing?' I ask him.

'Listening to music, the usual,' he answers.

'Ah, I see,' I say.

'I'm ready to meet now, if you are,' he says.

'Yeah, sure,' I grin.

'Chippy tea for me, what about you?' he asks.

'I never asked you what you were doing for tea,' I say to him, 'but, I'm the same.'

'Meet you in ten?' he asks, 'same place?'

'Yes, okay,' I answer.

‘Love you,’ he says.

‘Love you more.’

‘Sure you do.’

‘I do, a lot more than you love me,’ I tell him, ‘bye.’

We hang up and I get put my pink converse on. I leave the house and head towards the park, passing Jake and Sara as i walk down the drive. Sara smirks at me and that coughs 'bitch', so I turn around and stick my middle finger up at her and then continue walking.

How long do you reckon it'd take Sonny to get to the park? He's pretty fast. Hmm... I'm not that much of a slow walker, in fact, I’m fast! I know I’m small and I have short legs, but it’s not excuse for not getting there early. Even if Sonny did say he’s a free runner, it doesn’t mean he can run that fast! I saw him in P.E. though, he was ahead of everyone and he had finished before Hetty had even got through the third lap!

I’ve heard Madison asking him why he hasn’t tried out for the running team and why he doesn’t ever do Sports Day. He just shrugs and says that he only likes running if he’s playing cat and mouse, in other words, tig.
‘What are you doing here?’ He asks and gives me the biggest hug ever.

‘You’re… squeezing… the… life… out… of… me!’ I say and he loosens the hug.
‘I’ve missed you,’ he tells me.

‘I missed you too,’ I say even though we’ve been apart from each other for about an hour and a bit!

‘Want a piggy back?’ he asks and I accept. I climb onto his back and put my arms around his neck, ‘shall I run?’

‘You wouldn’t get very far with running!’ I say.

‘Oh yeah?’ he laughs, ‘let’s see, shall we?’

He starts running and I scream. He’s so fast even with me on his back; I’m having to keep myself from falling off his back because he’s not holding onto my legs with his arms.

‘You ok?’ He shouts back to me.

‘Yeah!’ I shout back, sounding a lot more out of breathe than him.

We get to the chippy near his block of flats after five minutes of his running. Normally, if we walk, it takes us fifteen minutes and, on the bus, it takes ten. He’s faster than a bus, wow!

He puts me down and we walk into the chippy (Chinese). We order a big portion of chips, some prawn crackers and two jumbo sausages and I think Sonny was trying his hardest to not put a Chinese voice on. We have to wait for about ten minutes and then we go to the DVD shop, after collecting the food, because Sonny wants to watch a movie tonight, since his mum's not back 'til late.

At the DVD shop.

Awkward situation now!

‘We should get Billy Madison,’ I say, grinning.

‘Nah, that’s the usual comedy to make fun of Madison, it’s kind of boring now,’ he says, ‘how about Dawn of the Dead?’

‘No!’ I say, ‘I hate scary movies!’


‘So, no!’

‘How about Ghostbusters then?’

‘No, that’s boring!’

We argue and argue and argue until we decide to watch Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban because there’s nothing else we’d agree on. It cost us £3.00 for the film because it’s the most recent Harry Potter film out.

At his flat, we put all the chips into one bowl, all the prawn crackers into one bowl and the two sausages onto a small side plate- well, I do anyway! Sonny has gone to sort the DVD out in the living room.

I put the two bowls and plate onto the coffee table, in the middle of the living room, and sit on the sofa, watching Sonny mess about with the channels on TV. Once it’s set up, Sonny turns the lights off in the kitchen (because I’d forgotten) and the living room and then sits beside me. He presses play on the remote, when the menu comes up, and then snuggles up against me.

‘Can’t believe we’re watching this!’ He says and kisses my cheek, ‘you need to get some taste.’

‘Erm, excuse me, I think you were the one who picked the film out!’

‘Yeah, right, whatever!’

‘Do you want a debate, Sonny boy?’ I ask and he switches the film on mute.

‘Last time I checked, you were the one who said “oh, we’ll have to get Harry Potter out or something”, so, don’t be all smart with me, missy!’

‘That was you!’ I argue and I grab a chip from the bowl, ‘so there!’

I stuff the chip in my mouth and eat it happily. We watch the whole of the film, and eat everything, and, once the film has finished, we sit and talk about absolutely nothing. He gets his guitar out and we start to play random songs, once it’s tuned. I leave at about nine o’clock and walk home, bumping into people I would rather have not even talked to- Sara, Myleene, Lorenzo, Brendan and Jake. Jake drops his fag, puts it out with his foot and then starts walking over to me.

‘What the fuck are you doing here?’ he asks.

‘Been to Jason’s house- flat, place, you?’ I answer.

‘With my mates,’ he replies plainly.

‘Didn’t know you smoked,’ I point out.

‘Problem with that?’ he asks and stops a couple of feet away.

‘I thought you were like the perfect son.’

‘Perfect son?’ he laughs, ‘Why because my dad’s rich?’

‘You don’t appreciate your dad, do you?’

‘Neither do you.’

‘I thought you were nice, Jake, but seems I was wrong.’

‘I’ve not done anything to you though.’

‘Maybe, but you don’t want the police finding out about your fights with Jason, do you?’

‘You wouldn’t want me killing your boyfriend now, would you?’

I back off little. ‘Is this what you did on your “double date” the other day?’

He laughs. ‘Maybe.’

‘What did he do to you?’

‘He tried to seduce Sara and Myleene and all the other fucking girlfriends everyone’s had,’ he replies, ‘so, if you want to be safe, I think you should stay away from him.’

‘Fuck off; I don’t think I’m doing as your fucking saying.’

He grins. ‘Suit yourself, but…’ – He pulls out another fag from his pocket and lights it with his lighter – ‘if he hurts you, I’m not sticking up for you.’

He turns and walked off. With that, I walk past them with caution and go home.

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