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meeting someone new

Who is this person,
on the other line?
That is begining,
to capture my mind.
Although it's true,
we've never met.
Something in your voice,
is like a big net.
As if I had swum,
so hard up a stream.
I might have just been captured,
by the one of my dreams.
So I hung up the phone,
and sat on my bed.
And wondered why now,
your so up in my head.
So I'll have to wait,
two more days or three.
To finally meet you,
and we walk through the trees.
I don't usually write,
about a meeting so new.
But there's something about this,
and I wish I just knew.
So this is your morning,
gift from me.
The rest will be what,
it is meant to be.
And like a Salmon,
positioning a falls.
Ready to jump,
and give it's all.
And swim up farther,
farther up stream.
Then lay it to rest,
at the end of the dream.

S A Gibbins  2009
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