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After mysteriously being shrunk, Cid is unknowingly rescued and makes a new beginning.
(Note: Cid sounds like Sid, not kid)

Cid's life had taken a turn for the worst. His house, was set fire to, and only he managed to escape. With no family left in the world, the only other choice for him was the orphanage. No 15 year old wants to be thrown in there, so now, he has been wandering the streets of NYC.
Winter was right around the corner, so Cid had been setting up walls of whatever he could find. Trash, trash cans, dumpsters, you name it. The wall and his big green trench coat was his only source for warmth.
But, in this world, things usually get worse...
When Cid was sitting behind his wall, other homeless people came, and without asking, they all jump over the wall and sat down.
"What the hell are you people doing?!" Cid yelled.
"Hey, hey. Calm down. We need shelter too, you know," the spokesman of the group said.
"But there is no room here!" Cid yelled, not caring for them.
"Well-" the spokesman was cut off when someone else from the group grabbed Cid and threw him over the wall. "Now there is!"
"You dirty bastard!" Cid screamed. He tried to climb back in then another punched him right on the shoulder. All feeling left him when he was flown back 10 feet.
Cid got up and flipped them all off. As he stormed off around the corner, the 'spokesman' asked, "You didn't, did you?"
"I did. Let him suffer out there," replied the attacker.

"Retards!" Cid was storming down Midtown, saying words that would even make the devil cry. He kept on walking for nearly an hour, found a secluded area, and sat down.
It began to snow lightly, and the wind chill was below freezing. The punch Cid received earlier kept his body feeling cold, and the wind was making it ten times worse.
Cid stumbled to his feet and wobbled down the street, trying to keep his blood flowing. He managed to get to Central Park before everything started to get even more worse. Tears fell down his face, and froze on his chin. He looked at his watch, and it was only 1am. Suddenly, the numbers on his watch started to change colors. He started seeing spots. His vision then became blurry, and his body spazzed violently. He fell to the ground on the sidewalk, out cold before he landed...


There was nothing more that excited Katie more the Saturday mornings. Hanging out with friends, and not having to go to school. It was 9am when she went out the door. The wasn't even an inch of snow on the ground, but it was still freezing. A hoodie worked for her though. She pushed back her long, black hair, and put on a colorful wool hat.
Katie was meeting her friends at Central Park to hang out. It was an hours' walk, but she was fast enough to make it there 30 minutes top.
She saw her friends bunched up underneath a tree. They talked, they laughed, OH, the usual. After awhile, Katie and her friend Lyla began playing frisbee out on the walkway.
"So, how are your snakes and them doing?" Katie asked.
"They're alright. They're getting bigger though." Lyla replied.
"I've always wanted an unusual pet all my life, you know. But my landlord won't allow them. "
"But your cat Truffles is cute. You don't need anything out of the ordinary."
"Hey, don't get me wrong. I still love Truffles, but still... Everything is just too normal now a days..."
Just then, Lyla gave her toss too much power and the frisbee went flying out of Katie's reach. It landed where the sidewalk met the grass, or snow. Whatever...
Katie sighed and ran back. Then she tripped and landed face down. She was a little disoriented for a moment, and shook her head.
"Are you alright?!" Lyla asked.
"Yeah, I'm all righ-" Katie stopped. Right beside the frisbee was something odd. It looked like a little person, one inch tall, with a green trench coat. She picked it and stared at it. It was a little person!
"Holy..." said softly. She stared at the tiny person. 'He looks about my age, and he's freezing cold' she thought to herself.
"What is it? Are you hurt?" Lyla asked as she ran to Katie's side.
Katie quickly hid the tiny person in her hoodie's pocket. "No, uh... My head just hurts right now. Heh heh." She got up and picked up the frisbee.
"Are you sure you're alright. You look funny..." Lyla asked.
Wanting to go home she said, "Oh damn, I forgot, I got to do my chores. I got to go do them quick before my mom gets back. See ya!" Then she ran off.
"Uhhh... Okaaay. See ya!"


Katie ran all the way home with the tiny boy cupped in her hands, trying to warm him up. She ran inside her apartment, and ran to her room. She took him out and sat him on one of her shirts lying on her desk.
Katie sat down, staring at the boy. Many thoughts were in her head. 'How did he get like this?' 'Why was he out in the cold?' 'What the hell is going on?'
After ten minutes, she picked him up and placed her thumb on his chest. She could feel his heart beat. 'Still alive. Wow.'
Katie sat him back down on her shirt, and walked out the door.


Cid opened his eyes. All he saw was a bright blur. The color of the blur started changing colors. Pink. 'PINK?!' Cid sat up quickly. He looked around. 'Big..? Why is everything so damn big? It looks like a bedroom... How did I get here.' A shiver went down his spine, not knowing if it was from the cold, fear, or both.
He stood up, walking around the desk. The computer, phone, and any other random thing on the desk were so large.
Just then, he heard booming. Someone was coming. "Ahhh!" Cid ran behind the computer. The booming became louder, and there. Cid peered over and saw a girl, just about his age with long black hair, and a curvy body. "B-beautiful..." he exclaimed.
She was peering at the desk and said, "Huh, where'd he go..?" She started shuffling through the things on her desk.
"Oh damn, she's coming this way!" Cid said loudly to himself. He looked around and saw a cup lying on its side. He quickly sprinted over to it and hid inside. He sat down, praying, then the whole cup shook and he fell to his side. The cup was lifted into the air. Cid looked up, frightened.
"There you are!" the girls' voiced boomed. "Hey, how'd you get like this?" she asked.
Cid was unable to talk.
Her hand started coming towards him. "NOOO!" Cid cried. Her hand flinched back. She had a confused look on her face.


Katie was staring down at the boy. Tears were rolling down his face. "Hey, what's wrong. It's alright," she said.
The boy remained silent. Katie tilted the cup towards her free hand, and the boy fell onto her hand. He was in a feetle position, shivering.
"Hey come on. Lighten up. Your safe with me. C'mon, tell me your name. I'll tell you mine. I'm Katie!" she said.
The boy mumbled something, but Katie couldn't hear him.
"You need to speak up..."
"I-I'm Cid..."
"Nice to meetcha Cid," Katie said, trying to make him feel better. "Hey, how did you get like this?"
"I d-don't know..."
"Well, where do you live. Where's your house?"
"I have no home. No family. NO NOTHING!"
Katie was silent.
"I've got nothing left. Kicked out of my own little fort, beaten, and frozen. I don't even know why I'm alive. Someone up there hates me, dammit!"
"Well... You have me."
Cids' eyes widened, and he stared up at her.
"It's okay. I'll take care of you now."


Katie continued to make small talk to Cid, was now back on the Katie's shirt that was lying on computer desk, with her leering over him. His heart was beating slowly. This was all too much for him. Being shrunken down by some unknown force, and waking up in a girl's bedroom. But he could clear up one question on how he got here.
Cid sat up, and asked, "...H-How did I get here?"
"I found you half frozen in Central park," Katie said with delight that he was talking to her. "You know, I almost did crush you when I tripped," she laughed.
Cid shivered with fear, now knowing that he could've died if she landed on him. He laid back down, feeling completely helpless.
"Are you hungry?" she asked.
"Yes!" he thought. "I'm starving!" But he couldn't say it. He didn't have enough will power to reply, or to nod.
"I'm going to guess that you are." she stood up, and walked out the door, saying "Be right back."
"Thank you," he whispered to himself. He remembered a memory of his mother, knowing how he always felt, like being hungry, or sad, without any expression. Just like what Katie just did. "...Mom!" he cried, clenching his fist, with tears shooting out of his eyes. "God damn it! You almost made it out!"
He heard footsteps. He quickly tried to stop crying, but it was too tough to stop this emotion. As Katie walked through her bedroom door, he stopped his tears and outburst of coughs.
Katie sat down some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and crushed an end so Cid would be able to eat it. "Here you go."
He wiped away the last of his tears, sat up, and turned towards Katie. "Homemade..." he thought. He shook his head to try and forget his past for the time being. He walked towards the crumbs.
"Are they too big?" Katie asked.
Cid lift a crumb up. It was the size of his fist. He bit into it, tasting the wondrous world of sugar. He shooked his head, signifying that they were perfect size.
Katie smiled, and took a cookie for herself. Cid looked up as she bit down into her cookie. An image ran through his head that he was the cookie, and she was biting down on him. He dropped his head a gasped loudly, feeling his heart skip a beat. "I can't do it," he mumbled.
Katie, oblivious to how he felt at the moment, turned to her computer, and went online.
Cid continued to fight his scared self. He had to pull through. He's dependent on others to survive. He got lightheaded, and couldn't think straight anymore. He stood up, and sprinted towards Katie arms that was resting on the desk.
Katie felt something tough her arm. She looked down, and saw Cid leaning up against her arm.
"..... Please take care of me!" he cried out.
Katie picked him up with her free hand, and held him close. "I may not understand your feelings completely yet, but no matter what happens, I'll take care of you. You won't have to worry about that, okay?"
Cid curled up in her hand. "Her body heat," he thought. "It relaxes me."
He fell asleep where he laid.


Cid slowly opened his eyes, trying to remember what happened last. He found himself laying upon a small pillow on top of Katie's computer desk, and with a soft washcloth on him, being used as a blanket.
Cid sat up and looked around. Katie was no where in sight. He rubbed his eys, and got up. He looked around again. "Nothing to do..."
Cid proceeded over towards the computer. The sight of everything being large was frightening to him. The size of the computer mouse. He pictured a hand covering it when it was being used. Even larger.
When he got to the computer though, he was amazed. The size of the screen was like a theater, but better.
Suddenly, Cid jumped when he heard, "Feeling better?"
He fell down, and looked around and saw Katie's smiling face.
"...Please don't scare me like that again." he pleaded.
"Okay, I promise," she said, still smiling.
"Erm... Why are you smiling like that?" Cid asked.
"Because I'm here!" a voice called from behind.
Cid's heart lurched, and he jumped up and ran behind the computer.
The voice laughed. "Seems that your scared, huh?" The girl approached the desk and leaned in." Please come out.
"W-Who are you?" Cid asked.
"I'm Katie's bestest friend, Lyla."
Cid peered out from behind the computer, and the girls' face staring at him, while she pushes her brunette hair off her face.
Just as he walked out, she 'RAWRED' loudly, and it made him fall back and cower behind the computer again.
"Lyla," Katie said, "was that really necessary?
"Just playing around." She stood back up and turned towards Katie."Why didn't you show him to me when you found him."
"Well... He isn't an object that you just show off to people."
Cid heard what she said, and peered his head out from the side of the computer.
"I'm not just some stranger y'know. We've been friends since the second grade."
"I know, but still. I just didn't think it was right at that point in time."
Lyla looked back towards Cid who was coming back out again. "Don't you worry Cid, you're in good hands with us," Lyla said as she slung her arm around Katie with made her stumble. "We're a team." Then Katie's stumble knocked both of them to the ground.
"That's very reassuring," Cid said sarcastically to himself.
"What are you two doing in here?" another voice said.
Cid looked over towards the doorway to see a younger girl that looks similar to Katie. "It must be her younger sister" he thought.
"Nothing, Kaylee..." Katie said with a slight laugh.
"Right..." Kaylee said. "Anyways, I need to get on your computer real quick," she said as she started walking towards the computer.
"Oh damn!" Cid yelled, but as he turned to run, he tripped over himself. Katie quickly got up, but was too late. Kaylee saw Cid.
"That's a really big bug!!" she screamed, as she grabbed the mouse, and went to smash this 'so-called bug.'
"NOOO!!!" Cid, Katie, and Lyla yelled in unison.
Kaylee stopped herself. She just didn't hear Katie yell no, or Lyla, but the bug as well. She took a closer look. "Oh my God, a tiny person!"
Katie grabbed Kaylee by the shoulders and turned her towards herself. "Don't tell mom about him."
"Why not?"
"You know her. She'd flip out, just like at any small thing."
Cid slumped his shoulders. "Small..." he mumbled.
Kaylee let out a mischievous smile. "Okay, but cross me, I tell. And first things first: I need your computer."
Katie picked Cid up, and her and Lyla went out to the kitchen, where she sat him down on the table, while the two girls sat down.
"Heh, "Katie laughed, "She won't tell. Something like this, she won't give up."
"Haha, yeah." Lyla laughed.
"Cid felt lower than before. He felt like he was being treated as an object, regardless of what Katie said.
"We'll just makes things up as we go along," Katie sighed...


Cid stood on the window sill, staring down at the street below, watching everyone go on with their daily life. "Out of everyone down there, it had to be me..."
"Well, someone had to, and you were chosen," Katie said, laying back on her bed reading. "Hmmm... Maybe someone else did too, you know."
Katie sat up, and placed her book on her nightstand. "Come on, you can't always be this depressed. You could still be out their. Maybe even dead by now.
Cid shuddered at those words. "It's not that. It's... It's complicated."
"Okay, but can you answer me this?"
"Why were you out there? Because it had to have been late when the park was empty."
"..... It's as I said when I first met you. I was homeless and the only home I made was taken, and I ended up there."
"Right, but did anything happen before you ended up there that may have caused this?"
"Not that I remember. I ate something rotten... And then I got beaten up by one punch."
"One punch?!"
"Trust me, it'd hurt you too. The pain went through my whole body."
"Maybe one of those two things caused this."
"Perhaps, but I might as well stay like this. I got nothing left if I did return to my regular size."
Wanting to get off topic, Katie turned on her stereo. As soon as Cid heard the lyrics, he was happy as could be. He turned around to face Katie.
"I don't know this song..." Katie said.
"Shock of the Lightning. Surprised it's even being played here in the U.S."
Katie used this moment to raise Cid's spirit. Music usually worked. She walked over to her computer and opened iTunes. "If you want, I could buy you some of their songs. I got a $20 gift card."
"Definitely," but Cid was too far away that Katie couldn't hear him.
"Right, I need to get you." Katie rose from her chair and went over to Cid and laid her hand down in front of him. He hesitated. "What's wrong?"
"This. This situat-" Cid stopped himself. He knew that he couldn't continue brooding about this size difference. He'd have to make the best of it as it continues, just as Katie is trying to do. He took a deep breath and said, "You know what. Nevermind." He crawled up onto her hand.
A smile grew on Katie's face as she walked back over to her computer, and sat Cid down. "Now, which songs do you want?"



When the digital clock struck 3am, Cid woke up. For the past week, he has been waking up every couple of hours.
"That's it," he declared. "I'm an insomniac." He didn't feel all that tired, but because this was going on for a while now, he was starting to get a little nervous. He stood up on his pillowy bed, and jumped off the edge. He walked over towards the window. "Luckily the desk is in front of the window," he thought. "My only source of entertainment... If anyone could call it that."
He leaned up against the window, feeling the cold coming from the window. A strong snow storm was blowing through, but signs of it dying down were minimal. It was so thick that Cid couldn't see the ground, or the building across the street. Occasionally, the lights would flicker before everyone went to bed.
The sound off sleet hitting the window calmed him down, but the darkness made him feel helpless. The occasional roar of the wind made him feel uneasy because of the electricity in the apartment. As he walked back towards his 'bed' the digital clock went dark, and he heard the heater shut off.
Cid stopped and slumped his shoulders. It was pitch black. He knew that this would happen when Katie told him that the cables and wires for this apartment weren't the greatest. He continued on and eventually reached the pillow.
As he jumped up to grab onto the edge to hoist himself up, he heard Katie wake up. He could hear her reach for her clock. "...Damn it," she said under her breath. He heard more rustling coming from the bed. "Cid, are you awake?"
Cid was silent, and it felt like forever for him to say something back. "...Y-Yes."
"...It's going to get cold real fast. Do you ... Do you want to bunk with me?"
Cid's heart stopped for 3.7 seconds and his eyes were buldging out of his eye sockets from just hearing those words. But what she just said was true about the cold. He was getting chills. He took a deep breathe. "...Okay."
Katie reached for her phone, and flipped it open to get some light. She turned the screen towards her desk and located Cid. As she used her free hand to get him, she asked, "Why are you off your bed?"
As he crawled onto her hand, he replied, "Couldn't sleep, so I went over to the window."
"Still can't sleep, huh? I wonder if you're nervous about something and it's affecting your sleep... Could I be right?"
As Katie placed him on her bed, all the thoughts that have been bothering him flooded his train of thought. From the fire to his shrinking. Everything. He felt completely different, but in a bad way. It made if feel unhealthy, like he was about to perish.
"I'm going to turn out to be emo or something," he laughed weakily, but as the thoughts of anguish poured into his head, he started tearing up. Katie continued into her bed, and pulled the covers over her body, and pulled it over Cid, but left an air hole. She figured her body heat would keep the air beneath the blankets warm. She rested her head down on the pillow, and closed her eyes.
Meanwhile, Cid was under strong emotional distress. "Cid," Katie soothed, "I'm not sure what's bothering you, but please, stop crying. It does affect me when I see you like that. You have nothing to worry about. I promise you that everything will be fine at the end."
Cid lightened up slightly. "She's completely different from other girls..." he thought. "Any other girl I knew were complete bitches or... uh, well... But no matter what, she reassures me that everything will be fine, but life is only filled with tragedy, and grief. What makes her think that everything will be fine?"
Katie curled her arm around where he was laying, continuing to sooth, trying to calm Cid down. The thoughts pouring into his head were taking him over. The headache he had was growing, and after a few minutes, he finally fell asleep...



Click ... Click ... Click ...
Cid slowly awoke to the sound of the clicking.
Cid opened his eyes and found himself back on his 'bed.' He turned around and saw Kaylee on Katie's computer. He rubbed his eyes and yawned simultaneously. He stood up and stretch and made his way to the edge of the pillow.
Kaylee saw Cid get up from the corner of her eye, but maintained her focus on the computer.
Cid thought that her behavior was kind of odd. It's not everyday you see a one inch person, and she's acting like this is nothing new to her. But then she kicked herself over on the chair towards Cid's general direction, and rested her head upon her hand that were resting of the table. They were only a few inches away from each other, and Cid still had to look up at her to even see her eyes. He felt another surge of helplessness run through him.
"How'd you sleep?" Kaylee asked.
Cid wanted to say a smart comment like, "Like any other person," but he was being more polite saying, "Great..."
"Katie told me that you were having trouble sleeping. I just wanted to know if you're feeling better."
"You hardly know me," Cid thought panicked, "and you care for my well-being... Heh. You take after your sister." "Thanks," he said aloud.
Cid scoped the room and wondered, "Where's Katie at?" But then he looked at the clock and it was 10am, and it was a Monday. "Isn't there school today?"
"No," Kaylee replied. "A few windows at the school got shattered from the wind last night, and the whole school was like 20 below."
"It's that cold out?!" Cid asked in disbelief.
"Yeah. I don't know why. It's usually warmer in this part of the city, so I wonder what it's like outside of the city." Kaylee stood up at full height, and walked over to the window. She put her hand against it and instantly felt the cold come off it, even before she touched it. "Jeez, wow." She pulled the blinds down, and closed the curtains. "That should help."
As Kaylee walked back to the computer, Cid asked, "How much snow is out there?" (Just to make conversation.)
"Three feet ... And rising. I have never seen a storm like that before in all my life... Oh yeah, Katie will be back soon. She went to get friends."
Kaylee's last statement made Cid slightly concerned. "Getting friends?"
"Yeah. The school board said that school will be out for three days, and so Katie is having friends over for a sleep over."
Cid pulse quickened. He began to turn pale, and maybe even cyanotic. "Uhh, *cough* What about me?"
"Oh yeah!" Kaylee said. "She wanted me to ask you a question. She was going to this morning, but you were out cold."
"Yes, yes, get on with it," Cid thought impatiently. He didn't know what to expect and with all he's been through in the past couple of days, it could be anything.
"She wanted me to ask you if you want to be part of it, as in letting out your secret,or stay in hiding and stay in my room for the time being,"
Cid's expression was entirely unreadable. But as soon as he heard a door open and heard laughter from girls, he panicked. He made a 180 degree turn and headed back to his bed. "Ah well, is it that late already?" he said in an almost hysterical voice.
Kaylee put her hands and her hips. "Cid..."
Katie walked through the door and asked, "Well?"
Kaylee shrugged, and walked past Katie out into the hallway. Katie walked over to Cid and saw he was trying to climb back up onto his bed,
Cid turned around and saw Katie standing up at full height. Another surge of helplessness ran though him.
"Do you want to join, or not?" Katie asked.
"I'm doing this to help you. I think if more of my friends knew about you, and you came to know them, you should feel better."
Cid was now in a state of enigma. He respects Katie's wishes, but he also doesn't like the fact that it seems like he's being used like and plaything. But he gave in to Katie's gazing green eyes.
He dropped his head and said,"Okay."


"What have I done....?" Cid moaned out in remorse seconds after he agreed to Katie's idea. There was no way he wanted the word to get out about him. But panicking did him no good. When he looked up again, he saw two new faces and Lyla. The two were obviously surprised that what Katie told them was true. A tiny person.
"Cid," Katie said, "This is Rachel and Tiffany."
Cid could not speak words, just utter. Lyla caught sight of that and began giggling. It didn't make him feel any better with four giant girls standing at full height standing over him like skyscrapers.
"How did you get like this?" Rachel asked.
Cid couldn't answer.
"He doesn't know," Katie answered for him.
"How long have you been like this?" Tiffany asked.
Cid still could not answer.
"Uh, girls, I don't think he's feeling good," Katie said as she steered her friends away from him.
"Yeah, he's in shock," Lyla giggled.
Katie rolled her eyes. "How about we unpack and set my room up." Her friends agreed and began to go through their belongings.
Katie walked over back to Cid. She bent down to be at eye level. "What's wrong?"
"..... I can't do it."
"Can't do what?"
"This. Your idea. I just can't do it."
"I know you can. Rachel and Tiffany are very good people. I think they may understand your situation, but are just a bit nosy because it's not everyday you meet an inch tall person."
"Alright, I'll try."

Some time later...

By now it was 5 o'clock, and Cid still could not get a grip on himself. He decided that he was not going to get anywhere and crawled back into his bed. He peered out the window and saw the storm was still going. That really did help the fact that pop music filled the air and giggles from the girls as they gossiped to each other.
This continued on for a few more hours. Cid could not take much more of this plan. But then a godsend, the lights began to flicker.
"You have got to be kidding me! I wish the landlord would fix those wires." Katie moaned.
Then the lights went out.
Cid sighed and fell back down onto his bed with his arms extended.
"Okay. Let's try to get around this." Katie said.
Tiffany pulled a little penlight out of her purse and lit her face. "Anyone up for a ghost story?"
Katie's eyes lit up. (But not to the extent where they could be seen in the dark.)
She huddled her friends together. "I just got an idea." she whispered. "Maybe if we try to scare Cid he'll lighten up and have a laugh with us."
"It's worth a shot," Lyla whispered back. She knew this wouldn't work.
Katie put her index finger and to her mouth and took the penlight. Slowly all four of the girls got up and made their way to where Cid was resting and surrounded him. All of them crouched to where they couldn't be seen. Katie slapped the floor just loud enough to catch Cid's attention. He opened his eyes and sat up.
The girls could hardly hold back the laughter that was to come. Then Katie shot up fast into Cid's view with the penlight lighting up on her face.
"GREAT CEASAR'S GHOST!!!" Cid screamed out as he flew back and immediately blacked out.
Everyone besides Katie broke out in laughter and Katie was freaking out.


It didn't take Cid long to recover. He secluded himself behind Katie's alarm clock watching the raging blizzard outside that is becoming more and more severe. The girls were out in the living room enjoying countless television programs. Cid took this time of silence to really reflect on the situation. How could he really live living like this? Not being able to explore the world, or do the things he wanted to do with his life. How?
His thought process was interrupted when he heard footsteps in the room. He slightly turned his head and saw Kaylee walking towards him. He turned his head back towards the window.
Kaylee came up to the desk and sat down on the desk chair, resting her head on the desk. "How are you feeling?"
Cid didn't respond.
"Katie told me what happened," she said with a slight smile. "She asked me to see if you are alright."
Still no response.
Kaylee sat up. "Do you need anything?"
Cid just blunk his eyes and sunk his head lower.
"Well, if you need anything, I'll be-"
"Kaylee, who are you talking to?" said a mysterious voice. This was enough to grab Cid's attention. Cid instantly sat up and peered out from behind the clock. He saw a woman who had to be Katie's and Kaylee's mother. She had a slight resemblance to her daughters but the only main difference was her hair was a dark brown.
She continued into the room.
Kaylee turned back and shielded Cid from her mother's view. "N-No one mom."
Her mom's face became puzzled. "Then what were you saying?"
"Uh, I don't know. Just mumbling to myself."
"What are you covering?" (It was obvious that Kaylee was trying to block something.
"What are you talking about?"
Her mother fastly approached and saw past Kaylee's shoulder and saw a rather large bug. He face went from a puzzled look to a look of disgust.
-Her instinct towards bugs were to kill- (Go figure)
She motioned her hand up, and by the time she swung down, Kaylee shouted and held back her mother's arm. "Mom! Don't!"
This commotion was enough to alert Katie that her mom got around to knowing that small boy was in her room. She ran into the room. "Mom, it's not what it looks like!"
"Looks like what?" she asked. She looked back down at the bug and focused in and noticed is was a small human. A small human male. The wheels in her head began turning counterclock wise thinking of terrible, ludicrous things with what Katie and Kaylee have done with "this small male."
"Katie, how could you!" she shrieked.
"Do what?" Katie asked.
Her mother's eyes grew wide and pointed towards Cid. Katie then threw her head in the gutter next to her mother's and realized what she meant.
"Mom! No! I never did anything like that to him!"
Cid just stood there looking back and forth at Katie and her mom, duking it out with yelling.
"Then explain!" her mom said rather coldly.
"I found him like that in the park nearly frozen to death. I couldn't just leave him there to die. What else could I have done?"
In spite of all that was happening, things began to become blurry to Cid. His head felt heavy but light and everything seemed blight but dark. Kaylee looking back and saw that Cid was losing conscience.
The yelling stopped as Katie and her mom turned and witnessed Cid falling straight down onto his back, out cold.


"This weather is much too harsh," one homeless civilian said. The snow has reached four feet and snow was still coming down thick.
The one who had assaulted Cid looked up in the sky, then looked down with his eyes closed. His friend, the spokesman of the group of homeless people came up beside him putting his hand on the man's shoulder.
"Is he still alive?" he asked.
"Yes. And I feel that he has changed since we had last met."
"I think it's time you turned him back to normal, or we'll freeze to death out here."
The man nodded his head a few times, and went into a deep thought.
(Epic fit with the beginning? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsAFe2ab6HY&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list... )

Cid was out like a block of ice. Anything Katie did to wake him up was futile. He still has a pulse and his chest was still going up and down. Not even the warmth of her hands woke him up. But as she looked down at him, she noticed a faint light surrounding his body, and his began to grow in size at a slow rate.
Katie looked on amazed. She somehow knew that he was returning back to his normal size. She slowly lowered his body onto the floor with everyone in the room towering over him. As he slowly grew, the storm outside slowly died down. It was just a matter of moments that Cid has reached his full size, and the storm ended.
Katie got down onto her knees and stared Cid in his unconscious face. She shook his shoulders, trying to wake him up. Slowly but surely, he came to.
He stared at Katie, then he looked around the room. Nothing seemed big to him anymore. It took him a moment before he realized that he was normal once more. He shot up overjoyed and hugged Katie who hugged him back. He stepped back, not knowing what to say.
Everyone was in shock to what they just witnessed. Even Katie's friends who were just in the other room.

In the days following, the weather outside had turned back from raging blizzards to sunny days. Legal matters and paperwork were filed that Cid could live with Katie and her family and continue to go to school along side Kaite and Kaylee. It took many long conversations with Katie's mom to settle things down to this, and they were content with it.
They will never forgot how they met and what circumstances there were to be where they were today. And what happens between them are up to you.

(Note: It was about time Cid took care of some hygiene issues too.)


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