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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1592202
A young wife finds her internet foray leading her in a precarious direction.
Well let me start by introducing myself, and for the sake of my privacy, and my marriage I’ll say that my name is Kellie. I have been married to a wonderful man for 6 years, so far, and we get along together great. Both of us enjoy the same activities, and neither of us are the jealous type. When we go out with friends, we are free to have a good time and have fun. Usually in our group tits popping out of shirts and ass’s being grabbed are a normal occurrence.

I am in my early 30’s, white female, with some American Indian heritage. I am 5’6” ,black haired, 34c cup breast, with a trim build and followed up with a perky bottom. I’m overly critical of myself, but I will admit that I get my share of looks, and flirtations where ever I go. My husband is in his late 30’s, white male, with an average build and distinguished features.

Lately however, due to these hard economic times, our work schedules have been changed to suit the needs of the company, and although I still get to see my husband for several hours a day, it does leave me with 4 or more hours of alone time on my hands. At first I started by watching lots of tv, but that soon got boring, so I turned to the internet. I picked myself a yahoo e-mail address, and began surfing chat rooms, and looking at different groups that you could join. I was amazed at the diversity of all the different stuff you could find on the internet. I picked a few “married and looking” groups, and found a multitude of interracial groups. After joining one interracial group I found the picture sections. I loved looking at all the pictures that were posted of the white women fucking and sucking black men with enormous cocks. After that I joined numerous interracial groups.

While I surfed around I'd have people from the groups I'd joined pop in wanting to chat, and see what I looked like. We’ve had a web cam that the kids had been using, and lately its been sitting there collecting dust, but my new friends begged me to turn it on so they could see what I looked like. I made a whole list of new friends that chatted with me each day in the hours before my husband came home. Of course almost from the beginning they didn’t just want to just see me…..no they had other request. “Let me see you in your underwear”…”Take off your top”…"bend over your chair".....”can I come over?”. Surprisingly they were just as happy to pull down their pants and drag their penis out to show me as well.

Some of them were extremely well endowed. One of the guys, Mark, from an interracial group said that he lived not far from me at all. Matter of fact we went to the same Wal-Mart. He look to be in his mid to early 20’s, had an attractive face, a beautiful smooth stomach, and big snake of a cock hanging between his legs. It must have been at least 8 or 9 inches in length, when hard, and was about as thick as my arm. I had at his request stripped down in front of him, butt naked and let him position me to look at as long as he liked. We even masturbated together sometimes, while he told me things that he wanted to do to me. He frequently asked me if he could come over….just to meet me........... but I didn’t want to jeopardize my marriage. I felt doing it over the internet was fine, but in person that really felt like cheating to me, so I never agreed to it. We continued like this for a while, and he even once had a few friends over at his house when he asked me to take off my clothes for him. I hesitated, but then I rationalized that we didn’t even hang in the same circles, and he was way across town…..no one would ever know. It felt so nasty showing my naked body to those young men, and I really felt like such a slut for all the things they shouted about my body and what they would do to it.

Then one late evening when we were chatting I said that it was time for me to go because I had a few errands to run before my husband came home. He asked what they were, and I told him that I had to get some clothes in the wash, and make a Wal-Mart run. He said he had to do the same thing, and we both paused. He asked if he could see me at Wal-Mart since we both had to get groceries. I had to think about this for a second, because this is a man that had seen me naked, and had masturbated in front of me, but up until now it had all taken place over the "make believe world" of the internet. If I met him now he would be more of a real person.

Sensing my reluctance, he rationalized..."Look this is just Wal-Mart...it's not like we're going to be fucking...We'll be walking around buying toilet paper and stuff".

I finally gave in and told him ok. He gave me a description of his Black Tahoe SUV, and said that he'd park in the far end of the lot, so we could walk in and talk. I said ok, and that I'd see him there in about 30 minutes. We logged off and I was so nervous, I was almost shaking....maybe it was tingling.

After looking in the mirror, I decided that I had to change clothes and fix my make-up. It was a warm day so I picked out a set of black capri pants, which clung to my ass nicely, and a white spaghetti strap top that showed an ample portion of my cleavage. I don't know what I expected, but I also changed my underwear, picking out a black thong, and a black push up bra, which made my breast look like a "D" cup. All in all it looked sexy, but not too sexy for Wal-Mart.

I arrived about 5 minutes late, but quickly spotted the black Tahoe sitting all by itself in the far end of the parking lot. It had dark tinted windows and shiny chrome rims, and looked much nicer than the car I pulled up in. I pulled in to the spot facing him so our drivers windows were side by side. He looked all smooth, and self assured, and introduced himself as Mark, as if we were meeting for the first time. We chatted awkwardly for a bit through our windows. He asked me to come over and see his SUV for a second before we went in to shop. Although hesitant, I didn't want to appear rude so decided to go look....just for a second. I put my purse on the floor board of my car, and left the window open as I closed the door of my car. I went around to his passenger side door and he popped the lock to let me in. I was looking around the parking lot for anyone that I knew, but it was dark out and I couldn't see anyone near us, much less anyone that I knew. Some how I still felt guilty like I was about to commit a crime. He saw me looking and told me to hurry up and hop in, pointing out that with his tinted windows no one would see me.

The inside of his SUV was all shiny and clean, and smelled like it had just been detailed. We smiled and made some awkward small talk about how we looked compared to how we look over the cam. He pointed out that I had on a lot more clothes than usual, and we both laughed. He asked when my husband was going to be home, and I told him that it wouldn't be for a couple of hours. He said that he had really been wanting to meet me in person, to see if I was as sexy as I was over the internet.

I feigned impatience, and asked.."Well...what do you think?"

He pretended like he was uncertain and said that he liked what he saw, but he couldn't be positive without a more thorough inspection. He asked what I thought about him, and told him that he was very handsome, and that I'd would never have guessed that he was so well equipped if I had just met him. I asked if he had just been holding his cam up real close to it to make it look big. He smiled and asked if I'd like to take a quick peek to verify it for myself. I told him that it's probably time we get some shopping done, but he laughed and said how odd it was that I was so shy in person, but that I would finger myself in front of him on cam....

He said, "Common..just a quick peek", and added that because of his dark tint no one would ever know...he would just pull it out and put it back in. I was almost shaking, but I nodded yes, and he adjusted himself in the seat and began unbuckling his pants. He pushed his pants and boxers to his knees, and his cock just kinda flopped out like a big snake. It wasn't hard yet, but it was big and thick, and longer than my husbands was when erect. He apologized about the size, but that it would be bigger if it were hard, and that if we waited for a moment it might get that way. Mark took my hand and rubbed it gently..he said "it's a lot different than over the internet isn't it?" "Have you ever had a black boyfriend?"

I told him that it sure was different...never taking my eyes off of his large cock, and added that I had never dated a black man. Mark slowly began moving my hand towards his cock.."Just rub it a little, then I can show you what it looks like hard, and we can go shopping." Looking back at what he was telling me it sounds stupid, but I wanted to touch his big cock, and was looking for any excuse to do it. He placed both of our hands on top of his cock and squeezed my fingers around his fat cock. I told him "Ok, but just till it gets hard, and then we go shopping". He smiled and nodded, then removed his hand from mine. I tried to stand his cock up straight, but it flopped back onto my wrist. I then flopped it back and forth in his lap, enjoying the fun in playing with another mans enormous cock. I leaned over in the seat and Mark put his arm around my shoulder, letting his hand hang over my right breast. As I rubbed the shaft of his cock up and down, Mark slowly inserted his hand into my top and slide it inside of my bra and around my tit. There I was sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot, with a strange man fondling my tits, as I pumped his hardening cock to full erection.

Mark leaned back and moaned slightly, then he started pulling off my top. "Hey hold on" I injected.

Marked pleaded..."Kellie just take off your top for a second...It'll help me get hard quicker and no one will see with my dark tinted windows". I was getting horny and thought, "what the fuck" and kept pumping his fat cock as he pulled off my top and bra. Mark began really squeezing my tits and rubbing on my nipples. I didn't find out till later, but he threw my top and bra out of his window, and into the front seat of my car. As he pinched my nipples he asked..."You're doing a good job pumping my cock....why don't you give him a little kiss?".

I looked up at him and smiled, but said "I think this is going a little far for Wal-Mart don't you?" Mark begged some and I finally relented..."Ok one little kiss", but as I bent down to touch my lips to the head of his cock, I hear a click and look up to see Mark with his cell phone aimed at me.

I sat up quickly an told Mark no pictures, then said that I should probably go get my errands finished before my husband got home. Mark told me that everything was cool, and to chill out, and that he would never show anyone. The picture was for his personal viewing, but he wanted something to remember this night with. I was looking around for my top and bra, when Mark started up his Tahoe and pulled forward about 3 rows, then turned around. I started to panic a little, because I still couldn't find my top and I was realizing just how little I actually knew about this man that I was stilling here topless in front of.

Mark turned off his engine and told me to calm down. I looked across the parking lot at my car, and asked Mark to give me my shirt and bra back. He reached over and rubbed his hand along the side of my breast, and said that he could see that I was panicking and he didn't want this to end as suddenly and uncomfortably as it looked like it was going to. He reassured me that everything was ok, and that we were both going to go shopping shortly, then go home safe and happy. I asked again where my shirt and bra was, and he pointed over to my car. He told me he threw them through my front window, and they were laying in the front seat. He smiled and said that if I wanted I could get out and leave now, or if I finished what I had started that he would drive me back over and get my clothes for me, and we could go home. He pointed back down at his deflating hard on, and said "it's all up to you". I thought about how it would look with me getting caught by a shopper as I ran back to my car topless across the parking lot, or probably video'd on Wal-Mart parking lot security camera. My face felt flush as the panic started to rise, but then I figured it probably won't take long to get him off, then it'll be over, and I'll have a crazy experience to remember. I told Mark that I would get him off, but no sex. He smiled and said that was fine, but that he wanted to see my pretty pussy and touch it. I didn't say anything and Mark scooted over and started kissing my face as he brought my hand back to his fat cock.

Marks hand dropped down to my pants and started pulling on the snap, but I stiffened up and reminded him "no sex".

Mark laughed softly and repeated "I promise no sex", and I slowly pushed my hips forward and lifted up some as he unzipped my pants and began tugging them over my hips. I felt relieved when he stopped as he got the pants to my knees. Mark rubbed and squeezed my left breast then trailed his hand down my stomach to the top of my black thong panties. His big fingers snaked under the elastic waist -band and pulled it down as I lifted my hips again to assist him. His fingers were soon rubbing across the outer lips of my shaven pussy. As I started to pump Marks cock again with my left hand, he inserted two fingers into my wet pussy and began slowly finger fucking me and rubbing my clit. Mark grinned over at me and asked, “Isn’t this better than doing it alone over a web cam?”

I nodded in agreement.

Mark then asked me to put my mouth on his hardening cock again, and I awkwardly complied by leaning over his arm, with his fingers still working back and forth in my pussy. It almost seems like things were happening in slow motion as my face approached his big cock head. I had no illusions that I would just be kissing his penis. I would be sucking some other mans cock in Wal-Mart parking lot, while I sat here completely naked, and letting him finger my pussy. My lips touched the tip of his black cock, smearing pre-cum across them, then I licked up the length of his hard shaft before attempting swallow his fat cock. I had to open my mouth as wide as possible to get his cock in without raking my teeth across his sensitive skin. I could only get the head of his cock and about 2in of shaft into my mouth before he hit the back of my throat, so I continued to pump the shaft with my hand, as I bobbed up and down on the head. As I was sucking his cock I heard the clicking of his cell phone camera again, but I wasn’t about to drag this situation out any longer by stopping to complain. I would just have to trust that he would keep these pictures private like he said.

Marks fingers were working their magic on my pussy and I would pause every so often with his cock in my buried in my mouth to enjoy the sensations that were building down there. It was a good thing that I had Marks big cock filling my mouth, otherwise I might have screamed when he brought me to a shattering orgasm moments later, that left me moaning, and dazed. Mark laughed softly, and pulled his fingers from my drenched pussy, telling me to get back to work, because he wanted his. As I started licking and sucking on Marks large, black cock he was talking dirty to me, telling me how sexy I looked, and asking me if I was going to think about him when I kissed my husband with this mouth? Mark would tell me to lick his balls, and suck the side of his shaft. He had me had me rest his cock head on my tongue, then rubbed his cock juice all over my lips. He finally put his cell phone down, and leaned back to play with my nipples with one hand, while he rested his other on the back of my head, as it bobbed up and down in his lap. I was sucking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and stroking the rest of his shaft in pace with my head motion. After what seemed like an eternity Mark stiffened in the seat and he pushed down on the back of my head with his free hand, impaling my face on his cock. Jets of hot cum, blasted into my mouth, choking me a little, with some of it actually coming out of my nose. The rest of it ran down my chin and the side of his cock. He balled my hair up in his fist and turned my face sideways to get a look at me, and snapped a few final pictures of me with his black cock laying on my cheek and his white cum on my lips and chin. After putting his phone away, he produced a couple of small hand towels from behind his seat and gave me one to clean up with. I wiped his juice off my face, then blew my nose in the towel to get the rest of his cum out. Mark had straightened his clothes up and was starting the SUV as I pulled my thong, and pants back up.

He asked me how I liked my first taste of black cock, and I told him that it was the biggest one that I have ever had. As he drove over to my car he said “Just wait till you get fucked by one”. I sat there with my arms covering my tits as he hopped out his door and walked over to my car.

“What is that suppose to mean”, I asked.

He told me that “After going this far you know that you’re going to want to see how one feels inside your little white pussy.” Mark tossed my bra and top to me through the passenger window, and I just shook my head, smiling as I adjusted my bra and pulled my top back over my head. He added, “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

I told him that it was quite an experience, and it was wonderful to meet him, but that I had to get my shopping done. I hopped out of Marks SUV, and retrieved my purse from my car.

Mark said that he’d let me do my shopping alone, since he really didn’t need anything at Wal-Mart, but that he looked forward to seeing me again, and maybe next time we’d have enough room so that he could give my pussy a good workout.

I told him thanks, but that I’d probably be sticking to my web cam from now on. He looked disappointed, but I added that I was afraid that if I kept doing this, then sooner or later I’d get caught, and I didn’t want to ruin my marriage.

Mark smiled as he got in his vehicle, and leaned out the window telling me that I should give sex with a black man a try at least once.

I didn’t want to debate the issue, so I told him that I would consider it, and I’d see him on cam soon.

He laughed, and said “see ya soon” as he pulled off, and I went in to quickly do my shopping.

I tried not to get too close to anyone in Wal-Mart, because I could smell his cum on my hands and face. When I got home I put away everything quickly and jumped into the shower before my husband got off of work. I had just gotten out of the shower, and thinking about what I had done had me feeling horny as hell, when my husband walked in. All I had on was my robe. I set him down in a chair and sucked my second cock of the day. It wasn’t as big as Marks, but I thought about his big black cock the entire time. My husband was shocked and surprised, but he didn’t complain. I don’t intend to see Mark again in person, but it was an experience that I will never forget.
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