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Against a young wife's better judgement she allows an internet friend to come to her house
Let me start by introducing myself for anyone who hadn't read my first entry. For the sake of my privacy, and my marriage I’ll say that my name is Kellie. My husband and I have been married for 6 years, and we get along together great. Both of us enjoy the same activities, and neither of us are the jealous types. When we go out with friends, we are free to have a good time and have fun. Usually in our group tits popping out of shirts and ass’s being grabbed are the norm, and unlike my first marriage, I don't have to worry about a jealous husband situation.

I am in my early 30’s, white female, with some American Indian heritage. I am 5’6” ,black haired, 34c cup breast, with a trim build and followed up with a perky bottom. I’m overly critical of myself, but I will admit that I get my share of looks, and flirtations where ever I go, from both men and women. My husband is in his late 30’s, white male, with an average build, and I think distinguished features.

Lately, due to these hard economic times, our work schedules have been changed to suit the needs of the company, and although I still get to see my husband for several hours a day, it does leave me with 4 or more hours of alone time on my hands. At first I started by watching lots of TV, but that soon got boring, so I turned to the internet. I was amazed at the diversity of all the different stuff you could find on the internet. I particularly found that I liked looking at pictures of black men with large cocks who were in sexual situations with white women.

This is how I met my friend Mark. He's a handsome, smooth talking, single black man, with a large thick cock. At first all we did was web cam chat with each other, but that gradually progressed to undressing on cam, and then masturbating together on cam. Surprisingly he live very close to me, and we found we even shopped at the same place. He finally talked me into meeting him in the Wal-Mart parking lot one day before shopping, and he manipulated the situation to the point where he had me naked in his SUV and sucking his cock. After that incident I felt so guilty about what I'd done, and I planned to never see him again in person.

It had been a week or more since I had met Mark at Wal-Mart, and I began relax. Everything was over and done, and the sky had not fallen in on me. I had a lot of exciting memories and no one else was the wiser. I started going back on the internet again and as expected Mark messaged me almost immediately. He asked where I had been, and said that he missed seeing me online. I told him that things had just gotten busy at work and around the house, so I hadn't been online much. Mark asked me if I wanted to get naked for him, but I declined, stating that I was just on to check my mail, but maybe later. He begged a little, but I resisted. He finally asked me if I wanted to see some of the pictures from that special night. I asked him how many he had, and he said that he had quite a few. I told him sure, if he had them on his computer. I was more than a little curious to see what type of incriminating photo's he had of me. Mark opened up a photo sharing session and soon pictures began popping up. There were pictures of me topless in his passenger seat, pic's of a black hand squeezing my tits, pictures of me sitting there with a black mans fingers buried in my pussy, many pictures of me with his cock in my mouth, and finally a few pictures of me with his black cock laying on the side of my face and cum splattered all over my lips and chin. I was sitting there with my heart pounding in my throat as I realized what I had actually done all over again. I told him "wow", and that I didn't realize how many pictures he had taken. I asked him if he'd kept them for his own personal use like he'd said, and he said that he had, but that he would really like that have a few of him with his cock buried in my pussy, doggy style. I gave him the "lol" and "I bet you would". He tried to rationalize that that we've done everything but have sex, and he mentioned how much unsupervised time I had on my hands. I declined, and quickly ended the conversation stating that someone was at the door, but I'd take with him later, and please don't show those pictures to anyone else.

It was another two days before I saw Mark online again. We made small talk for a little bit, but once again he requested that I turn on my web cam. I was feeling a little bit horny, so I told him I'd "brb" be right back, and went to put on my sexy underwear and low cut top. I figured I'd let him talk me out of my clothes tonight. Sure enough, he was full of complements and was soon asking me to remove my top. Every once in a while he would look off away from the camera, like maybe he was watching TV, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. I pulled my top over my head and leaned toward the cam giving him a good look at my cleavage. Mark laughed and called me a tease. I smiled and adjusted one of my breast in the bra cup till a nipple was clearly showing, and said I didn't know what he was talking about. I waited and chatted, till he begged me to show him more. I finally slide my jeans off as I bent away from the cam so he could get a good look at my ass, and my lil "tramp stamp" as my husband calls it, on my lower back. I sat back in front of the computer in only my thong and bra, then pushed the chair back and adjusted the camera so he could get a good look. I told him "ok" your turn. He seemed unusually shy this evening, and said he would in a little bit, but that he wanted me to get my vibrating dildo, and take off the rest of my clothes first. I ran to the bedroom and retrieved my fake cock. Once I settled back in front of the computer I repositioned the web cam, and began rubbing the cock up and down my wet slit. Mark began giving me directions, and talking dirty to me…”put it in your pussy”….damn you look so fucking sexy”…..”now fuck yourself hard with it, just like I’m going to do”… I was getting that familiar tingling and I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I furiously pumped the rubber cock into my pussy, forgetting about all else and lost in my own pleasure. When I came to an explosive orgasm I was imagining Mark pulling my hair and fucking me hard from behind. I cried out, with my body twitching, then laid still for a bit. When I peeked out of my eyes to see Marks reaction, there he was grinning with 2 other young black guys staring at me with lustful gazes.

I quickly sat up and instinctively covered my breast, and crossed my legs. I was like, “Mark, what the hell are you doing?”. Mark was all smooth, and smiling telling me to calm down. He introduced the two men, as JJ and Ben, and they were his close friends. He said that he had told them about the woman he had met on the internet, and they were nagging at him to let them see me. Mark began asking me to put down my arms so they could see my beautiful tits, and not to worry, because it wasn’t like anyone was going to be doing anything to me…”It’s just looking”, he said. I looked over at the clock and saw that I had an hour or so till my husband was due home, so I did as he requested. I even teased them some by shaking them back and forth a little, and pulling on my nipples. The boys made appreciative comments, and I relaxed some, and uncrossed my legs, which showed that my toy was still buried in my pussy. I then began asking them too show me what they had. I told them that fair was fair. They seemed reluctant to show themselves in front of each other, but I leaned back in my chair and pouted. Mark said if they could come over they’d show me, but I laughed that off, “No way Jose`, my hubby is due home soon, so that isn’t an option”. I told them if they wouldn’t show then I was going to get dressed, and that did it.

Mark stood up and went first. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out through the fly. I was nice and thick and long, but was semi-hard. JJ went next. JJ is shorter than Mark, stocky and dark skinned. He had a kind of thuggish appearance about him, and looked a little younger than Mark and Ben. JJ smiled as he unbuckled his pants and let them slide over his hips, leaving him in his boxers. He then pulled the front of his boxers down producing an impressive cock a few inches longer than Marks, but was still flaccid. I was thinking how big he would be when hard. He stood there smiling and shaking it with his hand. It looked like he was waiting for applause or something, so I commented on how big he was. He wrapped it all back up and Ben dropped his pants producing a cock that looked my like Marks, but not as thick. I thanked them and told them what a well endowed bunch of guys they were, and that they could easily be porn stars. They all laughed and said that if they could come over we could make our own movie. I laughed it off. I took a few posing request that they had, and they made a big deal of looking at my tattoo on my lower back, my “tramp stamp”, of a dragon with spread wings. They also had me bend over so they could look at my ass, and had me shake my tits at the cam, and pull my nipples hard. Finally looking at the clock, I told them that my hubby was due home soon, and that it was nice to meet them all. They made a few comments about how they wanted to “tear my ass up”, and “show me what real men were like”, but finally they said goodbye and I shut my computer down and began straightening up.

During the next week I saw Mark online a few more times, and Ben even messaged me. I was told that JJ didn’t own a computer, but he had been frequenting the other guys houses, and asking them to get on line, so he could see that fine white bitch on cam again. I guess it was complementary that he thought I was fine. I’m glad that my online life was so interesting, because life in my house had become monotonous. To make matters worse, my husbands schedule this week was even busier than usual due to the approaching holidays. This left me with little attention from him, and even more time on my hands.

Mark began pressing me to let him come over and see me for a little while. He’d say stuff like he just wanted to see me once….just for a little bit. I really didn’t worry about the neighbors, because we live in an older community, and don’t have much contact with our neighbors. Our association with them is pretty much limited to waving to each other as we leave the driveway. I didn’t however want to turn my online involvement with Mark into something that bordered on being a relationship.

Mark then brought up the pictures that he had of me. He said that JJ was pressuring him to let him have copies of the pictures that he had took of our meeting in Wal-Mart. He asked if I minded if he let JJ have them. I was like, “Hell no”, and reminded him that he told me that they would be for his own personal use. He said that JJ was one of his best friends, but added that if I let him come over for a quick visit, then he would brush JJ’s request off, and say that he had deleted them as requested by me. I told him that it sounded like blackmail to me, but he laughed, and said that he was just trying to give me a reason to do something that I wanted to do anyway. He asked, “well… should I give these to JJ or can I come over this week?” I asked him to let me think about it, and Mark told me that I had until he got off work tomorrow to make my decision. He added that it’d be ashamed if JJ started trading or posting our pictures all over the internet, and he added that since he took the pic’s his face wasn’t visible in any of the photo’s…just mine, and his big black cock. I told him I’d think about it and logged off. I was so upset that I opened a bottle of White Zin, and had a several glasses. By the time I finished I wasn’t upset anymore, and was even thinking that it might be fun to see Marks hard body all naked, and get fucked by his big cock. Besides I thought….just like the time at Wal-Mart, the chances of getting caught were slim, and I’d have one hell of an experience to remember.

The next evening (Tuesday) I was online and Mark messaged me….”Well what is your decision?” I pretended to be upset..”Is that how you greet me…what about hello…how was your day?” He responded that JJ was at his house and he wanted to know my answer, so he could tell JJ something about the pic’s. I told him that it would be ok if he dropped by my house on Thursday at 6pm, but just for a quick visit. I gave him directions to my house, and to park in the street, not the drive-way. He said that JJ was going to be upset that he had deleted all my pictures. I told him that JJ was just going to have to get over it. He laughed and told me that he’d see me Thursday at 6pm

I got off the internet wondering what I had just done to my life. I couldn’t believe that I had just given my address to this man that would knowingly take advantage of me given the chance, and I had just given him the chance. Wednesday flew by as if in a blur. I hardly remember what happened at work, and when I got home I stayed off the internet. Thursday I was off from work and the day seemed to drag by. I kissed my husband goodbye as he left for work at 4pm, and I knew that when he got home at around midnight his wife will have been royally fucked by a black stranger with a giant cock. I was not deluding myself as to what would happen when Mark arrived. After my hubby drove off, I laid out a my sexy black thong and half cup support bra. I then pulled out a thin white blouse and my tight black mini skirt. Instead of pantyhose I selected some thigh high designer stockings with the line up the back. When I wore it together I was sure to turn heads, since you could see the tops of my stockings when I sat right or bent over, and the bra was visible through my blouse. I showered and shaved my legs, underarms and pussy, then did a better than average job on my make-up. After getting myself ready I looked at my self in the mirror knew that I was clearly asking for trouble. I was proud of how sexy I looked, and I couldn’t wait to see the look on Marks face when he arrived. I spent the remainder of the time balancing around the house in high heels as I straightened up some last minute things. Finally sitting nervously in my living room, watching something on TV the door bell rang. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 6pm. I got up and walked the long mile to the foyer, knowing that I was going somewhere that there was no returning from.

When I opened the door Mark stood there eyeing me from head to toe, and shaking his head. He complemented me on how sexy I looked and I stepped aside as he entered my house. As soon as the door closed he ran a hand up my skirt and grabbed handful of my ass. He pulled me into his embrace and kissed me hard on the mouth, shoving his tongue down my throat. Breaking the kiss and nibbling on my neck as he mauled my ass with his hands, he said that I had made the right decision by inviting him over, since JJ would have probably posted my picture all over the internet. I broke away from his embrace for a bit and gave him a mini tour of the house, ending in the living room. He dropped down onto the couch, making himself comfortable, and I asked him if he’d like anything to drink. He said sure, that a beer would be great, so I turn about and wiggled my ass a little as I walked out of the room to get us a couple of beers. As I walked back to the living room Mark was walking back from the foyer, and I asked what was up? He said that he had checked to see that we’d locked the front door, so if anyone did come home he’d have a running start. We both laughed as he settled back on the couch. I walked over and bent down low letting my top hang open as I offered him his beer. Mark smiled and caressed my breast with one hand as he accepted his beer. I stayed leaning over for a bit letting him play, before sitting down next to him. We sat close together on the sofa and chatted as we had our drinks. Marks hand played with the hem of my mini skirt, pulling it up and exposing the tops of my stockings. Mark said how disappointed JJ was about my pictures getting deleted. I said well that’s just too bad for JJ isn’t it? Mark said I shouldn’t be like that, specially since I masturbated in front of JJ online and then had JJ drop his pants in front of me. While Mark spoke he had pushed my skirt all the way up around my hips exposing my little black thong, and was pulling on the elastic waistband. Grinning wickedly, I told Mark that he was right, and I was bad. Mark said he may have to make me pay for being cruel to his friend JJ, and told me to get up and drop my panties out from under my mini skirt.

Hopping off of the sofa I stood looking right into Marks eyes as I slowly pulled my panties out from under my skirt. I knew he couldn’t see anything from the front, but it felt nasty looking at him as I obeyed his command. As I stepped out of my panties and kicked them to the side, Mark told me to come over and kneel down between his legs. I did as I was told and Mark began unbuttoning the buttons of my blouse exposing my half cup push up bra. When my blouse was fully open in front he pushed the material off of my shoulder, then pulled me towards him and began kissing me again. His hands were exploring all over….down my ass and up my back. He popped the snap on the bra and I could feel my breast pushing the material off in front. Soon my tits were fully exposed and Mark dragged my blouse off of me completely and threw it on the other side of the sofa. His black skin was a great contrast to the pale whiteness of my tan lines as he squeeze my tits in his hands. He was grinning and telling me how hard he was going to fuck my married, white ass. He told me to beg him to fuck me. At first I didn’t say anything and he twisted my nipple painfully in response….”Don’t make me repeat myself again”. I yelped and said, “Please Mark fuck me”. Be more descriptive he commanded, so I thought for a sec, and repeated “Please Mark fuck me with your big black cock”. Mark smiled and said “Much better, I like the way that sounds, then scooted up on the sofa and pulled a digital camera out of his pocket. I said “Oh No…not pictures again”, but Mark locked his legs behind my back, as I covered my breast. Mark said “Look I already have a bunch of incriminating pictures of you already, specially the ones with my cum all over you lips and chin, a few more isn’t going to change anything.” Mark leaned back and looked through the lens at me, and commanded drop my hands and show him my big titties. I slowly lowered my arms, placing my hands on my hips and gave him a defiant look as he snapped away. He then told me to take off his shoes and his jeans and he took a few pics as I struggled getting his pants off. I could tell he was excited, because his big cock had his boxers all tented out in front. Mark slid to the far end of the sofa and told me to get on my hands and knees on the sofa and pull his boxers down with my teeth. I smiled as I jumped up on the sofa and crawled over to his boxers. Looking at the big lump straining to get out, I caught a piece of the waistband between my teeth and began dragging them down. My ass was up in back and if I’d had a mirror behind me Mark would have had a good look at my pussy sticking up in the air. As I tugged the elastic down over his hips, his cock sprang free and knocked into my face rubbing his pre-cum across my cheek. Mark laughed and told me to hurry up because his cock was getting cold. After getting his boxers off I slid back up his legs and grabbed the base of his thick cock with one hand and licked up the side up his shaft. When I got to the top I opened my mouth and swallowed as much of his cock as I could. I began pumping his shaft , and bobbing my up and down in his lap. Mark had one hand tangled up in my hair, and was encouraging me with a continuous string of dirty talk. He was telling me “what a good cock sucker you are”, “what would your husband say if he saw you sucking a black mans cock”, my eyes popped wide at this one and to punctuate his statement he snapped another picture of me with his cock in my mouth. He laughed and told me to keep sucking, then pushed my head down with his hand on the back of my head. As I was sucking him again, Mark asked if I’d ever been with 2 men at once. I shook my head “no” with his cock still planted in my face. He then asked if I’d ever thought about how good it would be, to be sucking a hard cock while another one was plowing me from behind. I stopped sucking for a moment and told him that I thought about it, but was too scared to try it. I was playing with his cock head, licking around the rim, then up to the end catching his precum on the tip of my tongue and watching it stretch out, as I pulled back. It looked so nasty, and pussy was drenched. I’d never felt so dirty and slutty in my life. Mark grinned wickedly, and told me to beg him to let one of his friends fuck me. I was so horny I asked him which one? He asked me if I remember how big his friend JJ’s cock was, and I nodded yes, as I sucked his cock a few more times. He aimed his camera at me, and told me to beg him to fill me with cock. Never thinking or caring at this moment about whether it would come true I begged him, “Please bring your friend JJ over and fill my married white pussy with your hard black cocks”, Mark smile big. “Do you think you would really like that?” he asked and I was so damn horny that I kept going along with it, “yes, I want to be your little sex slave that you use however you want”. Mark laughed, and said it like I’d talked him into something, “Well ok, if that’s what you want.”

Mark pushed my head back down onto his cock, and it was buried in the back of my mouth, when I felt a hand grab the waist band of my mini skirt, and a set of fingers begin probing my pussy. I struggled, but Mark tightened his fingers in my hair and wouldn’t let go. My startled screams were muffled by his cock and in the position I was in I couldn’t lever myself off of his cock. I was helpless in my own home, with my husband at work, as I knelt there on the sofa with a black cock buried in my mouth, and a strange man probing my pussy with his fingers. I tried to look behind me, but Mark would let me raise my head up out of his lap. All I could catch a glimpse of was white running shoes, blue jeans, and the bottom of a red sweat shirt. Finally I quit struggling and sucked and stroked Marks shaft a few more times, then he loosened his hold on my hair. It invasion of my pussy was still underway, and I lifted my mouth off of Marks cock. I looked him in the eyes with a shiny string of precum and saliva connecting his cock and my lower lip. I asked him who was behind me. Mark laughed a little and asked who I thought it was. I said it was probably either Ben or JJ, but since JJ was the one wanting to see me so much, it was probably him. I received a hard slap on my ass, and heard JJ say “Give the lady a prize”. Mark let me look back to see JJ pull his fingers out of my pussy and wave at me. JJ said “Damn man this bitch is wet….I’m either gonna need a towel or I’m gonna wipe my hands on this sofa because the bitch is soaked”. I told him that he could find a towel behind the first door to his right in the hallway, and off he went.

I looked at Mark and asked him why he brought JJ, and he said that his boy was hot for me after he saw me on the web cam and was pestering him about it every day. He said it wasn’t fair that I teased him all up and didn’t give him any. I asked if he had any other surprises tonight, and he said that Ben had to work or he’d have been here too. I reminded Mark that we are have a good time tonight, so please make sure that any of the pictures he was taking didn’t get out. I said if they did it would destroy my marriage, and there was no way that I’d ever do anything with him or his friends after that. He said that it wouldn’t be a problem, so I should just do as he says and enjoy myself.

Mark got up off the sofa and left me kneeling there. As I made to sit up he told me not to move, and snapped a few pictures of me kneeling on the sofa with my tits hanging down and my skirt flipped up on my back exposing my ass. JJ walked back in the room with several towels in his arms, and watched as Mark snapped a few pics. He told me, “Damn Kellie you look so damn fine. I can’t wait to bust one in you.” Saying that he unbuckled his pants, dropped them to the floor, and stepped out of them in his boxers, which showed a sizable, growing bulge. He looked at Mark and asked him what he was allowed to do to me, and Mark informed him that since he had pictures of me that I didn’t want to get out, then I would do whatever they told me to do. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I heard that, but Mark winked at me real big without JJ seeing him, and I relaxed slightly. JJ clapped his hands together walked over to my head rubbing his bulging underwear across my face. He asked me, “Do you like that slut?…..Your married, white mouth is soon going to be sucking my big black cock, and licking my balls.” He looked over at Mark and gave him a big, bad boy smile. Mark just smiled back and JJ pulled his underwear down in front of my face releasing an enormous black cock. JJ wasn’t what I would call freakishly large after what I’d seen on the internet, but he was more than what I thought that I could comfortably accommodate in either my mouth or my pussy. He simple had too much cock. He however must have thought it would fit just fine because he began to rub his large cock head across my lips, and I knew that he soon expected me to suck his cock into my mouth. Mark I could see out the corner of my eyes was taking a few pictures. JJ pushed his cock head against my lips and I opened up to find that I could take only a little more than the head of his cock into my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and pumped him as much as I could while I licked and sucked on his cock head. Soon I felt another object rubbing across the entrance to my pussy and then Mark sank his fat black cock into me until his balls were slapping up against my thighs. Mark filled me up like my husband never had, and he made my entire body shake as he slammed into me again and again. I could feel his cock bottoming out in my pussy, causing me to lunge forward onto JJ’s gigantic cock to keep from being split apart. Mark had me give him one of my arms and he twisted it behind my back and pulled on it as he fucked me hard. After several minutes he told JJ to switch up with him, and I could feel my pussy stretched to its’ limits as JJ began slam his cock in and out of my pussy. I had to hold a hand behind me to keep him from punching a hole in my pussy. His cock stretched me so far around his giant cock that it really stimulated my clit, bringing me to a string of orgasms, which left me little more than the guys sex doll. After a bit JJ gave up being gentle and grabbed both of my arms and pulled them behind my back as he pounded my pussy unmercifully. I was trying to suck marks cock, as JJ pounded my poor body back and forth. They must have kept this up for 10 minutes or more. Finally JJ pulled my arms tightly back and stiffened up as he unloaded his load of hot cum deep inside of my cunt. I could feel the sweat running down my face from the pain in my pussy and from the fear from the realization of what was happening to me. JJ finally cried out, and pulled hard on my arms as he impaled me on his meaty spear of a cock. I could feel his hot cum gush up against the back wall of my pussy, as he pulled me back hard onto his third leg. I felt like a pig at a roast, with my arms pulled back , and my tits thrust forward, with one giant black cock jammed into my cunt, and another black cock jammed down my throat. Gradually though JJ loosened his grip and released my arms, then he laid heavily on my back. I could feel his warm cum leaking out of my pussy and down my leg as he reached around to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples while he watched Mark. Mark wasn’t giving me any time to rest however, and had tightened his grip on my hair and fucked my face roughly until he too stiffened up and pumped his hot cum into my mouth. Like last time I choked a bit and let a large portion if his cum spill out across my lips and run down my chin. I laid down on the sofa as Mark got up. He was soon snapping more pictures of my cum drenched face and JJ laying across my back with his large cock hanging out of my pussy. After a bit I wiggled out from under JJ and stood up to stretch my sore back. JJ’s cum was running down my leg and I had to snatch up a towel to prevent it from getting all over the floor. JJ soon sat up and demanded that I clean all of the cum and pussy juice off of his cock. I protested, telling him that it was too nasty for me to be doing that and that I’d get him a towel and wipe him up. He insisted, and looking at Mark, He told me that if I didn’t want my husband finding a pack of pictures on the hood of his car, then I better do as I was told. I looked over to Mark, but he didn’t say anything to deny the statement. Instead he told me, “You heard JJ….get over there and clean up the mess you made.” I reluctantly knelt down and grabbed hold of JJ’s cock with both hands. It was a sticky mess, and as I pulled a hand away a string of white cum and pussy juice stretched between my hand and the base of his cock. “Git to work woman”, JJ commanded with a smile on his face, “or we’ll be sitting here when your husband gets home". Remembering that I was on a limited time schedule I opened my mouth and began to lick up and down JJ’s black pole. My pussy tasted strange in my mouth, but I licked and sucked every slippery bit off JJ’s gigantic cock. Mark went into the kitchen, and helped himself to another beer, and brought a couple more for me and JJ. He was walking around after that drinking his beer, and snapping pictures or I think taking digital movies as I cleaned JJ’s cock. When it was all clean JJ was unfortunately hard again, and he had me lay on my back on the coffee table, and put my legs over his shoulders as he fucked me again. He told me that he was fucking me once more since Ben couldn’t make it. He seemed to take great pleasure in watching my tits bounce around like mad as he pounded my pussy. It took JJ almost 15 minutes of hard fucking to cum this time, and by the time he was finished my poor pussy was stretched out, puffy and sore.

We finally clean ourselves up with the towels and sat next to each other on the sofa. Mark had me get us all fresh drinks, and then as I sat between them. They spoke about how they would use my body in the future as they fondled my breast and pussy. Leaving me naked they both dressed and kissed me good-bye. JJ kept shoving his fingers up my pussy all the way until he walked out of the door. I hoped they’d both had a good time because I wasn’t likely to do this again. I looked at the clock and saw that I had about an hour to clean the house up and take a shower before my husband arrived. I stayed naked, as I washed the towels, and thought about what they may want me to do in the future. I was happy that I had gotten away with it, but I knew that the more I cheated, the more likely I was to be caught. Getting found out by my husband would ruin our marriage, and that was something I didn’t want to happen.

When my hubby got home everything was cleaned and towels washed. I had also taken a good shower, and was dressed in my house robe. I could tell that my husband thought I was ready to have sex, because told me to wait in the bedroom while he took a quick shower. I had to head him off before he tried to get me naked, so I explained to him that I was getting a yeast infection, and I was all red and itchy down there, but I offered to suck his cock if he wanted. He said “no” that he was fine, and we watched some TV before turning in for the night. As I went to sleep my pussy was throbbing a little and I could help but think about the good fucking JJ and Mark had given me today.
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