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Rated: E · Lyrics · Personal · #1592724
8/09 Introspective thoughts set to a folksy ballad style. Deep and moody. Or something.
What if the world's greatest thinkers were wrong?
Where would all of the best thoughts come from?
I carry these emotions as a lump-sum
and my shadow weighs a ton.

The heat will come and the rain will blow.
The earth will turn and the rivers will flow.
No matter where I stand, it feels like a run
for my shadow weighs a ton.

The highs are high and the lows are low.
Static is constant in the life that I know.
I know where I've been ain't quite where I'm from
'cuz my shadow weighs a ton.

The love you give is the love that you get.
I have begotten and been forgotten yet.
Maybe I'm not the first,
         nor the first to be undone;
still my shadow weighs a ton.

All of the living, all off the giving,
all of the lying and all of the dying...
My life is a comma, the pause in the thought,
and I've never seemed
         to be able
         to start it back up.

I have the worst memory in that I can't forget
every moment of all my missteps.
They follow me like the clouds chase the sun;
now my shadow weighs a ton.

The money I've spent won't buy me some time.
The praise I've earned still don't come with peace of mind.
The conflict in me has always won
'cuz my shadow weighs a ton.

I cannot tell you why this occured,
but I haven't stolen all I deserve.
Fair is fair but I must see justice won
while my shadow weighs a ton.

Perception is part greed and part stress.
It oversees any influence.
What you do is who you become
         in every persons' eyes,
         no matter their disguise,
when your shadow weighs a ton.

When your shadow weighs a ton...
when your shadow weighs a ton...
when it holds you back...

What I was is who I am.
And what I am isn't that man again.
If you remember best, then you best forget...
and get acquainted to what you could not accept.

So what of the world's greatest thinkers?
When it's all boiled down
         we're not mind-readers or believers...
         our truths, they lie within us...
         and life is what we just met
         when we're bored with tinkering.
So tinkering is all you get...
and it's all that you have left
when you're left with nothing left to run from
'cuz your shadow weighs a ton.

Your shadow weighs you down a ton.

No matter what you said and what you've done,
your shadow weighs you down a ton.
Regardless of what I've been through or where I came from,
our lives intertwine as one.
Here we are and there we will be.
The answers we leave are the questions we seek.
Is the best before us or is it all done?
You'll know if your shadow weighs a ton.

Is your universe more than a party of one?
My shadow weighs a ton.
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