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by Jennyj
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After a morning cuddle with one of my cats, I took a peek to see which one it was! . . .

NEW PROMPT: Write a story or poem about dealing with a massive squirrel infestation.


While cudd'ling with my cat-kids in the bed one lazy day,
I turned to look and see exactly who was out to play!
The fur felt rather funny and I took a second look--
the ears were out of order and they looked like they'd been cooked!
;All of our bedroom cats have unique personalities;
SCRUFFY ears like THOSE fit no known idiosyncrasies!
Just then, I heard an odd snort and rose up to see just who
had made that loud sound, and saw a SQUIRREL behind my shoe!
Now, nothing much excites me--I'm usually quiet;
to find that squirrel loose indoors caused me quite a RIOT!
I then turned once again to see just WHO was in the bed--
I gazed upon a big squirrel, stiff ears upon its head!
I looked around for my cats, to protect me from this horde
of rodents; they were hiding and pretending to be bored!
A survey of the room revealed 6 more little beasts
all circled 'round the bedroom food, enjoying a huge feast!
I then came UNGLUED, although that's really not my style!
I screamed until they left; my serenity was RILED!

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