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This was my English homework in school. Please comment and rate!
The wind whipped through my hair as I sped along the sidewalk, cycling speedily to the city centre, early in the morning. I felt excitement pulsing through my blood as I got closer to a loud buzzing of conversations. Yes! Nearly there! My tyres screeched as I suddenly braked.
"Janine!", I shrieked.
Ever since i was in nursery, Janine had always been by my side. Before we entered high school, we stuck to each other like glue but now she would surprise me in the most unexpected of places.
"Hey! What's up, Abby?" she replied.
We chatted and exchanged gossip while we tried obstacles in the city fair.
Night was falling when both of us decided to part. That evening I slumped myself on the sofa and watched the news with mum, dad and Tinker, my cat. Most of it was boring but when it got to the weather, it became less boring and much more frightening. The medium, circular, white fluff turned out to be a hurricane and also approaching our city quite speedily. After that dad just jumped up and went out. It was obvious where he was going. Getting wood to board up the windows, along with nails and a hammer. Dad was never the crafty type but when it comes to immediate disasters he always springs into arty mode.

The next day the wind had picked up and became quite strong. Small trees were bent over and the big old trees, stripped bare. Dad boarded up all the windows while mum went out to buy lots of foods, including cat food. Mum got the car prepared so we could evacuate from this monstrous disaster. Tinker slunk up to my room, probably to say goodbye but by the time we were ready, Tinker still didn't come down. It would soon fall dark. I went up to my room and found Tinker peacefully sleeping on her bed under the radiator. I picked her up gently and walked out of my room. While I was approaching the bottom of the stairs, I heard the car drive away. Shocked as I was, I ran outside to find that mum and dad had left me behind. I felt scared. Neglected even. It was not typical for mum and dad to leave me behind somewhere dangerous. Especially with a hurricane coming. Far to the south, I saw a big black cloud. A hurricane cloud, easy to spot if you know that a hurricane is approaching.
A night away.

I slept all night downstairs, afraid that the hurricane will rip the top of the house off. I was awoken by Tinker's hissing. I have never heard her hiss before but I soon saw why.The floor was completely covered in dusty, manky water. The sea had broken through. I carried the spare food upstairs and rummaged through the cabinets to find spare blankets for Tinker and myself.

This continued for another day. The day after that, I went out to see if anyone survived apart from me. I saw people trying to help other people and animals from getting washed away.
I decided to help.
I rescued 2 dogs, a cat and an elderly citizen. There was another destroyed home nearby.
As I handed over another person, this long piece of timber fell. I looked up and saw it crashing into the water, hitting my chest with such a force it took all my breath away and dragged me under. I fought to take this log off me but I couldn't find the energy to do such a thing.
I fell, fell and fell.
Losing a string of life at every depth.
The light above me starting to fade...

I love my mum.
I love my dad.
I love Tinker but I could never let that go because that was my life. That was what kept me together.
Somehow I managed to get the energy to lift the timber up and free myself from its grasp. I swam up and up till i broke the surface. Sending small droplets of water flying everywhere. While taking shaking gasps, I swam to shore. There waited many people. Some were about to come in and help me. I ended up crouched on the damp ground coughing and gasping, almost fainting from exhaustion. This boy from my class in school recognised me, helped me up and took me over to his parents. They took care of me along with Tinker.

The monster continued but on the seventh day the hurricane changed to a monstrous size, going 175mph. The eighth day was worse yet.
Tears shedding among the many crowds. Homes destroyed, thousands dead, disaster easing slowly, creating a whirlwind of damage and destruction. Citizens hunting or scavenging for the remains of most prized possessions. Some lost everything, ending up homeless and mothing left but their memories which many hold dear. The endless blue sky, cloudless and the big, bright sun shining upon acres of wreakage. Many cursing under their breath whereas mother and fathers crying but also cursing the transparent air for their children lying motionless in their arms.
Tears also strewn across my face for the sorrow in my heart for many who lost their families.

Later that evening, on broadcast, they announced a long list of all who died. Janine died, sadly, and my parents. Janine died during a mad rush of people trying help but was trampled on, crushing her ribs and lungs. My parents died in a car crash. They got thrown off course by the strong winds from the hurricane.
Matt, the boy in my class, asked his parents if I could become part of their family. They signed the paperwork once the child association was up and working.

I now live happily with my new family and Tinker has also made a new friend, Jingles. He was called Jingles because of the bell on his collar. I will always miss and love my parent and Janine.
Guessing the world is not as it seems but full of sweet and dangerous tricks....

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