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really weird
And so I took blotters of LSD-25 may also be known as ACID.
Four at first and then I took three more five minutes later, so I tucked it under my tongue for ten minutes and then swallowed it.
I started to stare at my room while my music was playing through my ps3 music player into my TV, which was my only light source. My room was simple, white painted walls with a small sink kitchen counter, a bathroom door next to it, and then my bed which I was laying on. My desk at the end of it facing my closet, next it was my TV show casing a visual of the planet earth.
I had a few posters which was all about rock music, drugs, one of Marlyn Munroe with her standing on the gutter hole with the dress flying around, and a ferret that belonged to my friend.
And as the music was playing a song by tool-lost keys, merged with another called Rosetta Stoned.
After a half hour or so i started to get this weird feeling in my stomach, a flip and tornado feeling, I thought to my self "shit i gotta go to the bathroom". I tried to open the door but it was locked and in my brain i was like "shit im gonna shit my pants".
All the sudden a shock wave of pure joy and after sex like feeling struck my body, my feet felt like water, i fell to the ground and yet i had no feeling of that. I was in a floating state with my brain energized with chakara, thoughts pouring in out of no where about life and death. I thought my brain was completely insane, I pulled my self up and fell on my bed just mesmerized by this overwhelming feeling. I started to see light colored shapes of god knows what, I tried to comprehend what I was seeing and feeling but then I realized why should I fight it, I was having the time of my life.
I stared at my TV, the earth was a dark place filled with crimson light, I dazed off in that earth seeing that there was not one living thing and every living thing in there. I regained my mind function and then started to gaze at my walls it seemed to be like a constant water fall, I tried to feel it then dazed off again with my hand releasing tracers that till this day i see, my thoughts were completely empty yet filled with this show of hands. After a while I started to walk around my room, felt like floating though, anyway i came to look at one of my Led-Zeppelin posters, the one with the stairway to heaven, an old man with a light staff standing on a mountain like rock, all the sudden i was in there grasping the old wise greaser looking down at a sea with the waves clashing the rock. Now freaking out scared as hell trying not to fall,  the old man spoke of words i can`t understand, i asked him " what the fuck did you just say?", he yelled "Back to where you belong you fowl beast".
he struck his staff into my chest, and I was then on the ground again, with my brain shrinking, I couldn't handle the music, a siren so loud my head popped, blood was dripping from my ears. I jumped up and ran to the sink to stop the bleeding, I then realized it was the drug fucking with my brain, I wasn't bleeding, in fact I lost interest of it looked up and saw the mirror. I saw my skull yet the flesh being created on it, i stood there just mind blown by this scene.
I then started to dig in my face with my fingers and blood started to splatter everywhere, i stared at my face trying to figure out my skull structure, my eyes popped out of their sockets. I freaked out and looked away still having that vision in my head. so I just started to float around my room  i came to one of my posters, that had an image inside a castle, with a water fall followed with a river diving into outer space. the thing is though that river started to pour on my floor, the outer space started to form in the middle. Now my feet were wet and the room was flooded, I stuffed towels under my door hoping it won`t leek out in the hall, so i ran back and jumped on my bed, I looked back at the floor and in was all gone!!!.
So I`m wondering what the fuck just happened, I said to my self "fuck it". I looked at my Marlyn poster and shes was live and in living color, I saw everything in her; beauty, pain, lies, truths, and  death. She started to strip, she was butt naked, me now getting horny started to look around her and saw what was so bazaar, Dr. fucking gonzo. Walking around with his briefcase dripping with drugs, I tuned and looked at the poster I have of him, he was gone.
I looked for him in the poster, I then saw foot steps all around my room, this fucker was walking and I didn't notice. I went back to Marlyn now dancing on the street, I looked for gonzo but he was nowhere to be found, I got up and looked for that little awesome dude, ans then i saw him lurking from behind my closet with his creepy face and huge glasses that made him look like an owl with shiny lemon eyes. I called him out a few times but all he does is open his briefcase and show off the drugs he has, talking with no voice, I asked him "are you selling me that?", he nodded his head "no man" I said "I'm already fucked up". He gave me this look, like some sort of disappointment, I laughed and punched him, so he started giggle, so i just ignored him while he kept walking around the room. I liked it when he pops out from behind the closet a few times before he walks around again. So I just dazed off and started thinking about life, I figured out the meaning of life, and the meaning behind why everyone is greedy (which i will not say on here because i might offend some people).
I then came to my senses and saw Dr,Gonzo walking into my gnome and shrooms poster, it had gnomes brewing beer on a giant pot, with dancing shrooms behind them.Dr.Gonzo just walked right in and had a sip of the what seemed to be like the most awesome beer ever, he looked at me and so did all the gnomes. smiled and waved hi. I replied back and just sat there staring at these beautiful creators, enjoying life as it is. I then felt an urge to smoke a cig, right before I opened my door I herd a knock!!!
Now im standing there wondering who the fuck is knocking at my door at what shit fuck " my watch is berserk" the numbers were all over the place, so i just looked away and looked through the peek hole.
My eyes kinda crawled in there, popped out the other side. I could see the hall way as I was out there looking side ways as if i was out there. No one was there, I pulled my self away from the door but my eye was stuck, I grabbed it and pulled it as hard as i could. It shot back into my socket, it hurt like hell. So i just walked out of my room, i blacked out for a second and ended up outside, I have no memory of walking out. Did I lock my door i wondered, "nah fuck it".
So I smoked a few cigs with my ipod on, then i saw this black cat just sitting there right infront of me, I stopped the music and called him. He looked at me and said "man dont try that i wont come, you humans always think we are cute little kittens", I looked and thought to my self "Im talking to a cat, what would people think of me, some sort of crazy junkie", so I started to ask him "then why dont you come to us when call you?", "we`re just looking for food" he said, "we`re not the type of creators that want to be hold and controlled by others". I looked at him and said "I have a pet cat, she is awesome", he looked at "she thinks you are god" "was she with you at birth?" he asked, "yes" i said. "thats why" he replied "she thinks your the only being other then her on the face of the earth". Then my eyes shut, I tried to open them but it was hard, then they open slowly and I was sitting on a bench not far from where i was, I tried not to freak out, because there were people next to me laughing and Chet chatting. So I got up and walked away, i was seeing things i thought i would never see, it was so strange and crazy. I ran back up to my room, sat on my bed then lied down, it was like im in heaven. I started to come down of the drug, it was wearing off. i looked at my watch it 4in the morning, I just shut my eyes but couldn't sleep, so I just sat there for a while, staring out my window, it was sunrise. The sun was so beautiful, I then realized, my life has changed for ever, my thoughts, feelings, and believes.
I said to my self "never again will take it", so far I`m good, never had it and never thought about it,
conclusion was, drugs are bad.     
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