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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #1593443
Elements versus' Heavens
|CHAPTER I: The Birth Of Fire|
----- COME FROM another time, another world, an alternate timeline where there was a birth of a female from a
poor white family that were shipped from a distant land. from the stuff I have found, from markings and ancient
texts from that time she was possibly from England. She seemed to be 'one' with an un-natural force. Alot of
markings shows a teenager 18 or 17 wearing a red robes, but not robes that any Chinese would where. More like
a tight costume that has a phoenix in gold, red and black showing not skin expect the head. It is increable
that when she died the Yang Hoe Army feel to it's knees, to what is unknown. But it seems that it's her with
three different people, One with cards flying around him and wears a lot of white, then there's a male who wears
green clothes, and seems to be very tall to, he holds a hammer that looks like a plam tree . Then a woman in blue,
all different shades according to one of my sources. It seems this one could controll the water element because she's
holding a fan that shows a picture of water falling from the sky. Then there's a picture some where after that in the
tomb of Καταστροφέας της Ζωής (Destroyer Of Life) these markings are incredable. It shows how the world will end, it
*Όταν αυτός θα αυξηθεί από 4 του τάφου του προσωπικού, τα στοιχεία θα αυξηθούν και να αποθηκεύσετε Κυρίου. Ο άνθρωπος *
*που ο γεωργός θα λάβουν ένα μεγάλο πεπρωμένο, όπως το Rock είναι να βρει το Phoenix, το Νερό και το Serpent Fortune  *
*Teller. Και όταν όλοι μαζί θα συγκεντρώνουν πάνω από το Παγκόσμιο για τις γωνίες και θα καλέσει τα του Θεού τω Θεώ να*
*απελευθερώσει Κυρίου από τη φυλακή και να σώσει αυτό τον κόσμο από αυτή την κοιμάμαι ελαφρά!                        *
According to my general knowledge it translates into:
*When he will rise of his tomb his 4 servants, the elements will rise and save our Lord. The man a farmer will recieve a*
*great destiny, as the Rock he is to find the Phoenix, the Water Serpent and the Fortune Teller. And when all together  *
*they will assemble onto of the World in for corners and will summon the God of the Heavens to release our Lord from his*
*prison and to save this world from it's slumber!                                                                      *
If the 'Destroyer Of Life' has 4 servants they are long dead. Unless... Unless there's something in the blood stream. OF
CAUSE! Some where in this book is I've found called 'Η Long Dead'(the Long Dead) shows how they come along... There's
stuff in here that seems to relate to times when the world had just formed from... It seems that the universe was made so
that the Destroyer would destory the heavens and every thing that they held dear. The Heavens made a place where they could
settle their 'probelm', but the Destroyer being a Master as he is sent armies to destory him.

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