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Rated: E · Prose · Dark · #1593944
Feelings, Life, Nature
Dark Clouds fill the sky and you can feel the temperature dropping. ~0~
Birds are starting to disappear from sight as they fly through the dark puffiness of the clouds in the sky. ~1~
You can feel the wind start whipping around you, and the limbs on the trees begin swaying to their motion. ~2~

The leaves are dancing. They all seem to have their own different tune they listen to and follow. ~3~
Your mind begins to fill with the notion that they know what lies ahead. ~4~

I stand there and gaze in amazement and wonder as to what is about to occur ~5~
Is this a simple moment in the course of a day, or is it the beginning of things yet to come.~6~

Can we, as mere human beings~ begin to realize the depth and the spirituality of this particular point in time? ~7~

Nature, showing in extreme contrast, one of its most profound moments. ~8~

What feelings are rumbling around inside of you and what thoughts are spinning around in your mind as you watch this form of our Earth showing its darker side to you? ~9~
Fear, amazement, awe, bewilderment, peace, uncertainty, for all these different feelings~ Are they the same feelings that the bird soaring across the darkening sky, or the squirrel quickly running through the tall green grass, littered with weeds may be experiencing ? ~10~

You suddenly realize that you are running through the darkness, and you haven’t a clue as to where you are going
You feel as if you are being chased, but you do not know by whom or what.
Is it a good presence or a bad presence?
You turn to see and you feel you are falling and falling
The farther you drop, the deeper and faster you seem to go

As you are watching and feeling all these things happening around you
Suddenly, you hear a far off ringing, and it keeps on and on and on.

Out of no where you hear a distant ringing, that becomes louder and louder
You are turning and twisting and fighting off something or someone
You then realize you tangling with the covers, and you open your eyes and see Sunlight streaming in your bedroom from your window as you jump out of bed confused and trying to figure out where you are.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1593944