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Amanda is obsessed! Written for a contest - 100 Words - No Repeats.
                                    Amanda’s Magnificent Obsession

      Her daily ritual had begun, working quickly, smearing spaghetti sauce from
ceiling to floor, covering everything.  Divinely filthy, oh yes!

    John skated in, immediately losing his balance. Floundering, dropping face down, buried under sloppy watery tomatoes. 

      “You’re one sick woman, Amanda!  All right, then—Definitely bizarre!”     
"I can’t take this one more day.  Psychiatrist—Yep.  Appointment time!" 
    “Stop worrying, babe.  Our kitchen must absolutely sparkle!” 

    “Look at me! My suit!"

      He stood up whimpering, slip sliding away, stumbling through the open doorway. 

    Extremely pleased, she yelled, “Honey? Just wait until tonight darling. Everything will be scrubbed, sterilized and super sanitized!" 

Contest Entry: No (100 Words)Repeat
100 Words

Janice Weinberger
August 2009
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