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Timothy’s New Friends

Preface: I hope you read Book #1 Timothy the Toad, because this is a continuation of Timothy’s story and his adventures.

The last we heard from Timothy Toad, he and his family were in their brand new home that he had found for them. Timothy had gone out earlier on his own to find a safe and bigger house for the Toads. He did this because during the last thunderstorm in Heart Tree Forest their Lily Pad House was almost torn into little bitty pieces!

But now, here they all were sitting around in their new living area with lots of warm dirt and pine needles and all of a sudden they hear all this noise and the roof of their home starts moving up and down and shaking all over. They also heard all these loud barking noises which they recognized as the Human man’s dogs. Timothy has heard from the other Heart Tree Forest animals that the doggies liked to play with toads, and sometimes, without meaning to, could actually cause some physical harm to them! They could cause scratches and boo boo’s on the little toads bodies because doggies were so BIG, not like the squirrels and bunnies and turtles they were used to seeing around the forest and on the playground at the Heart Tree Forest school. So, Mother and Father Toad told Timothy he could not go out until the doggies went back inside the human man’s house for the evening. Timothy pouted, because he wanted to see if the could make friends with the doggies.

Well, the toadettes were asleep, so he could not play with them, so Timothy decided he would play games on his Toadaputer. So he played Frogman, and Leaptoad for a while, and then he was just so bored he decided to go into the family room where his parents were reading to see if they would maybe let him wake up the toadettes so he would have someone to play with. As Timothy bounced into the room, he saw that Momma and Poppa were fast asleep in their Lily Chairs, they were even snorting! So Timothy started thinking….hmmmm….maybe, just maybe…he could sneak a peak out from underneath their home and see what the doggies were doing! He knew he would really have to hop very, very quietly so nobody would hear or see him. So Timothy went to the edge of the concrete house which was near the end of a corner under the human man’s porch. Ever so quietly, Timothy crept into the corner and peered up onto the concrete, he saw a Human Lady standing on the porch and yelling something, he perked up his ears and eyes so he could look and hear who the lady was calling. She yelled “Sheila! Tom! Mindy! come on, come on!” That’s when he saw them…there were three doggies running his way! But…just as he was going to jump back into his house, he saw them! They were the doggies he had heard and felt earlier on his roof! They had names too! Two of them were kind of yellow colored and big, and the third was one really much smaller and kind of a brown color. WOW! He had never been this close to a Human or a Doggie! He wondered if the Human woman had a name too!

Timothy kind of inched over, so he could get a closer look at them. They were wagging their tails and crunching on something the woman had given them. She seemed very nice, handing out food to the doggies, they surely seemed very happy. He just sat there and watched them for what seemed like hours, but he knew that in reality it was only a little while. Just as he decided he was going to inch farther out of his hiding place, he heard Momma Toad yelling his name, “Timothy! Timothy! Where on earth are you?” Timothy knew he had better get back down into the house, before his mother could see what he was doing, because she would get very upset with him and he might even be placed into a time out, which was the most boring thing in the world! “Momma, here I am!” said Timothy as he hopped back into the family room. “Timothy, just what have you been up to now?” said Momma Toad, Timothy just shrugged his little toad shoulders and said, “nothing much Momma”. “I have just been waiting for the toadettes to wake up from their nap so we could play a game together. Momma Toad just eyed him, she knew Timothy must have been doing something he probably should not have, but just as she was going to question him, the toadettes starting crying. “Whew!” Timothy knew had had really lucked out this time! He was going to have to be more careful in the future!

The Toad Family ate their dinner, and settled down to watch some TV, Timothy played with the toadettes until it got dark and they had to go to bed. Timothy went to brush his tongue and get ready for bed, but he just was not tired! He was still excited about all that he had seen that afternoon. So he peaked in and saw Momma and Poppa starting to nod off as they watched their program, so he knew he would have some time to try and see if he could sneak out again. When Momma and Poppa Toad went to sleep, nothing could wake them unless the girls started to cry. So he went back up into the corner of the concrete and porch again, and peeped out. He saw the woman sitting on the porch steps; actually she was sitting in the dark on the very last step to the concrete! He just sat for a while and watched her, she was drinking something, he did not know what it was and she was just staring off into the sky, like she was looking for something special. He did not see anything unusual, so he kind of hopped out farther to see what she was looking at. All of a sudden he noticed that he was sitting right by her!

He sat very, very still thinking “oh no! What am I going to do now?” Maybe if he did not move at all, she would not notice him. But suddenly he saw the lady looking down at him, he just knew he was going to end up in a glass jar or a shoe box like his Momma and Poppa had told him about. Then all of a sudden the woman put her hand down on the concrete floor beside him. She didn’t do anything, just sat there with her hand and fingers held out towards him. He had never in his whole life seen a human so close to him, or a human’s hand and fingers, they were larger than he was! The hand just sat there, it didn’t move. So he hopped a tiny bit closer to the fingers to see if he could smell them, they had a kind of warm feel and a funny kind of smell, he didn’t know what it was. He hopped right on up to the hand now, and stood still to see what she would do. All of a sudden he saw another hand coming towards him so he hopped about a foot away from the woman, what was she going to do to him? But it was kind of strange, Timothy had a really good feeling about the woman, it was not that scared of her and he didn’t understand why.
She took her finger and touched his back, and sort of rubbed him. Boy did that feel great! Momma Toad always rubbed his back when he did not feel well or was at home from the Heart Tree Forest School.
For some reason, this felt better, warmer and softer and he had this funny feeling in the pit of his tummy, but it was a good feeling. He did not quite understand, for this was an unexpected thing~ to have actually been touched by a human!
He had always heard that most of the humans were not very nice and would do horrible things to toads when they would capture them. One night when he was supposed to be sleeping he overheard Poppa Toad tell Momma Toad something about Science, but he could not quite hear all that they were talking about. He did remember feeling quite scared, however.
He decided to hop a bit farther away from the woman, and she just sat there and watched him, hmmmm…thought Timothy, this is strange she is not trying to jump and catch me or anything! She looks as though she is smiling and kind of gesturing me over with her large hand lying upon the pavement. Does she think I am going to leap into that large hand with all those HUGE fingers? No way!
Then the woman moved from the stairway and sat on the pavement beside Timothy, and he was overcome with a mixture of fear and astonishment, now what should he do?
He decided to just sit very still and try not to move even an eyeball! Nothing happened, so he looked over at her and she was smiling and the huge hand was still there. He hopped over very cautiously, stopped, and continued hopping over to the hand again. He decided he would let her touch him again. So, she petted his back and boy oh boy, did that feel good!
He just sat there for the longest time; he thought he might have even fallen asleep for a minute or two. It was so comforting he thought maybe, just maybe he might jump into the large part of the hand and see what might happen, fore it did not appear this human was out to hurt him in any way.
She could have snatched him up when he was casually napping, but she did not.
So up he jumped ….right into the hand! Then the human woman brought down her other hand and started rubbing his back again! Wow! None of the other Heart Tree Forrest creatures were going to believe this one!
He would be a hero! All his friends would look up to him and call him BraveToad!
All of a sudden off in the distance, he heard Momma Toad calling out “Timothy! Timothy! Supper time!” He had not moved from the woman’s hand, but decided…this was exactly the time to do so; if his mother caught him with the woman, he would be grounded for his entire life!
So, off he hopped, the woman did not move at all~ he did hear her speak however, and she said “Goodbye little friend, I hope we will see each other later on.”
Timothy was totally amazed for one, that he could understand her, and second, that she called him her friend!
Even though he was too afraid to tell his Toadparents; he could hardly wait to go to The Heart Tree Forrest school to tell all of his friends!

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