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5 Ways to improve your Feng Shui when starting a new business
5 Ways to improve your Feng Shui when starting a new business

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of rules, concepts and principles which attempts to explain the impact on people’s lives of the layout and design of their homes/businesses and the impact of the environment around them. The literal Chinese translation of feng shui is wind and water. The principles are still treated with some scepticism in the West but I think a very pertinent analogy can be drawn between acupuncture about which Westerners were similarly doubtful but which is now seen as a valid alternative medicine in its own right.

The first way in which you can improve your business is by considering its location. Basic no-nos for a business are location near a subway entrance, facing an oncoming road or at the end of a cul-de-sac or dead-end road. It is also considered bad luck to be situated near a place of religious worship, church, mosque etc as it is considered that religious buildings create a strong spiritual energy that can overtake the active chi needed to nourish business. The best principle to bear in mind is the mantra of estate agents location, location, location. Your new business should therefore be located where it is visible to a lot of people and not stuck in a backstreet.

A business’s name also needs to be given careful consideration. You should avoid using words suggesting death or misfortune in a business’s title. Ideally a business name should evoke a business’s purpose, be easy to remember and have a nice rhythm to it. In today’s age you must also have something that stands out from your competitors and is distinctive.

Moving on to practical matters you should pay attention to the entrance and in particular the entrance door. This is considered by the Chinese to be the business’s mouth and therefore should be large enough that the business doesn’t starve. It should be at least as large as its competitor across the road. It is also relevant that the entrance should be inviting to potential customers ie be set out in bold colours.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is the Wealth Corner. This is located in the southeastern corner of the business usually diagonally across from the main entrance. To try and enhance chi (positive energy) the chinese usually adorn this area with symbols of prosperity, coins, a cash register etc. This area should ideally be kept clear of all clutter and well-lit. Another thing that the Chinese are very fond of doing and which you should definitely consider is putting a tank containing between 5 and 8 goldfish in the Wealth Corner. (Don’t put 4 goldfish there – this number symbolises death in China.)

Finally, as a lot of businesses nowadays are offices you also need to consider the very specific feng shui rules that relate to them. There are certain things that you should certainly avoid in an office situation such as having a light shining directly above your head or sitting at a desk with a window at your back. You should aim for an office environment with positive vibes ie light-filled, airy and as mentioned above an uncluttered money corner with lots of symbols of wealth.

In all aspects of feng shui always attempt to emphasise the positive. Good luck.

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