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A visual monologue I did at Villa Julie in Spring of 2009
Int. – motel room – dawn

We see a cheap, worn-down motel, almost abandoned. There is but one lone customer. The room itself is a disaster the walls are all wooden and covered in water stains. The glass window is cracked and looks like its never been washed A rickety old fan hangs on the wall and echoes through out the room as it spins. There are two king size beds covered in sheets that are worn and stained.

Int. – motel room bathroom – dawn

The bathroom is very small and it barely fits one person. There is one sink, and one toilet. The shower is made of glass walls and a glass door with a metal handle. The door is halfway open. Inside, half conscious, leaning up against the wall, lies James Murdock. He is a 30 something, in a dress shirt with the collar unbuttoned and khaki dress pants. James tilts his head up and tries to figure out how he ended up in the shower.

James (V.O.)

A beat

James (V.O.)
Where am I?

James looks around and notices there’s a smear of blood on the shower door. He notices there’s a red stain on his shirt.

James (V.O.)
Blood? And…why is my head spinning? I remember being at Sam’s and then…Sam….

James gets himself together and walks over to the sink. He washes his face and looks into the mirror. The mirror is cracked and smeared.

James (V.O.)
Sam something happened at Sam’s place last night.

After James turns off the sink and dries his face, he walks out of the bathroom into the bedroom. He notices a screen door leading out to a porch and opens it. He gets out a cigarette and lights it.

Ext. – porch – dawn
James (V.O.)
Sam’s Bar is a little hole in the wall where all the gangs hang out.
I’m a detective for the Central City police. Sam’s worked with the police since the 50’s. He’s my link to the Central City underground.

Int. – Sam’s Bar – night

Sam’s bar has a very southern atmosphere. It’s entirely wooden almost saloon like. It’s divided up in two areas. The right area is for pool and the left area is for dining. The walls are decorated in old movie posters. There’s a jukebox in the far back of the dining area. Sam is behind the bar. He’s in his late fifties, short, over weight, and balding. He’s chatting with the customers sitting at the bar.

James (V.O)
As I walk into the bar the room gets quiet. They know I’m a cop. Sam spots me and walks in my direction. I tell him I have a lead on the case of the murder of Senator Luthor’s wife. The P.D. had identified the murderer as “Matches” Malone, a man wanted in Central City and Keystone. As we stood by the jukebox, Sam told me “Matches” had three distinguishable features that made him stand out. He wore a brown fedora, a black trench coat, and an eye patch on his right eye. He got the name “Matches” from the cigars he always smoked.

As Sam and James stand next to the blaring jukebox, two men walk in their direction after hearing Sam mention “Matches”. The taller man was bald and rough looking. He appeared to be in his late thirties. He wore a white dress shirt, a black vest and khaki dress pants. The shorter man was dressed like a greaser, gelled back hair, white t-shirt, leather jacket, and jeans. While he appeared shorter next to the bald man, he wasn’t short by height standards.

James (V.O)
Sam and I noticed two men walking towards us. Sam pointed out that they were muscle for hire. He said the shorter one was Bobby G, and the taller one was Joey B. They had a reputation of being the best in town. Everyone was afraid of them, even other muscle. The room became dead silent as they walked towards us. Bobby asks me what business I wanted with “Matches”. We stare each other down. I told him “Matches” is responsible for a murder and has to be brought to trial. That we have hard evidence that it’s him. Joey moves closer to me and I signal Sam to leave through the back.

James pulls a gun on Joey as he seems more and more threatening. Joey grabs a knife from his belt and swings it at James. James barely dodges it leaving a cut on his chest. Bobby takes advantage of this and knocks James off balance, forcing the gun to go flying out of James’s hand. Bobby grabs James before he falls and Joey punches him in the stomach, which knocks him unconscious.

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