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by Phyxia
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The tale of Atom and Yv's journey and arrival to E.D.E.N. Biblical science fiction.
Atom and Yv took their time in E.D.E.N. "No need to rush a life time," they thought.  They rose and fell with their solar deity and, in time, looked up only to the one true creator.

E.D.E.N, a privately colonized planet bearing organisms similar to those found on a distant Earth.  Though, only two humans know of it's life sustaining atmosphere.

Atom sent himself and his partner Yv into the vastness of space in a two-man space-pod, narrowly escaping the firm grasp of Earth's Global Dictatorship.  With all hope lost in finding peace, Atom and Yv are sent adrift in cold-darkness.

Food rations ran out weeks ago and if it weren't for an ever-decreasing water supply, they would surely be dead.  Both see the end ahead.  In 00:00 space-time, Atom drew what he thought would be his final breath and kissed softly the lips of his beloved Yv, who too felt death's grip.  Pulling away, Atom noticed a faint gleam in Yv's eyes, which were gazing up and out into the infinite unknown.

Looking up in awe, Atom set his eyes upon a light anomaly like a fractal bridge that spanned the entire universe.  Without command, the pod picked up speed like frictionless light, speed that threatened the hull's integrity.  They were being pulled through the light-bridge like taking off on an airport runway.

Then came the flash that stopped time.  No one could say how long the silent stillness lasted.  Hours, days, or even years passed by in that flash.  The only indication of their intact mortality was the tremendous G-force being applied to the hearts and lungs of Atom and Yv.

As the light faded, speed decreased, they were finally able to breathe in deep.  Which in most cases would be normal, had their pod survived the travel.  However, Atom and Yv now drifted freely in the nothingness.

They contented that their bodies were destroyed by the light travel, leaving only their conscious will that still held one-another heart to heart.  This phenomenal connection would be necessary for re-entry.

Soon they found themselves approaching a large blue-green planet which they thought to be Earth.  The landscape was obviously different, though, as they drew near.  Both Atom and Yv are still in total, splendorous awe at the thought of their situation.

They entered E.D.E.N's atmosphere like reverse disintegration.  Bodies being re-composed with the planets base elements.  Two souls obtained protective shells, wrapped in one another.  The landed in the Pacifist Ocean, just west of their soon-to-be home.  After an exhausting swim to shore, Atom and Yv fell into a fitful sleep that lasted for days.

Atom and Yv, being experienced survivalists, made easy work of obtaining food, shelter and clothing.  They began to thrive and explore in this lush, beautiful new world.  Their greatest discovery; They were not the first to colonize this planet.  ancient relics from past civilizations litter many parts of this planet.

On a routine exploration trip, Atom fell through what he later found to be the ceiling of a megalithic temple.  There he found the roots of knowledge.

The temple was completely dark, aside from the light pouring in from the hole he accidentally created.  He was a little banged up from the fall, but it was nothing he couldn't just shake off.  Cautiously, Atom felt his way along stone walls until reaching an exit so dense with foliage it allowed no light to enter.  With persistence he got it all cleared away.  He noticed the sun had begun it's evening descent and mysteriously, it seemed to line up perfectly with the opening in the temple.  With this alignment, the sun shown straight into the temple, illuminating it's halls.

An Earthly noise lifted him from his astonished gaze.  "Were those generators kicking on?"  He thought.  He turned around and began back into the temple.  Newly lit, he laid his eyes on the 'stone' the temple was constructed from.  Brilliant crystalline hallways illuminated by the sunlight surrounded him.  The architects of this temple had an advanced knowledge of the stars and light.  As he made his way to the center of the temple he felt as if the entire place was coming to life.

As he stepped he felt compelled to move forward.  An unknown energy pulsed through the floor and into his bones.  The light grew brighter as he reached the end of the corridor.

In the main chamber laid a pedestal and an approaching walkway, surrounded by a cold metallic liquid that rippled vigorously with the vibrations of the entire temple.  Atom dare not touch this liquid.  Across from him, etched into the wall, was a massive tree.  It's branches reached up and made contact with what looked like an immense number of different solar systems.  As if the solar systems were the innumerable fruit dangling from this brilliant tree.  The roots, however, captured his attention over-all.  Three spindles of roots extended from beneath the base of the tree.  One spindle led toward the pool on the right, one led to the pool on the left, and one led straight into the middle of the pedestal.

Stepping closer to the pedestal he realized the vibrations and light intensified, as he withdrew they subsided.  When he stepped up and placed his hand upon the pedestal, for a moment the vibration stopped, the light dimmed.  He heard a click and felt a pin-prick on his hand that was on the pedestal.  His first reaction was that he had been bitten by something, but the thought faded as he noticed a small hollow needle retracting into a hole atop the pedestal.  The hole then sealed and the entire pedestal began sinking into the floor.

Atom knelt down to investigate the scene, allowing the light behind him to reach the great tree.  As he observed, he once again heard the sound of generators, this time right below him.  The vibrations began once more, more intense than ever.  He glanced up to see the tree begin glowing eerily.  The sun focused on the middle of the base of the tree, which began pulling the metallic liquid from the pools up through the roots and into the tree, filling in the branches and the solar fruit.  Then, without warning, the liquid began flowing from the tree down the center spindle of roots toward where the pedestal once stood.  It seemed as if the liquid was welling inside the pedestal, pushing it up and back into it's original position.  The pedestal was now hollowed out and produced before him the metallic liquid, now with a tinge of his own red blood.  As the vibrations threatened to knock him off his feet, the liquid began acting strange.

With the reverberations so strong, the metallic liquid began seamlessly rising up and out of the pedestal.  It formed in front of him a massive orb, which soon adorned an amassment of valleys and peaks.  Some portions remained liquid while other solidified and shifted through the liquid.  At one point he recognized the orb as his once home planet, Earth.  All the familiar landscapes showed up in time-lapse, and soon sank into the ocean.  By this time, the globe was right over his head.  He looked back to see the sun had gone down, though the chamber was still brilliantly lit.  He concluded this light must be casting itself from within himself.

The orb slowly descended, liquified, and surrounded him in breathable metallic liquid.  His own light reflected off the liquid infinitely and he felt the separation of light travel.  The inner-orb began projecting visions before his eyes of birth, death, war, famine, and bliss from several different intelligent civilizations.  It began with the birth of E.D.E.N, the first civilized planet, then the creation of the temple - Which led to the creation of numerous life-sustaining planets.  It seems E.D.E.N was the home to planetary creators.  Astronomical artists and architects.  The visions ended with Earth's birth and destruction.  He witnessed his own escape, and the soon-to-come fall of humanity.

Like a dream, he fell to the ground, liquid metal splashing and finding it's way back into it's resting pools.  Naked as he fell into this world, he stood up and made his way by three-moon-light back to camp where his Yv was worried and waiting.  He reassured her that he was fine and that he had something to show her the next day.

The following evening, Yv knew as Atom knew.  They both experienced the same visions and learned the same lessons.  By nightfall, both were changed.  They had absorbed information known only by the true creators of E.D.E.N.
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