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by Phyxia
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Occult · #1594796
A bit of Occult Flash Fiction.
Slouching and sleazing like sludge, he entered the room bellowing with laughter, as rum dripped off his chin.

"I've got it!" Spilled through broken teeth.  His stink spoiled the once clean atmosphere.

The clamor of hurried footsteps echoed down the alley and burst into the open door.  Two bodies built to the ceiling deftly brought my lumbering friend to the floor, ripping the goods from his musty coat pockets.

A small glass bead rolled to my feet and, in the twilight, shimmered like a flickering light filament.  As the glow slowly dissipated, it seemed that all the light in the world went with it and for just a moment all was silent.

I heard birds chirping down the alley, at least I thought it was the alley, followed by the most refreshing breeze.  As light returned seemingly in the blink of an eye, it became frightfully apparent that I was soaring down through the air.

With my hometown out of sight, I was careening towards a practically alien landscape.  Preparing for impact I closed my eyes, trying not to think about shattering bones.

I drowned myself in the whistling air and when I awoke you were staring into my eyes.

That's how I got here.
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