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My views on Twilight's Bella and Rosalie
I am hooked on the Twilight Series. I have read all the books and I have the whole collection so I can have them for a reference. I love the story lines and characters. I can relate to Bella and Rosalie so I decided to write about them. I hope you will enjoy reading them. I wish I could have wrote this series.

Bella. She is a young sweet teenage girl who fell in love with a vampire. If you are in love with a vampire, you want to be with him forever. You decide to marry him and become a vampire because you can. Bella loves Jacob, the Native American man who is a werewolf. She doesn't love him the same way she does Edward but she loves him to the point that she is torn between them. Personally, I have Native American blood in me so I would probably have chosen Jacob.Bella married Edward and became pregnant and she almost died. She loved the baby girl and Bella feels it was worth it. Jacob has a bond with Renesmee and who wouldn't love the little girl? To be young and make a decision to become a vampire, I would have had to think about that one. Knowing a vampire and a werewolf, this would sound like an adventure that you would want to be part of. I would live to live out my fantasies and I would be like Bella. To marry a vampire or a werewolf, who would you choose? I think I would have chosen Jacob. At least, I wouldn't have the option of being a werewolf.

Rosalie. I feel like that I have more in common with Rosalie. She is a blond and I was blond once but now I am a red head. Rosalie lived in the 1930's and she was born into a high society middle class family. Rosalie was spoiled. So was I. My family wasn't rich but my parents were comfortable as they got older and I didn't want for nothing. Rosalie wanted a nice husband and she was engaged to a man of high society but he and his friends raped her and she was near death when she was turned into a vampire by Doctor Cullen, the vampire. Rosalie can't understand why Bella wanted to be a vampire when she had a choice. Rosalie has Emmet but she wishes she was a normal human and I can relate to that. I think it would be hard to be human and have to become a vampire. Rosalie isn't happy even though she loves Emmet. When Renesmee is born, Rosalie was like a mother to her and this made Rosalie happy. She bonded with Bella over this. I think Rosalie was happy being an Aunt and mother. This made her feel like a mother and gave her consistency in her life.I am married and have a thirty-one son so I can understand why Rosalie felt like she missed out on a husband and children. Renesmee made Rose's life complete.

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