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Wife goes to extraordinary lengths to pay the rent
At the time I thought it was disastrous, and I couldn’t believe this was happening to us. Now I look back and think that it turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience that opened me up to a whole new sexuality.

My name is Danielle. I’m a 25 year-old, white female, standing a petite 5’2”, 110 lbs with nice bouncy tits (34C) and a shapely butt. I’m married to a 34 yr old, handsome, hard working husband who spends way too much time at work. We were married for a little over 2 yrs and everything was going great. We had a great apartment with plenty of closet space, good neighbors, a pool, a little weight room, and a Jacuzzi. Dave (my hubby) was doing well in his job and looking forward to moving up in the company. We had not started a savings account, but although we weren’t rich, and we had many bills money wasn’t a problem.

Although I wouldn’t have minded working, Dave said he could take care of everything and I should just worry about keeping my sexy body fit and tanned. So, being the diligent wife I shopped a bit, paid the bills, laid out a lot and worked out 3 times a week. Life was good. I lay out by the pool quite a bit, but since most people worked during the week I usually had to do it alone. The only person who visited regularly was Derrick, the owner’s 20 year old son. His parents went on vacation in the summer and gave their college, business major son the responsibility of running the apartments. . He would usually find some lame reason to come over and watch me tan, but I didn’t really mind. Derrick was quiet and stared a lot at my tits, but I was always polite and made pleasant conversation. After all it never hurts to be nice to the landlord.

Then my world turned upside down. Dave was laid off when his company started downsizing, and decided that he was being paid too much. Dave was in shock, as was I, but he confidently stated that he would find another job…..however things didn’t turn out like he planned and although he didn’t realize it, and I didn’t tell him, we were unable to pay all the bills. Dave figured that he would get picked up by another company soon, but in the meanwhile we would just have to be thrifty. I smiled and agreed with him, but in reality I knew that we had enough money for all of the bills, except the rent on our lovely apartment.

I went to Derrick the next day to see what we could work out. We had been there since we got married and had always been early on our payments. Perhaps he could let us skip one payment due to the unusual circumstances, and we could make it up later.

The next day when Dave was out looking for a job, I thought that this would be a good time to go talk with Derrick. Thinking that I might need to turn on the charm I wore my smallest bikini and a beach robe, then I went up and knocked on the door to the managers apartment. Derrick looked totally shocked to see me, but soon found his voice and invited me in. His apartment was decorated in the usual “poor college boy” fashion, but I complemented him on it anyway. He did have a lovely full length mirror in his living area, which really made the room look bigger than it was.

Once inside I could see him sneaking peeks at my tits every few seconds. As he checked me out I pretended to looked around his room to give him a good chance to look. Finally I broke the ice, “well Derrick what I came to see you about is our rent”. “We have been tenants here for the past 2 years and have never missed a payment, but Dave just got laid off, and is currently looking for a job. We’ve paid all our bills for this month, but we don’t have enough to pay the rent and still eat. Do you think we could skip this months payment and pay it back later?” Derrick frowned a bit, “You know I’d like to, but I really couldn't. I'm unable do that for everyone else, so I can’t do it for you. You’re just going to have to be late and get the standard notice. I’m sorry really, but I would get in a crap load of trouble and lose the opportunity to run this complex next summer, and I really need the money”. I smiled and turned away loosening the belt on my robe. Turning back to Derrick I said, “Well you wouldn’t get in trouble if no one knew, and we are good tenants.” I could see my husband having an ulcer if he knew we couldn’t pay our rent, and he was under too much stress already. Derrick stammered. “I’m sorry Danielle but I can’t”. I pouted up. “Please Derrick, no one will know. What if I make a better deal for you?” He looked up. “I see you looking at me all the time.” I took a deep breath and looked around nervously, summoning up my courage. “Look, this means a lot to me Derrick. I wouldn’t ask or offer this lightly, but what if I take off my top for you?” Shaking my robe open I thrust out tits and motioned at my bikini top. “Then we would skip one payment, which we would still pay later when we’re able, and you could see my tits?” Derrick smiled getting the idea, and maybe thinking up a few of his own. “Well if it’s that important to you I think it is worth a little more. Lets face it I can go to a club and see nice tits, but the rent is over $800 dollars, and if I get caught I will lose my job. I would like to see you totally naked.” Derrick paused to see my reaction, looking at me hesitantly to see if he had gone too far. I looked around nervously, but said “agreed”. Derrick held up a finger… “That’s not all. I would like to also be able to play with your tits, and do it once each week for the month that the rent is due. I think that is totally fair, and no one will know or be hurt and we’ll both benefit.”

I turned around and sat down on his sofa. My face went flush, but I reminded myself that it wasn’t sex, and it would keep Dave from stressing out. Dave does so much and works so hard. Besides being naked is just a few ounces less ounces of clothing than this bikini, and I could get over having my tits felt up. I told myself this several times, but it only made me dizzy. I don’t remember how long I sat there trying to convince myself of these things.

Finally Derrick broke the silence, “Well is that acceptable?” I took another deep breath, “I’m thinking it over Derrick….no sex right?” He smiles, “Well not unless you want to, but per our agreement..No. The extent of the deal would be that you would have to get completely undressed in my apartment, and stay naked while I play with your tits once each week for this month…No sex”. I looked around the room wanting to be anywhere else, but here. Derrick cleared his throat “When you’re out by the pool you’re almost naked anyway, and Danielle I think about it all the time. You are so beautiful and I feel so stupid around you. But besides all that, I really am sticking my financial neck out for you and I think someone else would want sex in this situation” “I promise this is a win, win situation for both of us, what do you say?” I smiled nervously and stood up…”Ok I agree. Two things though. How are you going to keep from getting caught? Next, when would you like to start?”

Derrick smiled and rubbed his hands together. “Good. Well to keep from getting caught I am going to list your apartment as water damaged and under repair..no tenants. As for the second question” Derrick pulled his chair across from of his full length mirror, then walked down the hall to a room right after the mirror “Be right back”. I went over to the patio door and looked out over the pool. Figures he would have this apartment, I thought.

“Ok”, he stated as he walked back in the room “Lets get this party underway now” He walked over to the fridge and got a couple of beers “Would you like one?” I smiled, “It’s early, but if I think you’re getting ready for me to show you something then sure” Derrick grinned and handed me an open beer as he sat in his chair. “Ok, You may begin now and hand me your clothes as you take them off”. I took an extra large swig draining half the bottle, which only succeeded in giving me a chill and making my nipples hard, instead of giving me the courage I wanted. I walked slowly over to stand in the spot he obviously wanted me to disrobe in. No doubt the mirror would let him see both sides of my body at once. “You ready?” I asked. Derrick nodded trying to look casual. I tried one last time. “Sure I can’t talk you out of it?” I knew it wouldn’t work, but I felt the need to ask. Derrick shook his head and said “Common lady, pay the rent” then grinning leaned back in his chair.

I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I peeled back my robe and let it slide down my arms to the floor. “Kick it over here Danielle” I picked up the robe on my toe and tossed it over. Derrick bundled it up and set it aside. “Next item, and turn around some” he said. I smiled turned slowly around feeling his eyes boring into my thighs, ass and breast. He stared right at my crotch and licked his lips. I reached behind my head and pulled the string around my neck. The tops of the bikini flopped down but did not reveal my whole breast. My big tits were holding it in place somewhat. I reached back and caught the string between my shoulder blades and pulled it loose, but caught my top with my right arm letting the strings hang over my arm. “You ready?” He nodded. I pulled to bikini top out from under my arm and threw it to him. Derrick placed it on my robe. “Now remove your arm” he stated rather commandingly. I let my arm hang down at my side and my tits bounced free. I rubbed them some where the suit had rubbed them some. “You like?” I asked. “Oh god yes, make them bounce some”. I stood before this man who had never seen me naked before in just my little bikini bottoms, bouncing on my toes so he could see my titties bounce, and he was almost drooling. His pants were certainly getting lumpy, and it looked like nice size lump. Derrick stood up and slowly approached. “Turn away and look into the mirror” he commanded. As I turned he stepped up against my back and ran his arm over my stomach. I cringed nervously and stiffened up. “This was part of the bargain” he reminded. “Loosen up your arms some”. I did as he said and he rubbed my stomach moving closer to my tits with each pass. “Look into the mirror and smile” he said. I looked up and he had his head over my shoulder looking down at my tits as he rubbed my stomach. “Why smile?” I asked. “I want to see what we would look like if you were doing this willingly, and it gives me a nice mental picture to fantasize to” At that statement he cupped both of my tits and weighed them in his hands, bouncing them gently. Then he started squeezing them more and more aggressively and pinching my nipples. He didn’t hurt them but he was turning me on, and I could feel his hard cock pushing against my ass.

Finally he stepped back with tented pants and told me “Let see that wonderful ass and pussy…face the mirror as you pull down your bottoms” I was taken aback by his dirty talk, but did as he commanded. I hooked my thumbs in the strings of my bikini bottoms and bent over as I slide them down my thighs and past my knees. “Look in the mirror and smile while you expose that sweet pussy to me” I look up into the mirror and smiled at myself seeing my tits swinging and Derrick grinning wickedly as he looked at the great ass and crotch shot he was getting. I let my bottoms drop to my ankles and kicked them backward to Derrick. He picked them up with the rest of my stuff and left the room. “Be right back” he said. “Hey were are you going with my stuff?” Just don’t want you getting dressed and leaving while I take a piss. “Ok” There I stood totally naked, with no clothes to get back into, in some other man’s apartment while my poor husband was out hunting for a job.

Derrick walks back into the room and my lower jaw must have hit the floor. “Wait. I didn’t agree to this. Give me my clothes.” Derrick is standing there totally naked with a long, hard cock leading his way back into the room. “Hey just wait a second, I am not doing anything” he smiles. “This is my apartment and I can dress how I want, besides I just want that mental picture to be of us both naked. It’s still no sex, ….unless you want” I quickly tell him “No….No sex, and watch were you poke that”. He smiled seeing me staring at his cock. “You like it” he shakes his cock in my direction. It really was a nice cock and appeared to be around 8 or more inches in length and thick as my wrist. I nodded “It’s lovely, but that doesn’t change our agreement. “Well thank you, now please move back to the mirror, I want to see us together” I walk back to where he said and he moved up behind me. I could not help but feel his hard, hot cock as he hugged me from behind. It pushed against my ass and I could feel wetness smear across my lower back. Derrick resumed feeling up my tits then told me to kneel down facing the mirror. He rubbed his cock across my back and in my hair. He pinched my tits and made me rock back and forth. He laid under my belly and stared at my pussy and told my how he always imagined doing this. He asked me if I would suck his cock, but I refused saying that we had a deal. He reluctantly agreed. Eventually he began stroking his cock as he pointed it at my face. He held it inches from my mouth and told me to open my mouth….not to suck, he just wanted to see it in the mirror…oh yes, and please smile. Finally he sat back and stroked his cock until he started shaking and shot white cream onto the carpet. He laid there for a bit and rubbed my hair thanking me for the beautiful show. I said it was not problem and that if he would give me my clothes I would see him next week.

Derrick grinned and said that I had only been here 45 min and I had to stay for an full hour, so go sit in the chair facing the mirror and spread my legs so he could jack off again. I looked for my clothes but they were no where to be seen. I complained “You never said anything about an hour” He shrugged, “I thought I was understood, most things you by go by the hour..Now sit in the chair…I have 15 more minutes”. I slumped my shoulders and sat in the chair all red faced. Derrick crawled on the carpet and spread my legs so he could inspect my pussy up close and began stroking himself hard again. “You’re all wet and shiny down here, would you mind if I taste you?” “No” I said. Then I thought I might alter this bargain. “If I let you lick me will you let me skip next week?” He thought about it for a bit and said “No…It’s not a bad deal, but I can only see you 4 times so we’ll just keep it simple I guess.” He bumped his nose up against my pussy and in the mirror it appeared that I was getting eaten out. He got up off the floor telling me to keep my legs spread as he got behind me and groped my tits some more. It wasn’t long before his hard on was stabbing me in the back and bouncing on my shoulder as he mauled my tits. Finally he shook and came again spraying cum across my breast and stomach. He apologized and grabbed a towel to clean me up. He brought my clothes with him and laid back on the sofa and watched as I got dressed. “Was it so bad? He asked. “I would rather pay the rent in cash, but it was ok” I smiled glad to be finished, and headed home. Actually his cock was bigger than my husbands and I thought about it over the next week.

The next week was similar to this one except he wanted me to wear a business suit and sexy underwear. Still everything in front of the mirror. He finished by appearing to take me doggy style and cumming on my back. I wondered what his big cock would feel like in me, and almost wanted him to “accidentally” slip it in. But the hour was soon up and I was halfway through the month. Two down and two to go.

My husband Dave had gotten a job although it wasn’t near the pay we were used to and I had to a job as well working at a local ladies retail outlet. We were doing ok, but if things didn’t improve it looked as if we were going to have to move to a smaller apartment.

The third week I was doing laundry in the little laundry room the complex has. Derrick stopped in and started chatting with me. We were the only two people in the laundry room, and Derrick told me to take off my clothes while I did my laundry. I asked him what kind of drugs he was on….I mentioned that anyone could walk in here at any moment. He went to a utility closet and pulled out a “Temporarily Closed for Maintenance” sign then walked over to the door, hung the sign on the outside and locked the door. “They can’t now”, he said. I looked around and noticed a security camera in the corner.. “What about that?” and pointed at the camera. He laughed, don’t tell anyone, but that is just for show and to keep people from damaging the washers and dryers. “The cable on back doesn’t even connect to anything. Will you get naked now?” I hesitated and Derrick started removing his clothes. I just watched him for a moment waiting for that big cock to pop out, and in just a few seconds there it was. He really has a lovely, thick cock. Derrick looked over “Well? Do you believe anyone is going to think any better of you if they find you in her with me all naked? Get out of those clothes girl”. I finally started peeling my little shorts and top off and soon I was naked as ever. He immediately came over and began squeezing my tits and pressing his hard cock against my ass. He offered to end today’s session quickly if I modified our arrangement and let him fuck me instead, but although I have been thinking about it letting him, I chickened out and told him to stick to the original agreement. I told him he better enjoy it cause there was only one more time left after this one. He had me skip around the laundry so he could watch my tits bounce, and when they weren’t bouncing for him, he was squeezing and sucking them. He also was rubbing and grabbing my ass a lot, but didn’t say anything about it. He ended by jacking off in front of me and cumming all over the floor.

The last week Derrick called my house after he had seen my husband leave for work. It was around noon and I was actually looking forward to showing off for him again. I’ve always liked attention and Derrick showers me with complements the entire time. Even at the pool he has been more talkative and not so creepy as he usually is. I even came home from work the other day to find him chatting it up with my husband on the patio….but anyway he called at noon and told me to dress in some jean shorts and a shortie top, regular underwear and sandals. I told him to give me a minute and I’d be right up.

Ten minutes later I knocked on his door and he let me in. He offered me a drink and I told him I just had one before coming up, but one more wouldn’t hurt. He directed me over to the big mirror and he sat down. I looked at him and smiled “You’re not getting naked today?” He smiled back… “Maybe later, but lets start with you” So I slowly disrobed until I was butt naked…always handing him my clothes and smiling. Derrick gathered them up and trotted them off to the back room. I expected him to come back naked, but I was wrong (and actually a little disappointed), but he did have one of those night time sleeping mask with him. It looks a little like a cold compress for the eyes. I said “Is that for you are me?” He laughed.. “It’s for you, now bring your sweet pussy over here and put it on.” I said I would but he couldn’t tie my hands. “Whatever” he said. So I slipped the blindfold on and he brought me back to the mirror and began fondling my breast and squeezing my nipples. He would also slap them to watch them jiggle, and had started make them point up by lifting them up by my nipples. I had to tell him the deal was not to include torture, and he just laughed. He turned some music on and walked around some while I just stood there. It sounded like he was doing way too much walking. Finally he settled down and I could tell where he was…I thought it was the sofa, but when I asked him to hand me my drink he was back in his seat. He gave a few more commands, having me lean over so my breast would hang down, then made me bounce on my toes. I asked “Is this better for you with my eyes blindfolded?” “No not really” Derrick stated “You’ve still got 45 minutes, but I’m worried you might break something in here. Do you want to take it off?” I grinned “Well you did want me totally naked didn’t you?”

When I slipped the blindfold off my eyes I was facing the mirror, but behind me I could see 2 young guys sitting on the sofa staring at my naked body lustily. I quickly covered up and yelled at Derrick “What the hell are you doing? This isn’t part of the deal. Give me my god damn clothes.” Derrick folded his arms “NO”..he almost shouted. “The deal didn’t say anything about how I was dress, and it didn’t say anything about who I had over. It was just that you would be naked in my apartment 4 times this month, and it just so happen I have friends by today. So unless you want a late rent notice or eviction, then you will stay naked another 45 min and lets us look at you lovely exposed body while I play with your tits.” I was in shock and shaking. I sat down in his chair as he walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “However if you’d like to alter the bargain slightly I might be convinced to let you go early today.” I sank back in the chair feeling like I must have struck a bargain with the Devil himself. “Maybe, what is it?” I said. He looked over at his buddies, “Excuse me guys. Me and the lady have to talk for a sec”, and he took my hand and led me back to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom he stripped down quickly and his cock sprang free of his pants. Derrick is only lightly hairy and his balls are large and proportional to the size of his cock. He told me that if he could have sex with me, then he would let me go home after we finished, and our agreement would be concluded. He pulled out a condom and rolled it down over his hard cock. It was stretched tight and stopped a little short of the base. I just stood there thinking about it, torn between wanting to remain faithful to my husband, and wanting to experience this rock hard cock in front of me. In all truth I had been fantasizing about feeling his big cock inside of me since right after I first saw it. He said “Well?, If you’re uncertain go back out in the living room and sit on the sofa so my friends can get a good look at your pussy. Matter of fact it might be better if you get your naked ass back out there. I’m going to enjoy making you tits bounce for them.” He said sarcastically. I reached out and grabbed his rod feeling the heat radiating off it as it throbbed in my hand. “All right if it will get me out of here sooner, I would prefer to stay with just you, tell me what you want.” Derrick picked me up, place me on the bathroom counter, knelt down between my spread legs and began eating my pussy. He lick my lips, bit my thighs and flicked his tongue rapidly over my clit. He brought me to the brink of orgasm then backed off leaving my clit swollen and engorged. “Can I fuck you?” he asked. “You have to ask”, I whispered. He said “Well ask me to then”. I thought about it real quick… “Please fuck me Derrick”. Derrick stood up and fingered my pussy and clit. He grinned as he fingered my wet pussy lips…. “Tell me where”, he said. I looked down at his hard 9 inches bobbing in front of my pussy, “Please fuck my pussy, fuck it hard please” Derrick placed his cock at the entrance and slowly sank it in to the balls. It felt so full with him inside me. He had me stretched tight and I could feel every little movement. I balanced unsteadily on the edge of the counter as he started rocking his cock in and out of me. I felt so nasty and horny at that moment….I don’t think I would have cared if all his friends came in and fucked me, I was on the brink and would do whatever Derrick wanted. He had my legs running over his arms, holding them up as he fucked me. My 36d’s were bouncing heavily, and I pulled Derrick into me and locked my legs behind his back. He gave me a dirty laugh and grabbed my tits, using them to hold on to me, squeezing them hard. I gasped at the pain, but was to caught up in the moment to care. He told me to talk dirty to him while we fucked, and I started mouthing obscenities to him. He ordered me to say it louder, and I did. I was yelling for him to fuck me faster, pound my little pussy and give me all of his hard cock. Derrick complied and almost slammed my pussy off the counter. All of this hard fucking and playing with my tits pushed me into my first orgasm, and I tensed up, moaning loudly and clung to Derrick as he continued to thrust into me. The sensations were incredible. I know everyone in the front room could easily hear.

I could feel a raw spot growing on my ass from the edge of the counter, and told him we needed to change positions, so we moved around and he sank it in to me from behind. From this angle he was able to grab my hips and I got pounded even harder, and hard a second orgasm that almost made me fall to the floor. My knee’s felt like rubber. After a few minutes Derrick said he was about to cum, and he wanted to cum on my face. I told him whatever he wanted was fine, so he pulled out and sat me on the edge of the tub. He had his hard, red, throbbing cock aimed right at my mouth as he continued to pump it. He told me to open my mouth, so I did, and even licked some of my own juices off the head of his cock. Suddenly he clenched up and shot his hot sticky cum all over me. He got some in my mouth but much of it was on my chin and cheeks, with even a little bit on my forehead. It was slightly salty and thick…not bad. I was about to wipe it off, and he said to leave it for a little bit, because he wanted to look at it. He got a towel for me, but before he gave it to me he rubbed some cum off my cheek and onto my lips with his finger. I licked my lips letting a strand of cum dangle off the end of my tongue before taking in into my mouth. I asked him if he was satisfied, and he said very. He moved me over to the bathroom door and asked if I was still horny enough to do anything for his friends. I said no thank you, that he was enough. Derrick said it was ok and wiped my face with the towel. He left the bathroom while I washed up a bit and returned with my clothes shortly thereafter.

When I came out of the bathroom the 2 guys were no where to be found. Derrick laughed “I think your sex noises made them want to go home and jack off”. As I left Derricks apartment he thanked me and felt me up a little telling me that if I couldn’t make next months rent maybe we could work something out. I said I’ll have to get back to him on that, and that we may need to move into a smaller apartment. He said he would try but they were book solid at the moment. He said if I really need the help, he might be able to do something, but it might cost me a little more.

I smiled and went home. My husband didn’t suspect a thing and we scraped by another month with some assistance from his folks. My husband looked into getting us a smaller apartment, and Derrick told him he would get in touch with one of us if something came up. Derrick got in touch with me later and said he could get us a smaller, cheaper apartment with the first months rent free if I negotiated a new deal with him, but that’s another letter.
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