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Truth or lie?

        "Do they exist? What evidence could be produced
        of their existence? But, the sightings continue. Somewhere someone
        must substantiate these vistations." Doctor Guidian had spoken before
        about the little people and their mischief. But, never imagined that
        he would speak before the United Nation.
        Prime Minister Dualu of Nigiria stood up, "My wife has been tromented
        by tiny devils. She has told me they are playing with her whenever
        she sleeps. I have seen her dancing in her sleep at night in our
        garden in her nightgown. Is she mad?"
        Doctor Guidian smiled and shugged, "There are many nerological
        deseases which can cause this behavior. But, I have proof of a short"
        The Doctor held up a tiny shoe. The audience chuckled. "This shoe
        was found in the White House beside President Obama's bed. His
        wife discovered it." the laughter stopped as Guidian held up the shoe
        and let it float in midair. "As you can see. It is no ordinary shoe."
        he continued, "It has been analysised down to its molecular structure.
        It appears to be nothing more than leather shoe. But, It defies gravity!"
        The Prime Minister of Nigeria held the shoe and put his finger inside it.
        "It is just a shoe?" the Prime Minister asked. Guidian knoded, "Let it
        float." The Minister tossed the shoe forward and it floated in midair.
        "The President's wife has recently revealed that she has had dreams
        about a tiny man under her bed covers." Guidian added.
        A young lady appraoched the podium, where Guidian was speaking.
        "Ehm, Doctor Guidian asked me to speak to the council. I am Nestor
        Books. I have a Ph.D. in multicultural studies and Jungian analylist
        of woman's physcology. I believe what we are witnessing is a phsycic
        projection of the femine ID. In ancient cultures a women were worshiped
        and their natural cycle was believed to express the femine Divinity.
        Now, these rituals are ignored and the magic within them has no
        meaning." Doctor Nestor let the tiny shoe float infront of her;
        "This is only the beginning. It is no accident that women of leadership
        are expressing mystical encounters. It is a cry to all women to follow
        them into the magical circle." She handed the tiny shoe to
        Doctor Guidian. He place it in his vest pocket.
        General Powell grumbled, "What kind of rituals? Are you seriously
        sudgesting that President Obama's wife made a tiny shoe appear
        by magic?" "It is the owner of the shoe that concerns me general."
        Doctor Nestor answered, "Haven't you concider the tiny man she
        described?" A drawing was unveiled that looked very much like a
        Leprechaun."This was drawn by a police artist."
        Doctor Guidian pointed to the the shoes in the drawing.
        Dualu stood up, "That is what my wife saw too!"
        General Powell grumbled, "What do you want to do about this?"
        "There are many rituals to cleanse women of mischeavous spirits.
        In Puru women entering puberty are covered in sacred oils and
        gathered together in one hut. They will not leave until the young
        men have made animal sacrifices to the sun and moon. They choose
        their man by pulling on his penis." Doctor Nector was very serious.
        The General laughed as did the audience. "If you prefer a ritual
        Exorcism, then do so." added Doctor Guidian.
        This brought back a somber mood to the meeting.
        "So. I must co-vince my wife. That she is possessed?" the Nigerian
        Primister raised both his hands in bewilderment.
        "It would be better if you allowed her to face her fears. Let her dance
        in the garden, but join her." Doctor Nestor smiled.
        "What is needed is a means to release the femine nature in women
        in a masculine dominated culture. Let the women dance." Doctor
        Nestor raised her hands above her head and spread her arms out.
        There was polite aplause.

        The encounters with the Leprechaun continued. Each encounter
        more erotic than the last. It was becoming clear that this was not
        an hallucination. A general order was sent from the United Nations
        to the nations of the world: "Dance with your women."
        Many penises were tugged.


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