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A poetic tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy and his family
Ode to Ted Kennedy

We have sailed the seas of sorrow since our Teddy passed away,
and we'll keep his treasured memory as we live from day to day.
He was called a rugged man by those who knew him well,
but here's a little different story that only I can tell.
He was a kind and gentle man who gave and never took,
he sailed the waves off rocky shores at a place called sandy nook.
He talked about the endless waves and power of the wind,
he said the ocean was his master yet a gentle loving friend.

We have sailed the seas of sorrow since our Teddy passed away,
and I remember the happy times when the ship would toss and sway.
To the fore then to the aft he would shout with thunderous glee,
and send me to the misty rails before the wind could flee.
Forward to the cathead and block the windlass stay,
and check the forward gunwale we haven't got all day.
Words like bilge and binnacle and stow the forward yawl,
these are really seaman‚s words and some I don't recall.

We have sailed the seas of sorrow since our Teddy passed away,
and we search the sea for memories as we live from day to day.
We bow our heads in honor to a dear and faithful friend,
a man who fought for all of us until the very end.
He was no king or royal prince but a leader at the fore,
he was born of Irish stock from a place like Ballymore.
He fought and wept in anguish tears to bring forth equal rights,
and for our soldiers laid to rest he spent those sleepless nights.

He often sat upon the steps just looking out to sea,
thinking how to pass the laws to keep his people free.
Family was his greatest joy who gave him happy tears,
to wash away the angry thoughts and silent lonely fears.
Saint Patrick was his hero and with a shamrock in his hand,
he fought for those in desperate need with a tough and ready stand.
He also kept a happy smile upon his rugged face,
as for those who knew him not he had amazing grace.

He sailed the seas of sorrow when his brothers passed away,
seeking God for answers as the ship would toss and sway.
In the depths of pain and grief amid the swells on high,
he set a course to carry on for the dream could never die.
The cause endures the hope still lives he was heard to say,
and with his heart and soul in stride he fought another day.
His name will live forever in a place that time forgot,
in a land beyond the evening star in a place called...Camelot!

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