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A piece of time to remember. . .
A Moment In Time

I saw an old man in a wooden swing near the
edge of a forest where a stream passed by.
Transported by magic, I felt the pendulous motion,
creaking back and forth in rhythm with my thoughts.

My soul danced with the rippling water as it
gleefully played with the stones in its path.
A fairy, lighter than air, I flitted around in the
midst of butterflies searching for tasty nectar.

Crickets sang in harmony with blue jays and robins,
while grey squirrels chattered with each other
skittering about the autumn-painted ground,
and a hungry raccoon washed its food in the stream.

The smell of rain filled the air,
breathing life into my harried spirit.
A beautiful aria arose from my heart and
joined the chorus of nature all around me.

At that moment, someone spoke, ever so quietly,
jolting me from my whimsical daydream.
I dropped the book onto the library floor;
the images vanished as the book fell shut.

Only the serenity and peace remained.

Pat Nelson
September 1, 2009
Re-worked December 26, 2011
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