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A poem about a co-worker, a busy, diligent, and emotional manager.
A seasoned and highly-skilled manager
Who has toiled well over twenty years
For a highly successful corporation
Strolls into his familiar, gray office environment 
Through the slow, but widening elevator doors.
Carrying a black suitcase and
A sturdy, mobile laptop,
He steadfastly walks to his desk,
Lays his blue coat and valuable possessions down,
And strides patiently toward the break room
For his refreshing, quenching cup of coffee.
He stoically begins another busy, well-planned,
But hectic day filled with contentious meetings,
Assisting reliable, friendly direct reports,
Utilizing common databases and spreadsheets,
And tabulating key process statistics on
Overall efficiency and effectiveness.
This emotional, quaint, but instructive and forthright employee
Doesn’t know much about the grave and uncertain future,
But even as the company seeks to reduce unnecessary costs,
He pounds away at his business counterparts,
Seeking the richest, most coveted rewards
His company can expect him to attain.
This brilliant, white-collar gentleman
Was surely dealt a very fortunate hand:
He is truly a lucky dog!
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