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An interview with a Pakistani that changed my perspective of war and the MIddle East.
Close you eyes for a moment. Now describe what you envision as soon as I say 'Pakistan'. Head wraps? Burkhas? Mosques? Crowded open markets? War? Jihad? Terrorism? Is there anything positive about Pakistan (or the Middle East) in the news these days?

When I conduct research for my articles, there isn't a whole lot out there but war propaganda and cultural hatred for the Middle East. I assume the same could be said about Middle Eastern views of us Americans. Therefore, I embarked on a journey to seek the truth, the inside truth if you will, on what the Middle East is really about. What could I learn not already on the Internet? What could I glean beyond my country's and my own understanding? While one man's prospective is not the sum total of its parts, I was privileged to have an interview with a young man in Pakistan; the truth was revealing. A lot of trust, integrity, and time went into this interview piece (from both parties). I hope by reading it, you will find as great of a joy, enlightenment, and satisfaction as I received from this quest

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