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A piece that just came to me and will be inserted into a script I'm very slowly working on
3 buddies sitting in a diner.

1: I'm telling you that All Jessicas are hot!
2: What the fuck d’you mean by that?
1: Think about it. Remember Jessica Lange in Postman? Man, my teenage pants were on fire. And what about Jessica Rabbit? She was the first, and last, cartoon character that made guys fondle themselves in the darkness of movie theatres. Yours truly not excluded.
3 “laughing”: Yeah, and don’t forget Jessica Fletcher
1: Who?
2: ?
3: Murder She Wrote, Angela Lansbury and her face hanging like the gardens of Babylon.
All three laughing.
2: Eww, my appetite just flew out the door.
1: Yeah, well, exception proves the rule. We’ve all seen your bedroom and that sticky Dark Angel poster.
3: It was maple syrup!
2: Oh yeah, sure! Where I come from they call it French cream.
1: Well, you are from New Orleans.
1&2 laughing, 3 looking puzzled.
2 (to 3): Dude, you’re as cultivated as the cow they made this burger from.
3: Why you always have to pick on me? It’s not my fault my Mom thought it’s OK to drink while pregnant just as long as it’s church wine.
1&2 laughing even louder…
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