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A quick temperature check on our country.
The United States of America is lost. A once proud nation has become mired in a fiscal, spiritual and intellectual malaise. We need to grab and hold on before it's too late.

When the government owns 41% of the largest automobile manufacturer in the country, I recall my 8th grade social studies class and the definition of fascism....didn't Hitler take over private enterprise under the guise of a "rescue" to save Germany's sinking economy?

Our president bowed to an Arab king...our president just tripled the deficit in six short months, to finance his stimulus plan...our Congress passed this plan without reading it...the president now proposes to tax health benefits while overhauling the system, putting us on a government plan...

We have an energy czar, a big business czar, a health care czar, a fresh waterway czar, and now an eco czar who’s an avowed communist and well, anyone else see a pattern? Does the Republic of the United States need czars to tend to the business that Congress should already be tending? Does the United States need another set of bureaucrats to oversee the bureaucracy?

It's time to force our public servants, Congress, to work for us. It's time to stand up for ourselves and stop allowing the world to disparage us and our way of life. It's time to realize and remember the core beliefs that made us the greatest nation on earth and the most resilient and entrepreneurial people ever born. It's time to remember just who we were and can be again.

Remember, the Patriots in 1776 were outnumbered by the British and loyalist sympathizers by a margin of 6 to 1...the odds were against them, too. Our Founding Fathers put everything on the line, risking their lives and financial ruin for their families, their names on the "king's list" subject to a quick hanging, if caught by the British. There was no going back for them just as there is no going back for us, otherwise it may be too late.
"When the citizens fear the government, it is tyranny. When the government fears the citizens, it is freedom." Thomas Jefferson
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